Minecraft - Turning Into A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game



Today I'm going to be showing you how to turn Minecraft into a zombie apocalypse survival game. I actually did one of these articles a few years ago, but this time I think I can do it a bit better and make it for the newest version of the game. And by the way, I've been trying to make this a mod pack on curseforge, but it has been taking its sweet time to get approved, and it may or may not be available by the time this article is released.

If it's not, you're just going to have to put these mods together yourself, but if it is, that's great. You can go ahead and download them. Either way, let's go ahead and get into the article.

Zombie appearance

So, The first mod you're going to need to install is Optifine. We need it for a lot of stuff in this article, so whether or not you're using the modpack, you'll need to install this one manually.

Minecraft - 1.18.2

Because we're mainly focusing on the zombies in this pack, we're going to be installing the Tissues zombie pack, and this is the same resource pack that I used for my previous zombie article because it's just a really good one. It adds hundreds of variants of zombies to the game, so you're not going to see the same thing over and over.

It also gives zombies a bit more of a zombie-like sound effect and, overall, makes them a lot more intimidating. It's pretty much the perfect resource pack for this setup, and that's why I'm including it. And in addition to that, we'll be installing the fresh animations resource pack, and I've shown this resource pack many times in the past because it adds some truly spectacular animations to mobs in the game, and this certainly includes zombies.

With this pack installed along with the tissue resource pack, it truly looks like zombies want to eat you. Finally, if you'd like, you can install the physics mod to get some pretty awesome rag dolls when you kill the zombies. The only problem with this is that, in combination with the tissue resource pack, they all revert to the same texture once you kill them, which could potentially create It might be a little off-putting to you, but you know, if it's worth it, then definitely go for it.

Zombie behavior

Zombie behavior

So that first little section focused on the appearance of the zombies and now we're going to focus on their behavior. And the first mod we'll be installing in order to do that is improved mobs. This mod does a whole lot to make zombies more dangerous. For starters, they can randomly spawn with different weapons and armor equipped.

Many of them will have special abilities they can use, and you'll even find them breaking glass and climbing up ladders to come after you plus the mod adds a difficulty, system so the longer you play it the harder things get although you can disable this along with most of the other features if you'd like next i've included a far-sided mobs.

This mod makes it so zombies will come after you from quite a bit farther away. By default, this number is set to 32 blocks, but this can be customized. And you can customize these as well, so if you want the zombies to be even faster, which, by the way, is pretty much going to be suicide. You can do that, or if you want to tame things down a bit, definitely feel free to do so, but overall, this is one of the biggest mods on this list because at this point is when it truly starts to feel like a zombie apocalypse.

And finally, I included the bad mobs mod to prevent the spawning of most of the mobs in minecraft. I decided to keep most of the mobs that are undead or passive, along with the mobs that you find in different dimensions.



Alright Now for our next mod, we have another very important mod, and this is Mr. Crayfish's gun mod, and it's in the zombie apocalypse. Naturally, you need some weapons, and currently, this mod adds nine new guns to the game, which can be customized with a few attachments. And generally, these are going to be your best bets when it comes to fighting off the absolute army of zombies that'll be after you, and in addition to this, we'll be installing the first aid mod, and this mod is pretty interesting because it separates your health into different sections for each part of your body, and depending on where you take damage, you'll receive different debuffs.

And if you take enough damage to your head or body, you'll just die immediately, which I guess makes sense, and if you want to heal yourself, you're going to have to find some bandages. And overall, this is going to go a long way towards making the game even more difficult.


Alright, next we're going to be making some changes to the world's visuals, and for the shader I've gone with Dr.

Destins, and this is an overall very lightweight shader, but I had a particular feature that I really wanted to use, and this is the ability to turn the fog in nice and high. In my opinion, it just looks very ominous when zombies come running out of the fog, and you can set this number to really whatever you'd like or just not use the shader if it's not that important to you.

I also turned down the saturation, just to make things look even more apocalyptic. For the next mod. I've installed enhanced visuals, and this mod pretty much fits in perfectly here because it makes it so when you take damage you'll get blood on your screen and when your health is getting low you'll start to hear your heartbeat.

It's just a great mod to make this all feel a little more frantic.

The rest

The rest

And after that, I've installed the Lost Cities. This mod adds abandoned cities to your world, and you can completely customize how these are generated, so you can have rare cities or absolutely massive buildings. It really is just up to you. Although I will say. I was occasionally running into issues with settings like the tall buildings, as after some time the trunks would just seem to stop loading, but if you don't have this issue and you want to use this preset, absolutely go for it, and one of the last mods we'll be installing is sound physics remastered.

And this mod goes a long way towards making this even scarier, especially when you're in cities, because you're gonna hear zombies just echoing all over the place, and you know, it's one thing being able to hear all the nearby zombies that you can actually see, but when you start to hear the zombies that you can't see and that are very far away, but you know are coming, it starts to get scary real quick.

Minecraft - 1.18.2 mods

Finally, the last thing I've installed is the John Smith resource pack, and this just does a great job of making the world look a little older and more abandoned. I think it just fits in quite nicely with the theme, so There you have it.


Without installing way too many mods, you have a pretty terrifying zombie apocalypse on your hands inside of Minecraft, and as I mentioned before, you can completely customize the difficulty.

Today I've turned Minecraft into a fully functional zombie apocalypse survival game.
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