Minecraft - Top 15 Tips & Tricks. Ultimate Guide To Become A Pro #3

Minecraft - defeat ender dragon

If there are a bunch of villagers roaming around freely and you want to gather them all at once, just place a bed and a bell nearby. Now start ringing the bell. As you can see, all of the nearby villagers start coming towards the bed. Here's a trick to make hidden lighting inside a room. Just place a torch.

Now place an armor stand above it and apply any outfit of your choice. As you can see, the room is well lit and the light source remains hidden. A few more things you can do with torches Firstly, you can place a dragon head on the item frame and also place a torch on the same block. This gives a cool looking effect.

Secondly, you can use lecterns in the item frame and place the torch to again give a good effect. If you have a lot of redstone around your build, you can hide them by using item frames and maps. Just place the item frame towards any corner of the block and then place the map aiming towards the side of it.

This way, your building looks neat and tidy. If you've gotten bored of this old bridging method, here's one of the quickest techniques. Place a scaffolding, now keep spamming on the same block to add more. Once you see them fall, just add any random block and repeat the process. Here's a way you can trick all your friends in your survival world.

Minecraft - farm

Make a giant looking diamond and create a map of it. This literally looks real. Now all you've got to do is place these maps over the item frames at various locations, so as to confuse your friends. You know, piglens give random items in return for gold. This is a time-consuming process, especially if you want to exchange a full chest of gold.

Here is an easy solution to this. Place two observers facing each other in this way, and a sticky piston behind one of them. Now just place a gold block. Let's try and see now. As you can see, the piglens work a lot faster now. They work only on the base edition. You can make a secret entrance like this, which opens only with a bow and arrow.

All you need is a pressure plate and a few sticky pistons. Here's the wiring: when you hit the arrow, it activates the pressure plate and the gate opens. Make sure you hit the arrow exactly around this corner. Auto-jump is a really useful feature. Here's a comparison between auto-jump and click to jump.

Minecraft - hardcore world

As you can see, auto-jump clearly works well and helps you get there quicker. Here are a few tips for your building. If you have a water build such as this, you can replace the wood below the water with a darker one. This gives a wet look to the wood underwater. You can give these fences a good look.

Take an axolotl with lead and attach it to the fence. Now grab the ax lotto back with a bucket. As you can see, we get a cool looking design for the fence. If you're building a base somewhere in the middle of an ocean, since you can't build directly over the water, you've got to start building up from the ground.

I'd rather place a lily pad and start your build. It's so simple and easy. Here's a fun trick: if you ring a bell near the villagers, they tend to wake up. We can place an observer behind the bed and add a bell to it. This way, whenever the villagers go to bed, he wakes up just for fun. Please don't annoy them.

Let's keep a light game of 10k. I hope you guys do it.

Top 15 Tips Tricks in Minecraft | Ultimate Guide To Become a Pro . Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting tools and armor to defend against mobs. You can choose Java or Bedrock edition to play.
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