Minecraft - The Ultimate 1. 18 Mining Guide - Best Way To Mine Diamonds, Gold, Emerald, Copper Etc

Level 12 is dead

Level 12 is dead

I'm going to be honest with you here. Level 12 is dead, and mining in 1.18 is confusing and complicated, but no need to worry because you're at the 1.18 mining guide. Learn all the new layers to mine, how to get the most out of every single ore, and where to find those diamonds. Come check it out.

Mojang's ore chart - layers explained

Let's quickly start this guide with the official 1.18, ore generation, chart given to us by Mojang. You can see it here. If it's a square distribution like this, there'll be the same amount of coal here as there is here. Same with the redstone, you can see here. The redstone has a triangle down here, meaning that there's going to be a steady amount of redstone, but there's also going to be bonus redstone the further down you get from negative 32).

Some of these say they have reduced air exposure or no air exposure. That means that if it's in a cave, it's going to generate less on the sides of the cave walls. Unfortunately, that means it can be a lot harder to see diamonds, lapis, gold, and coal just sticking out of cave sides. Although it won't be completely eliminated, it will just be less.

This right over here is the generation in 1.17. As a quick note, the thicker this is, the more you're going to get, and the deeper it goes, the more levels it's going to encompass now in 1.17. Although technically level 16 would have a little bit more, of course, every level is going to have overlapping or generations, meaning that here you will get yourself coal, lapis, iron, and copper, whereas here you would get a little bit of iron, redstone, diamond lapis, and gold.

Okay, but which layers can give me the most ore for my time? Well, let's break that down. I have a world where I've broken it down into layers, and you guys can see the layers where you can get the most of what you want.

Upper emerald and iron

Upper emerald and iron

Minecraft, Has made a lot of changes to the way mining works, but I'm going to break it all down for you so that mining can become a breeze even in the new system. Okay, so right up there is a new world height, right down here that's just about the old world height, and that's where you're going to find the most emeralds.

If you're in a mountain biome that stretches that tall or the most iron, if you find anything that generates that tall, the lower down you get from that, the less you're going to find of both those things, but they both generate very far down from that. Anyway, heading underground, we come to the very interesting part, where I break down each layer and what it gives you the best amount of.

Where to mine coal?

Right now, underground, from being up there, we find ourselves at the best level for coal at 95. 135 it also has a lot of coal, in fact a little bit more, but it's very rare to find a mountain that stretches that high. Again, this is the layer with the most coal, and you can see here it's not actually that much coal, it's a decent amount.

Overall, you might end up finding that just finding surface coal or exposed coal on large mountain sides may just be a bit easier, but if you want to strip mine for coal, this is the best layer for it.

Where to mine copper?

Where to mine copper?

If you strip mine at level 47, you're going to find the most copper of any other layer in Minecraft, so this is basically where you're going to find the most copper overall. Although it isn't a huge amount of copper, it is a decent amount comparatively, and of course, these sample sizes aren't crazy large, so there may be more or less copper overall, but overall this is technically the layer with the most copper.

As you can see, there are many clusters of copper around. You'll also notice here at only level 47, we're already seeing lapis generate and iron generate, as well as the occasional bit of emerald, although this is extremely rare and technically emeralds can be found higher up, although in that cool section, we weren't quite so lucky to find some.

At the next level, we find ourselves at level 14,.

Where to mine iron?

Level 14 is the best level for iron. Again, this is all when you're doing strip mining or when caving in these levels, but a lot of these ores are actually going to generate energy only when they're unexposed. That means if it's on a cave wall, you might see it or you might see it more like this and you'd have to kind of dig for it.

So it's generally better just to do this kind of thing in strip mining, especially when you get lower down since things like lapis, some of the iron, and also the diamonds are going to actually purposely generate less on cave sides and surfaces. This is the layer with the most iron, and you can see there is a very good amount of iron in here.

Of course, you know, you'd find all this by doing strip mining. No ore here is insanely common, but you can see here we're starting to see redstone, as well as gold, and I think there's even an extremely occasional and rare diamond you could find here. So yeah, this is the layer you want to mine out at level 14.

Where to mine lapis lazuli?

Where to mine lapis lazuli?

If you want the most amount of iron in a mine, that brings us down to the next layer, which is level zero back in 1.17. Now in 1.18, there is no layer that does that. However, layer 0 is just about the best one for that. Again, that's when you're here. You'd be seeing this right here is layer zero all right.

So in layer zero, what can you expect? Well, you're going to expect the most amount of lapis you'll find, and you may see that there's not that much lapis, but if we even peek down into some of the caves around here, you'll notice there is a decent amount of lapis that generates. It's just maybe we didn't get the most lucky with this section.

You're also going to see the rare diamond cluster, but something to remember is that in 1.18, diamond clusters are about half the size, so you're never really going to find in eight veins, more stuff like this where it's like a singular diamond ore or over here where it's just two, like this one deep slate and one standard, so that's unfortunate, but that's kind of how they generate now.

The reason why level zero is a good level to mine at is that the highest deep slate we'll ever generate in the world is here, which means that if you're strip mining at this height, which is level zero, then basically you're never actually going to be mining any deep slate. It'll only be beneath you, but you'll still get to see some meaning. It's going to be a lot more efficient than mining a couple layers down when it's only deep slate, which means that you'll still get to mine for twice as long because deep slate is twice as hard to mine.

Where to mine gold?

Where to mine gold?

Here we're at the best layer for gold. This is negative 17, so you can see here there is a decent amount of gold around here kind of generating around.

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