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Bases Ever since Minecraft first introduced multiplayer, bases have just been a thing that came along with it. As long as there are going to be people on your Minecraft server, there are going to be some people that you want to keep out of your house, whether it be to protect your valuables or just get away from your annoying neighbors.

Making a safe minecraft base is pretty standard and something we've probably all done over the years. Yeah. I get that's all in good fun, but it begs the question, what is the safest base. In Minecraft, in a game with infinite possibilities, there are a ton of different traps and defenses you can use to guard your house.

However, they can almost all be defeated by simply mining or towering. But what if there was a base that couldn't be raided? A base so secure and protected that it is physically impossible to get in? Well, today we're going to find out. I'm going to engineer what I think to be the safest and most secure unbreachable base in all of Minecraft, and afterwards I'll put it to the test against one of the best escape artists of our generation.

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Mithrodek, who straight up told me it was impossible, and we'll see if he can find a way in or a 5-1. This is Minecraft's safest base, and of course, it gets super quickly. We're on the final stretch to 1 million subscribers, and I'd love to get there before the end of the year, but I can't do it without your help, so please subscribe if you do enjoy, but with that said, let's get right into the fun.

To design the most secure base in all of Minecraft, we have to decide what defenses we're going to use. There are all sorts of defense mechanisms, like blaze cannons and chunk bans, and I'm going to go through and rank them before we start building. But before we continue, because I know this is going to be asked, if the base is so secure, how are you going to get in?

Well, there are two very easy solutions. One is with the use of a timed ender pearl stasis chamber. You may know that by using bubble columns, you can store an ender pearl and teleport back whenever you want. You could also set up a hopper clock and leave the base, and once the clock goes off, you're sent back.

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Or alternatively, and more easily, you can just die. If you set up an ender chest and put in all of your stuff, you can then kill yourself and respawn back at the base, where you can access your stuff once again. Neither is particularly flawless, but sacrifices have to be made if you want the safest base in the whole world.

Without further ado, let's look at the defenses. The most basic defense in Minecraft is the obsidian wall. It doesn't get much more standard than this. The obsidian wall is sturdy, blast-proof, and is relatively hard to dig through, but we can just go around it okay, well we can just go over it okay, well we can just tunnel under it okay, and now we're getting somewhere, but we can still mine through it.

So how about using regenerative? walls This design is a classic and it's been around pretty much forever if you set up a cobblestone generator. With a piston underneath, you can make a wall that fixes itself when broken, so whenever someone tries to break in, the wall will automatically fill the newly made hole.

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However, this design, like the previous, isn't foolproof. For one thing, you're vulnerable to the redstone. The redstone portion of the build can't be guarded very easily, not to mention you can't make a working roof without a very awkward edge that can be infiltrated quite simply, so maybe regenerative walls aren't the way to go.

Well, what if the player can't get to the wall in the first place? What if we had a moat? The moat is the classic defense mechanism, and usually you'll find people building giant moats out of lava or some guardian-infested water. The latter is actually much more effective since you can just use fire resistance on a lava moat, but you can also just tower over a guardian moat, so that's no good.

Well, how about turrets? Perhaps there is some sort of artillery that can make it close to impossible to approach our base. A very commonly used candidate is skeletons, or even blazes. While blazes can be bypassed using fire res, that doesn't stop the skeletons from completely penetrating our intruder.

Minecraft - house

Well, now it's going to be really difficult to make it in, except it won't be if you fly. You can just fly on top of the base and break your way in, even if it goes to build height in theory. You can gather a lot of evokers and have them protect our house. However, they can eventually be killed or just snuck by using a potion of invisibility, which is a fatal flaw in all mob traps.

How about TNT, though? If we submerge our obsidian bases in water, we can set up TNT cannon dispensers that will periodically set off explosions near our walls so that any player trying to mine them will be pushed around and disrupted. Combine this with hits of elder guardians giving the player constant mining fatigue and now we have the makings of an almost unreadable base.

However, with enough dedication, not even this is impenetrable. For instance, if you make an obsidian tunnel up to one side of the wall, then sponge out the entire area, nothing is stopping the TNT from blowing up the dispenser that shot it, and then any intruder can have easy access into the base.

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So that doesn't work either. Ah, what's this over here? You should probably do that, but then I had an idea. A glitch that I showcased in one of my previous articles, and who knew it would come in handy once again, an indestructible end crystal If you don't know, you can respawn the dragon using four end crystals.

Granted, this would take a ton of work, but now we have an obsidian wall covered to the brim by unminable, unbreakable. And since their hitbox protects the blocks behind them, making it impossible to break in, intruders can just use the same method that we did. If they set up a piston, they can pull the end crystal out of the way and mine the obsidian behind it.

Minecraft - safe base

So that's a no-go as well. Another strategy I had in mind was chunk bans. At first, this seems really promising. A chunk ban is a device used to permanently kick someone off a server by overloading their computer. It simply involves making this cursed book full of a bunch of characters and storing it in a dropper, and once that dropper dispenses the book, it's so demanding for the code that anywhere in the 32 block radius will be automatically banned from the server, so what if you just surrounded your minecraft base with a toggleable chunk van on each side?

It seems like a pretty good solution to our problem, and it is, but it isn't foolproof. If you shoot an ender pearl over the chunk band, you just get to the other unbanned side, and if you're wondering why that exists, well, how is the owner going to use the base if the whole thing is banned? Well, what if you make a giant wall of blocks that blocks the ender pearls?

A Minecraft base that is IMPOSSIBLE to enter. With so many videos about "the safest house" and "the most secure base" you would think people would have eventually found a base that you can't just bridge over. But no.
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