Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - 7 Best New Decoration Skills For Your Mix Set

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We are loving Monster Hunter: Eye Sunbreak and especially the new title update that was released recently that has brought a lot of new things into the game that we are also really enjoying figuring out and finding and trying for ourselves, so in this one we're going to put together some of the best new decorations in this title update that you should be using in your mix set.

At max, which is possibly one of the best new level 1 decoration slot skills in the game due to the sheer number of things packed into this skill and to its easy accessibility due to it being a level 1 slot, it's definitely a comfy skill. At max meta damaging skill, but remember, for a level 1 decoration slot and for all of these things packed into it, it's actually pretty cool.

This will give you weak, strong, and powerful raw immunity, similar to ear plugs. It will also give you wind dragon and tremor negation, as well as extra defense on top while the monster is enraged. This is quite a good deal if you ask me, and definitely one of the better new comfy skills they've added in.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - best decorations

To get this for yourself, you will require two sovereign jewels and two gold wrathian cortexes, as well as one raf gleam. Next up is coalescence. It's here now as a decoration, and it comes in at a level two slot. Of course, this is the skill that grants you a variety of offensive buffs to your attack, elemental attack, and status buildup after recovering from a blight or status effect.

This is going to be pretty good for many sets now, as level two slots are pretty common. This one will require you to get five anomaly jewels and two gormagala cortexes, two magala shards, and seven afflicted dire horns, which you can get from afflicted diablos, zinoga, or ceregios, which will appear randomly after anomaly research level 51 or on the quests after anomaly research level 81.

And next is the grinder's skill. It's here now as a level 3 decoration. This is a skill that gives you an attack damage increase of around 10 percent when you drop at least two levels of sharpness at max level and then sharpen your weapon back up to activate it. It's a really awesome skill when paired with some of the new mass-strength weapons that have very low amounts of purple and white sharpness, so you can activate it quite easily.

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To make this one, you will require four anomaly jewels, three cena tour hard claws, and seven afflicted dire scales, which you can find from afflicted mizune ratholos and astalos, which again will appear randomly in your investigations after anomaly research level 51 or in the quest for anomaly research level 81.

And next is the spiry bird's cool. This is one of my favorite underrated skills because it means that you don't really need to go out and gather spirit birds, and especially with it being a level 1 decoration slot now, you can fit it into most builds very easily. As time goes on, which is a great thing to have, this one will require two anomaly jewels, two garam gom cortexes, and seven afflicted dire scales, which you can get from the same monsters mentioned before for the grinder's decoration.

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Next up is protective polish. It's finally got its time to shine as a level 4 decoration version that I know many people have been waiting for. This, of course, is the skill that gives you 30, 60, or 90 seconds of sharp immunity. This is seriously used in a lot of builds, so definitely give it a try if you haven't.

It will keep you at max sharpness, so you can deal maximum damage. To get this for yourself, you will need four sovereign duels and two silver rapid loss lashes. Two sereggios breacher plus and one wrath gleam Next up is rapid morph switch hacks or charge blades. Users can rejoice now because this is another skill that was missing its level 4 version that is finally here.

This is, of course, a skill that increases the speed but also the damage of your morph attacks, which is essentially a staple and massive damage bonus for the switch act. I was missing this in my builds, so I'm so happy it's here now. This will require five sovereign duels. Two scorching silver wings and two lunar vermillion hardclaws And finally, it's quick sheath with its level 4 version as well.

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This is another one that can now shine with the level 4 version as it gives a massive speed boost to shifting, which is specifically good for long swords but also other weapons like greatswords. For certain builds, such as crit draw, this one will require four sovereign jewels, two gold wrathian weaves, one toby kadachi hardclaw, and one bishop and hardclaw as well.

With the new monster hunter rise sunbreak title update we can make new decoration for many skills new and old, so here we have rounded up our 7 best new decorations to make for your mix set in sunbreak.
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