Minecraft - The Ultimate 1. 19 Guide To Villager Trading. Workstations, Best Trades & Professions



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Villager trading info

So before we jump right into every single villagers' profession, let me first give you some very vital information you need to know about trading in general.

Of course, trading is when you right click on a villager and you see some things for sale. The items on the left are what you give the villagers, and the items on the right are what they give you. For instance, here is 20 wheat for an emerald. If you do not like the trades that a certain villager is offering and you have not traded with them yet, let's say we have just traded with this villager, its trades are locked in forever, but if we haven't, we can break its workstation.

Minecraft - 1.19 villager

It'll lose its job, but then we can place it back there and generally it'll take its job up again in a minute. Sometimes they don't, but then a different villager will, as it's an unclaimed job site, and we can now get some different trades from that. If we do a whole bunch of trading with a villager, then it'll gain experience as well as us, and that experience will make it level up and unlock more trades.

Also, as now we've leveled up this villager a lot, it's very important to us. Something you may want to do if he accidentally gets hurt. Well, if you trade with a villager, that will actually heal the villagers. So, for instance, if we buy some of these now very inflated prices from the villagers, and if, let's say more realistically, it was hurt by a zombie or maybe a husk, that will heal the villagers as some of their health regenerates when you trade with them, and so if you ever have a villager that's about to die because it's getting very hurt or just very damaged, you can always save it by trading with it.

Minecraft - best villager trades in 1.19

Something I'm sure you've noticed before when trading with villagers is that eventually they'll run out of stock on an item. You'll see there's an x over that arrow indicating that villager no longer has any of those items in stock, and for that villager to gain more of the items, it has to go back to its workstation and restock its trade.

So the villagers will occasionally go back to their workstations, interact with them, and sometimes that'll restock the trade. Restocking about two to three times a day, depending on when you last traded with it. I found it can be only one restock, but generally it'll end up being about two to three if you're trading with them a whole lot.

Also, an interesting thing is that if you're holding emeralds out, villagers will advertise some of their wearers to you in their hands. So, for instance, this fisherman holding out a campfire, or some of the other villagers showing things that they sell as well, and if you do not buy a variety of different trades from a villager but instead focus on maybe one or two trades just selling tons and tons of that item to the farmer or whatever other type of villager you're dealing with, they'll eventually try and scam you by raising the prices on that specific item.

However, if you wait a bit, those prices will eventually go down again. What's your favorite trade with the villagers? These villagers use them to make them employable.

Fisherman villager

Fisherman villager

We're going to start off with the fishermen. If the fisherman's job site block is a barrel, a barrel is crafted with two slabs and six sticks like this. If you're in Bedrock edition for Java, simply replace those sticks for these planks upon placing them down in villager interaction.

We get the fisherman's villager. Now this artisan actually has some pretty good trades, for instance, coal for emeralds. You can also get iron buckets by buying buckets of fish. You can also unlock fish trades where you sell fish to the fishermen for emeralds, and you can even buy enchanted fishing rods from the fishermen, which, of course, depending on the enchantments, which are basically completely random, what you get can be very good or very bad.

As well as other fish trades that can be made available, there is a really amazing trade from the fishermen, which is a boat for an emerald. And something really nice about that, even though it's not very quick to trade, is that, of course, it's one of the only trades in the game. We're just straight up trading wood items for emeralds.

Armorer villager

Armorer villager

The next workstation is the blast furnace, crafted with a standard furnace. Three smooth stones on the bottom and five iron ingots on top, and this job site block will give us an armorer sailor. Not only can you unlock iron for emerald trades, you can also trade a singular lava bucket for an emerald, and then you can even trade for chainmail armor, and eventually, upon upgrading this, you get to the true overpowered trade, which is literal enchanted diamond armor that you can buy from the villagers.

Of course, just the fact that you can buy diamond armor from villagers is pretty crazy, but upon buying these two pieces, you even unlock the helmet as well as the chest plate, which means that, especially considering disenchanting, you could disenchant these and get a better enchantment on them.

Toolsmith villager

Minecraft - everything you need to know about villagers in

The ability to get full diamond armor that even has enchantments on it just from some emeralds, which again, all of these could technically eventually be one emerald for each of these , and a similar villager, which also gives you equally overpowered trades, is made by creating the job site block that you also merged diamond and netherite with, and that is the smithing table.

Now the smithing table, as you just saw, is crafted with four planks and two iron ingots, and that's the toolsmith. Of course, initially traded items like emeralds, first stone axes, stone hoes, etc. were basically useless items. We've now gone from stone to enchanted iron, which of course isn't amazing, but it's pretty good, and then after the enchanted iron, we then upgrade to the most overpowered best trade in the entire game.

It's actually turning a diamond into an emerald. No, just kidding. This is actually one of the worst trades in the entire game. I never do that trade, but this is a very good trade, so you can get yourself some diamond tools. You have a limit of only three per restock, so you could not easily get yourself thousands and thousands of these, although it is certainly possible with a large array of villagers.

Now you notice this one's only trading us shovels and pickaxes. However, it's totally possible to get diamond axes as well as diamond hoes from the toolsmith.

Weaponsmith villager

Weaponsmith villager

We have to craft the job site block for the grindstone, which is made with a stone slab, two sticks, and two oak planks, or really whatever type of plank you want. Now this gives us the weaponsmith.

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