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Monster Hunter Rise - afflicted 5 star monsters

Hello and welcome back to Race Gaming. I've been running a little series recently about interesting details to be found in the game. We've looked at unique animations from certain monsters, clever tricks to avoid attacks, and whether it's a big detail or a small and weird one, that's the idea of the series.

Anything goes with title update 1. We've had a lot of new mechanics and things just added to the game, and lots of new details to consider, so I put together a article of 10 things you didn't know about the update specifically. Hopefully some of these can be helpful to you guys, so let's get started.

Monster Hunter Rise - afflicted monster guide

We begin with some monster-specific ones. Firstly, for our new friend here, Lucient Nagakuga, the main gimmick here is Lucient's impressive ability to go invisible. Those who pay close attention can still track the monster. The monster the available bind should be press right stick in your controller if you've got the setting turned on and that will focus, one of the three monsters in the hunt you can press it to change monster that's even easier of course when there's only one target to focus so we can just toggle this on and off whenever we need to whenever lucent moves around or goes invisible, as you can see, this is an incredibly effective way to keep track of a very bouncy and quick monster, especially when it can go invisible.

To turn this feature on though, you'll need to go to your settings, so go to the menu here and go to options. Then at the bottom we have the camera style, so you want to go from target camera to focus camera and then you can mess around with its restrictions. To make the process a little bit smoother from there, though, anytime that you lose sight of a monster, you can just quickly press the right stick in and relocate.

They are certainly great in this fight. Second up from monsters is actually two in one for both the metal rafts of update one. These metallic monsters, be they silver athlos or golden wrathion, are apparently more than just a concept of metal. As you begin the fight, you might notice that your hits are kind of dull.

Monster Hunter Rise - afflicted monsters

We're not getting the satisfying numbers we really would hope to see. This appears to be because of a sort of metallic layer that isn't really an issue when they're heated up with that blue fire, but certainly an issue when they're not so Something that's not reflected in the hunter's notes at all is the bonus damage you can do when you sort of strip away that metal armor, specifically with their heads if you expose the flesh underneath.

You can deal extra damage, and it's a significant increase, as you can see, so while I'd say most of us are focusing on the heads of monsters in many fights, it is interesting to know that there's technically a layer under there that you need to break through by breaking the path, and once you're through, the head damage is going to skyrocket.

Next up, let's talk about two of the new skills found in update one. First up, the new armor skill found on the lucent set. This is a sneak attack, increasing the damage to monsters when attacking them from behind. As you can see on the right, level one increases by five percent, then 10 at two, and then a measly three at three.

Monster Hunter Rise - anomaly investigation

Two extra percent at twelve percent of level three is kind of weird that level three is so significantly worse of an increase than one to two. As it turns out, this is actually an error in the text. It is actually a 20 increase at level 3, which really does make sense because you should get more power in a skill the more you commit to it.

So it's even better than it actually says in the text. As a skill, this is not a bad one for multiplayer, where you can much more consistently attack the back of a monster, and the skill is even more worthwhile to use than you may have thought due to this weird issue with the text and the number. It actually tells you.

The other skill that I want to talk to you about is the new silver Raffaello set that is element exploit. It increases your element damage by some seriously big percentage, 10–12, when attacking a quote weak spot. This is incredible. If you understand how it works and can make the most of it, if we go to the hunter's notes and go to large monsters, you can see the long list of different monsters we can look at, and then we can go to their physiology.

Monster Hunter Rise - anomaly investigation guide

This shows their weaknesses in those hit zones that we're just talking about, so those are the hit zones of the monster, and each hit zone, as you can see, has a different weakness level assigned by a number depending on the actual monster. You can see that they all have different weaknesses and different hit zones.

Some monsters are specifically weak to certain things, whereas some aren't weak to anything. So the new skill element exploit only triggers when we're attacking a hit zone with a weakness of 20 or higher to that element, so in the case of Tetronodon, here in fire, it would trigger if we were attacking the head but no other part with fire damage.

Monster Hunter Rise - anomaly investigation quests

Thankfully, 20 plus is a really reasonable number to have. As you can see with thunder, we have 20 on the neck and torso, we have 25 on the four legs and even 30 on the head. This is not the case for elements exploited as rampage decorations. Though compared to the armor skill, the ellen bane jewel here only actually works and triggers when the monster has 25 or higher as an element as its own weakness.

That's a lot harder to get going even though it's only five levels higher. The thing is, if you can get both of these triggering, element exploit and Ellen Bain throughout a fight consistently, this is a massive damage increase for an element build, which is great for dual blades. Let me tell you, it's just something to be aware of and make the most use of now.

Let's talk about the new endgame aspects of the update, such as the anomaly investigations or the new research lab here that Bahari is running. The first thing I want to highlight is something we didn't originally realize until we spoke to each other, me and Josh, about the mantles here, the rewards for the coins.

Monster Hunter Rise - anomaly research

This is not actually a set list that Buhari just sells; this is surprisingly unique. Specifically, to you, you see this list of mantles that I can buy. Well, these are all of the mantles that I've actually already seen in game, so they've dropped for me at least once, and now they're showing up in this list of trading options.

There's a lot of secrets and hidden mechanics in Title Update 1! Enjoy.
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