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Circles in Minecraft, Possible or not, I'm going to push vanilla Minecraft to its limit to test if it's possible to make a real circle in Minecraft. So my friend Qipla made a article where he made an actual circle in Minecraft. Then you put a rail on top of it and you surround this rail with a bunch of blocks that are not full size, so you can see the chests have like a one-pixel gap here.

It's going to surround the rail in that, and then we're going to get some mine carts, and you just spam mine cars onto the rail. Once you've placed a ton of rails, you're going to break the rail right here or some of the minecarts. You're going to break the rail right there. You're just going to touch it real quick for a second.

They move around just to try and shape it, and they should sort themselves out into a circle, but that's not good enough for me. I want to find a way to build with these, such as breaking them, maybe putting some sand around the sides so that it fills in, and then the circle's gone. One thing that a lot of people forget about is that whenever sand or a block like that falls, it makes an entity out of the block, and you can actually summon that entity.

So if we summon a falling block at my location, you can see it disappears immediately, so let's give it a longer life span. There you go. You see, you can summon blocks like this, but the issue is that whenever we type them, you see, they fall, and then they turn back into normal blocks. However, what we can also do is give it no gravity.

And now we just have a permanent floating block just like this, which gives me an idea. Let's try to summon a minecart. But give it a passenger, of a falling block, so passengers like this and then inside of here the passenger will have an id, of a falling block, and it disappears immediately. The passenger will also have a time of one and no gravity.

Right now we have a block inside of a minecart, so let's try and build that same thing from earlier. We're going to place a rail, and then get some chests on the side, and then we're just going to spam some in a bunch of minecarts like this. All right, that should be plenty, so now if I break this, let's try and step inside and see if it can turn.

It doesn't look like those blocks can turn though. Since the falling blocks are passengers and not actually in the mine cart, then I don't think they'll be able to turn, so I have another idea. We can summon an armor stand at our location. And we can put a block on its head, so if we go armor items, and then make a list of nothing on the feet, nothing on the legs, nothing on the chest, and then on the head we want sand with a count of one, that should make an armor stand with sand on its head.

And of course, we could just summon a bunch of these, and like, make a circle on our own, over time by just running in a circle, but that sucks. To get a perfect circle, we're going to have to do something really clever, and that's going to be, we're going to have an armor stand in the middle of where the circle is going to be, like where I am, and it's going to spin in a circle and spawn new armor stands all the way at the edge of the circle, where I got this idea from.

So let's get ourselves a new repeating command block that's always active. We're going to run the command as any armor stand, this filter as an armor stand, within a distance of two blocks, at the location of the armor stand. This is going to run the command to summon a new armor stand. Let's go, three blocks in front of where it's looking.

Then, on top of that, we're going to have a chain command block that will do the same filter, but this time we're going to slowly spin the armor stand. By about this much, now if I just place one on top, it should slowly start making a circle around the command block. You can see this guy spinning, spawning them in front, and then, once it's done, we've just got to break this guy.

So let's actually get the parameters from earlier and add them on to the armor stand we're summoning. Right here at the end, so now if I get an armor stand and place it on top, it should make a circle of sand and stop. Although you may notice these aren't actually turned. I'm going to have to turn the armor stand, so now once it makes the circle, if you stand in the center and press this button, they will all now face the center and get rid of this little outline here, and so I cleaned it up a little bit and made it a little more automated, so you stand on top, you flick the lever until it makes a circle.

You don't need the full circle. Once you're done, you break this guy and press the button, and there you go. But how do we build with this? We can start by actually making all of the armor stands we spawn visible, like this. Let's also make them invincible, like that, so they can't be broken by players.

When we make it, we should just have a bunch of floating blocks like this. Awesome All right, so if we get some sand here, we should be able to actually build up and drop it in place on top of those like that, although it doesn't line up perfectly. No, it kind of works there. Let's take away the gravity and move them down about 4.4.

should be right and it should be just barely above. It still turns black. So the issue we're having is that it's turning black because the armor stand is inside of this sand block, which makes me think if this was just floating here we wouldn't have that issue. So if I get some smooth sandstone stairs like that, will this work?

Okay, if you don't break the old armor stance before running the thing again, it breaks, so just break that one first, and now dang, that still counts, but what if we used glass? Would that count? If anything, glass wouldn't count, so if glass counts, okay yeah, we have a bigger issue on our hands all right.

According to online, if you add a marker set to one, then dang it, it works. This is how we're going to get it to work, but I don't think we're going to be able to fill this gap with blocks. maybe like this one, nope, so I think we're just going to be able to have two rows of armor stands. Okay, I added a command block for another row, and let's hope it works first.

It worked on the first try. Okay, I think this is actually going to be possible. Look at that. That's cool now let's just make a little outline. All right, we have the space, and if we flick this, we should have Okay, there's a little bit of an issue here. I'm not sure why the black things are there, but I think it's working.

Maybe if I turn it off, it'll fix it. No, because breaking the block fixes it. I'm not sure what the issue is. Does it still have to be glass? It actually seems to fix it. Okay, all right. This is really weird to look at in the game, like this actually exists and that's strange, although I guess now that we have the marker thing set, we can make these flat with the ground all right.

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