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We all have them, like how I secretly can access every computer in the world. That's right, I know what you have open in your other tabs. My contract to do this show ends in 2021. I'm Marilla i respect my new year's resolution to only host shows about games I respect in 2023. Keep it down, they will hear us.

The warden, Jens, says we need to keep quiet so we don't attract the warden.

The secrets of the warden

The secrets of the warden

Allow me to introduce you to Minecraft's most horrific feature yet, the combat warden. Now we're talking about an upcoming feature, so keep in mind that the warden may change before the final release, perhaps into this I don't remember that happening.

Origins of the sculk

It's footage of your future, just like my haircut.

The skulk went through a lot of variations before we landed on perfection. At one point, we considered rust-like material steadily corrupting its surroundings. Also, like your haircut, you're just lashing out because you're jealous. Here's another fun idea: making them out of bones. According to this developer, Minecraft has an age rating of 90 and up.

Anyway, here are a few other designs we considered during one of our many goth phases. They can design all these, but they can't design my one haircut. It took Marilla Caves and Cliffs a long enough as it is. This block was actually inspired by Trypophobia. Trypophobia is a condition where someone has a fear of clusters of small holes.

Isn't that one of your fears?

Designing the warden

Designing the warden

It reminds me Naming someone isn't easy. Just ask my parents. Eventually, we chose the warden. We're not allowed to tell you why yet, so instead we're going to have a guess. Perhaps it's called the warden because they meant to call it William and spelt it roll. That must be it. While William settles down, let's leak some of their early designs.

They're mildly irreversibly traumatizing, so to take the edge off, we've stuck some jaunty music over them. As you can see here, it doesn't help at all. Finding the balance between sweet and sinister was one of the greatest challenges of designing this nightmare. This is a balance that this show never figured out and never will.

The deep dark

The deep dark

Now you might be worried that the constant presence of the warden is going to make Minecraft about as fun to play as a guitar made of mossy cobblestone, so allow us to reassure you that for the first and last time ever, you will never have to encounter the warden. If you don't want to, we're keeping it native to the new deep dark biome.

We don't want to force players to engage with stealth systems they're not interested in. That's why you'll never catch me in the deep dark, but that's where we record the show. For tax reasons, we record my scenes in the land of bunnies and hugs. We just record yours in the deep dark for tax reasons.

Minecraft - deep dark

You know, the warden is the first ever mob with a sense of smell. Where's its nose? Where's your nose? Where was your nose touched? It also has what appears to be souls in its chest. The reason we gave it a sense of smell is to stop you simply being able to wait the warden out. It doesn't matter what you're carrying or what you smell like, the warden is still going to find you eventually.

If you're foolish enough to stick around in the deep dark, try not to host a Minecraft YouTube series down there if you can help it. Anyway, that's all we've got time for love.

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