Minecraft - Transforming Every Biome - The Ultimate Survival World. Part 8

Minecraft - ancient city transformation

I'm transforming the entirety of Minecraft into a giant multibiome island to create the ultimate survival world. So far we've transformed these biomes, and we're left with the oceans, tiger snowy mountains, and, of course, the nether and end dimensions to tackle. As you guys know. Minecraft vanilla oceans contain some key features, so we're going to tackle as many as possible in this transformation, giving each aspect a much needed glow up and, of course, adding some epic new additions too.

Environment terrain

Environment terrain

Firstly, we've got to upgrade the ocean environment, making big changes to the terrain with plenty of caves and underwater arches to swim through. I'll also be adding vibrant coral reefs. There is plenty of seaweed and a variety of giant shells, which will be the perfect place for some hidden lukewarm water.

We'll also be including the ocean's key structures with a shipwrecked graveyard full of secrets and some deserted ruins destroyed in a bygone conflict. And of course, the mysterious ocean monument with the most interesting story of them all. And finally, I had to give a nod to some of Minecraft's ocean mobs, so we're going to be including a giant glow squid.

Although this might not turn out as you're expecting, we'll also be teasing some of the ocean's backstory, with a new home and deeper purpose for the guardians, as well as adding a dark origin story to the drowned, which will actually spawn more frequently near the monument. That's a lot to get on with, so we better get building.

Minecraft - but i transform the entire game - the ultimate survival world

While you're down there, let's get this article to 200k likes. Otherwise, I'll just have to delete the world and it will never see the light of day. Be sure to check out the USW's backstory on the Stephblox channel and her latest release, where we take on a nail-biting challenge in one of my craziest Minecraft builds.

We're trapped in this giant cave containing this spooky zombie infested stronghold city, and there's only one way out, but it's all the way at the top of this massive tower. To tackle this empty ocean first, I'll be draining the water and terraforming, taking advantage of 1.18's new world height. Then we're going to be laying down the foundations for our vibrant coral reef, filling the upgraded environment with giant shells.

Minecraft - but i upgrade everything

With a wide variety of coral and plenty of seaweed, we're also going to be including some shipwrecks scattered around the ocean's floor, as well as the giant glowing perpetrator of this shipwreck massacre, being sure to keep things survival-friendly. So to get started on this blank canvas, we're draining the water from the area and creating lots and lots of space to work with.

I then began with the terraforming, using sand to create a natural looking landscape, where I'd cut away at the original ocean floor using weld. I also created a long, gradual slope to the ocean floor, leading away from the USW and towards the natural ocean. This transformation is situated in that horseshoe-shaped bay of the island, and with the main base shape laid down.

I converted the sand back to stone and began working on some super exaggerated, fantasy-style arches to line this enormous area we're working with and later frame our ocean monument really nicely with a coral reef. I, of course, had to add some caves and overhangs for exploration, too, making the base landscape as dynamic a canvas as possible for placing plenty of decorations and secrets later.

Minecraft - ocean monument transformation

And to finish up the base landscape, I added some more gnarly rocks of varying shapes and sizes to act as the main foundations for our coral later on. I was trying my best to create as many interesting areas as possible before painting the entire environment with a natural gradient, leaving the sand in place where it would naturally fall.

Anyway, to fill our empty canvas with some vibrant colors, it's time for the coral. I already had some large coral from my underwater kingdom project that I was really happy with, so I decided to use some of it for this project too, but to make sure that this massive reef had plenty of variation. I also built some new coral types.

That way, we can place a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes around the huge landscape. In a similar way. I also nabbed some of the shells from my underwater kingdom project, making some tweaks to the colours so that they were a little more natural and also adding some new shell variants as well.

Minecraft - ocean transformation

Steph and I then took on the challenge of placing all of these shells around the vast landscape, some hidden in caves, others sitting in the sand on the ocean floor. It's already starting to look like it's teeming with life, and we're just getting started. Speaking of life, as promised, we're incorporating a giant glow squid based on the tentacles I built from the enormous kraken I created in my underwater kingdom project.

The glow squid was sent by the witch coven of the mushroom swamp island to retrieve a powerful enchanted artifact that they'd misplaced when they first fled from the main island. This artifact is actually the key to this entire transformation, causing this insane environment to blossom and explaining why it's limited to this particular radius.

Minecraft - the ultimate survival map

The covens sent the giant glow squid to retrieve the artifact, but it had already fallen into other hands, who weren't willing to give it up. They used the power of the artifact to defeat the witch's glow squid, binding it to the very island from which it was sent. Two of its giant tentacles remain exposed, lashing around in its attempts to escape, bringing down any unfortunate ships that sail too close to the witch's island.

I suppose we'll just have to find out later in the article, although I reckon those shipwrecks are packed full of secrets for you to uncover yourselves. Moving on from that little tidbit of lure, let's finish up this environment and place the coral and seaweed. There's a hell of a lot of ground to cover here.

As you can see, placing this coral completely transforms the entire ocean floor, creating a magical coral reef packed full of opportunities for adventure. There is literally coral spanning as far as the eye can see. The more you look, the more details you see and the more you want to explore this place.

In all honesty, this place is pretty insane. I can't believe how intricate this reef turned out and how cool the shipwreck graveyard looks. As you can imagine, we've hidden ridiculous amounts of money in this crazy jungle of coral. There's virtually an endless supply of caves, archways, shell coral, and sunken ships to lose yourself in.

It's going to be a real challenge, so definitely get your night vision and water breathing potions at the ready. So, with the environment completed, it's time to move on to the largest structure in this transformation, the Ocean monument.

We've transformed pretty much every major Minecraft structure at this point, so how about we upgrade that Ocean Monument.
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