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Spheres in Minecraft, possible or not. I'm going to push vanilla Minecraft to its limit to see if it's possible to make a real sphere in Minecraft. I asked you guys on twitter what to do next, and the majority of you said a sphere. We're going to place down a repeating command block. What's happening we have this executed as ourselves, the closest player to ourselves, anchored at our eyes so that it looks out of our head instead of our feet, and we run the command to summon an armor stand.

This should theoretically be a pretty easy way to make a sphere. So I just looked around. I mean, I feel like this is technically working. Let me turn this off. That's a pretty good first attempt, but of course there's no way to make it perfect and you're definitely going to double up on some spots and have more armor stands than you need.

It's just going to be really laggy, so here I moved the circle thing back over here. I moved the circle thing back over here and I got rid of the two extra ones because we only need one layer of armor stands. So, inside of this command, inside of this command block, you see how we turn the armor stand horizontally.

I say, instead of just having him spin like this, we should have him spin and slowly go upwards as he spins, and then eventually, over time, that should make the top half of a sphere. This right here is the horizontal turn, so for a vertical turn, let's do a negative, probably just like one. That might be too much.

Let's do like point five, maybe try negative five. I wanted to break this guy, and we'll turn this on. And that is actually doing what I thought it would, but a bit too quickly. What does this look like? I want to press this button. What does that do? That's pretty interesting, so this time let's make it like, like 0.3.

This is 2.1. This is probably fine. That seems like it might be it. A good amount, actually. That's probably good enough. Let's stop this, break this guy, and this looks cool. Now let's turn it and they only don't turn on the y-axis. Now I could, of course, just call it a day and move on, but I think we can get it a little more smooth than that, so we'll want to execute this command as all entities of type armor stand within a distance of ten.

I'm going to run the command to mess with the data. We're going to merge our new data into the pre-existing entity of whatever armor stand it picks over here, and what we're going to change is we're going to change the pose of the head to be this. Let's try like 15, and then zero, and fifteen should be the axis we want, and if I did this correctly, they should all be looking down.

If you can't tell, they're all kind of sloped inwards, like this, but you see now, the hard part is going to be to figure out how to get that to work at a different level for each one of these because they all need to have their own specific rotation to look directly at this block, but then I thought of a pretty interesting way to get them to turn their heads by making them copy my head, so apparently there's a bug in Minecraft to where you can't actually get it to work, unless something about them has already been changed, so it looks like they are following my head but still not the axis we want them to move on.

I mean, this is pretty cool too. What we have to do is change the parameters of these rotations right here. Now me moving left or right makes a move up and down, and now me looking up and down should make them look up and down. That's the thing we want to change, but the problem is getting them all to work separately and look in the correct direction.

Ooh, this looks pretty cool. Look at that. It's like a little animation. That's pretty neat, but actually, what if I combine the turning of these with our original idea? So this command block summons the armor stand about three blocks in front of where we're looking. This one just edits it very slightly so that we can even run the command because of the bug.

This one copies our vertical head rotation to the armor stand, and then this one gets rid of the tag so that it doesn't do as much math. So let's go up here and let's try it out. It's a bit odd. For sure, it's not exactly. I'm looking for something that's kind of fun to color with, though you know, it's not actually that bad.

It is actually working correctly. Okay, it just looked weird from inside. That is correct, so technically this is a way you can do it, but they're not turning. They're only turning in that direction. Okay, I added another command block in the middle that rotates them towards us, so let's actually kill all these, and now they should remain.

Nope, still diagonal all right, so I don't know what I was doing wrong with this rotation one, but I literally just copied it from that command block, so let's give it a test and we should. Okay, they are rotating. Okay, I think I think that is a typo. I don't know, they're like rotating a little bit late, it's weird, but I mean, I guess I can draw a sphere like this.

It started lagging severely, and I had to kill some for performance. But this isn't exactly as smooth as I thought it would be. What if we go back to this one? Let me get rid of the old entities. What if we just change this to a very small number, a tenth of the size, and we run it like this, then there's just so many armor stands that you can't even see the gaps in between?

Let's see how that works out all right. So I'm currently on 6 fps. I think that was a bit too many, so I changed a little bit. We're down to like 20 fps, but maybe this will look a little bit better if I flick this. That is marginally better. Yes, this thing is just way too laggy though, but you know, maybe armor stands just weren't the way to go, so I tried minecarts.

I am now summoning a minecart with an offset block like this, and then I want to have a scoreboard that spins it in a circle, except I want to spin the minecart this way instead of the way it's going, and the reason I want to do that is because if I can make a bunch of vertical circles. I can just slowly spin them and make very nice spheres.

Stop doing it. What happened a second ago was like dipping back. The second I started recording, it stopped. There you go. You see, it did it a second ago. Why is this so unreliable? If I flick this to make it a little bit higher, it does back a second time. So if I can't get this to work, I'm going to have to try something a little more manual.

But I'm still going to try to automate it, so what we can do is hard code it, and so we have all these individual command blocks that make this full circle, except we need this many, many more times, all slightly turned horizontally, to make a full sphere out of this, and plus, if you manage to touch this.

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