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Lucy i'm home

Lucy i'm home

O'Neal, Lucy I'm home. I am not Lucy Supp. Ninjas, with the introduction of Lusinagakuga, aka Lucy, we've got a powerful alternate build option that harkens back to the old evasion mantle from the world play style with Lucient's new set. So the core setup of the build today can be used on any weapon with some flexibility, so how far you can take it depends on your charm and armor augments, but today I'm just going to show you a long sword and bow version with some budget and a max augmented version so you can see what can be possible.

But first let's cover loosening.

Lucent set overview

Set Loose is the last of the four new monsters you fight, and you have to be master rank 10 to start fighting them. Unfortunately, its armor still looks like booty. They didn't bother trying to update it to be unique, which was disappointing. It's just a color change, but we're not here for looks, we're here for skills, and Luken has got two of the most interesting skills out of this update.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - adrenaline rush

A sneak attack and an adrenaline rush A sneak attack gives you 5, 10, and 20 attack increases when hitting the back half of a monster. In other words, backstab damage. So, this is mainly good against tails for the most part. I know the English version says 12, for the level 3, but the Japanese have confirmed it's actually 20 for the final level three, which is pretty insane, although pretty situational.

So I don't think it's worth chasing beyond a build specifically meant to cut tails, but it's very neat regardless. Imagine if they had one for hitting the head with a blunt-damaged hammer. Users would cream their pants, but the main skill the mirage build revolves around is adrenaline rush, as in the evasion mantle from World of Warcraft.

This gives you an attack buff when you perfect dodge an attack or roar up to a whopping 30 attacks, and the buff lasts 30 seconds, a very long time just for a simple dodge, so this enables you to get a dereliction-like attack buff, except immediately to 30, unlike dereliction, which has to build up over time to 25 or 35 attacks at level 3.

But rush is way safer at full life since the armor also includes a level 3 evade window as well.

Bubbly dance is great

Bubbly dance is great

This also means that bubbly dance works great in tandem with adrenaline rush, where after evading a few times, you activate bubbly to then max out your evade window iframes, and combined with resuscitate, you can get 20 more attacks on top. However, level 3 bubbly is pretty expensive, so you will likely need a really good charm and augments to make it worthwhile.

If you want a lot of extra skills for your specific weapon, but as you can see with Bubble, you can easily dodge most things as long as they don't persist for too long. For example, with a Diablos rush, you might not i-frame the whole body dodging directly towards it, meaning you will still get hit, but this was with level 2, and you can position and dodge at an angle instead, so you can get out of the hit zone faster.

However, with a long sword, you can dodge even with a secret sheet stance, and the frames are super generous with bubbly , but here is the bare minimum template if you plan to build around this skill.

Basic build template

Lucy's gloves score and waist and loosey-goosey On the red scroll, you get 30 attacks from rush and fitting for mail, so basically this just replaces dereliction.

So these three pieces are locked together, generally, unless you truly don't want hellmail. From here you can add on an arc or storage chest for bloodlust, which handily brings resuscitation level 2, and the helmets are the main spot to be flexible with for key skills you need or something like arch fiend for general slots.

Ls builds

Ls builds

The only requirement is that you have to augment for a slot upgrade to get level 2 rampage decos, as you want the anti-species. To match the damage other swords can do, here is the build with a loosened sword. You have three directions: protective polish grinder s, blade scale hone For grinders, we can't do grinders because we have handicraft, which is going to make it not so good, and since we're dodging anyway, we're going to go for blade scale hone, which has a chance to increase your sharpness on dodge, keeping you in purple without the need to sharpen.

However, for the budget, with a qs222 charm, you only have room for level 1, which has a 50 activation time, so for augments, you want to augment hone in on loosening arms and legs specifically. I'd advise bringing a rousing roar cat with you to have that 30 crit chance occasionally, which combined with your bloodlust activation and wex does get you a hundred percent crit.

Now what would a non-modded, decently possible augmented setup look like? Enter Mirage, maxed, with a god charm for bubbly. This uses the new gold wrathian helmet to get for rey and chain crit, which is 5 to 10 more attacks from chain crit and then 10 attacks from foray, with two blade scale augments.

One for crit boost augments and one for ray augments, one for each piece of armor. I get level two foray for ten percent more affinity when the monster is blighted, which not only includes your poisons but also blights from rides that monsters sometimes cause, like the endemic life or even the bugs on the walls from wall bangs, making you have a decent uptime in tandem with your poisons.

I can also reach blade scale level 3 for a 100 activation rate, and I have enough room for a level 2 crit draw for my sax to quit more consistently. My gold helmet also has a status trigger on perfect dodge for amping our poison potential, so that's what you can get with augments. It did suck balls rolling this though; very boring even with the safe scum method.

Bow builds

Bow builds

And lastly, bow adrenaline rush does proc with dodgeball, making this an amazing setup to run. I think if you don't want dereliction, I don't think bubbly dancing is needed. This uses the hermit's bow as it has many slots.

340 raw and decent elements to make it a great overall bowl for weapon augments of your choice. Go all in on elements or do one affinity and one attack now for this budget. You are going to want to augment it with one blade scale and one extender. Otherwise, you won't have those skills in the build, but you can do an alternate build without Hellmel, getting you those skills in water attack alongside, sneak attack level 2, resuscitation level 2, and critical element level 2, but you lose chain crit resentment and obviously the fitting attack from your helmet.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - adrenaline rush build

And lastly, a budget rapid. In case you don't like spread, here is one using harbor jabo. Since it doesn't need mighty bow plus and saves a level 4, you will need to augment one blade scale and one extender, or you can just think of it as of these skills available, you need to augment two level two skills here, so either boost surge blade scale, etc., and these use four shot jewels, not wrap it up my bad on the raw meta article.

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