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Minecraft - championship 24

Welcome to team guides, where we take a look at each team's strengths and weaknesses and simulate their hypothetical best path to dodgeball out of 2.5 million possibilities. The red rabbits The Red Rabbits are an extremely solid team who especially excel at movement. This is a very important skill in MCC, making up almost half of the games in the rotation.

Purple is one of the top three teams in the hole in the wall to get to the other side and parkour tag, as well as still being above the average for the ace race. While these numbers may be a bit inflated due to purple's small sample size of only three events, especially to get to the other side, considering he's only played in the new scoring system, it still requires incredible skill to get these high scores.

Especially when you're so new to the event. The only movement-based gain that the red rabbits struggle in is Rocket's beef rush, but even then, purple has seen rapid improvement since he first played it, and Rambo and Puffy are consistently in the top 20. While Purple didn't do too well the one time you played Build Mart, now that he has some experience, his score should hopefully improve.

Minecraft - mc championship

Wilbur is one of the best floaters, and Rambo is an excellent speed builder. Puffy, another very efficient builder, actually knows how to use the recipe book when there are a lot of participants. They're also the closest team to having all members score above the event average, with Puffy only being one coin off.

The Sands of Time is where it gets interesting, with the Rabbits being the best team in the event. This is also similar to grid runners, but they are so close to being the only team where all of them score above the event average, showing that while none of them absolutely excel at this game, they're all solid in it, although a bit inconsistent.

Unfortunately, the rabbits do have a weak area, and that is pvp. Wilbur and Rambo are well known for their survival games' luck, commonly getting wiped out early in the game. Purple has also only played it once in MCCC 21, where he got 27, and so that really brings down this team's score, despite not being fully indicative of their potential.

Minecraft - mc championship 24

However, SG is very unpredictable, so they can very easily prove to us that's wrong. Another game is unpredictable. Due to the fact that it's not been played very often, meltdown. Both times it has been played wilbur and Rambu's teams have gotten last, only a sample size of two, with two really good meltdown players this time as well, with purple getting first the one time he played and puffy getting top half, so considering this team's two worst games are also very unpredictable, it's looking good for the red rabbits, the distributions.

While this team has a very wide range, getting anywhere from first to ninth, you should expect to see us a lot because this event is incredibly balanced. While their most likely placement is seventh, they have a higher likelihood of getting into the top half than not. Even if they have a bad survival game or meltdown, it's totally possible for them to make it to dodgeball.

Minecraft - mcc

Rambu gets his first win, the orange ocelots. In our full year of making team guides, we have seen many teams with really good odds of making dodgeball. We've never seen one with stats like that before. Usually the statistical favorites have one or two games they absolutely dominate, but orange is only placed first in two games and not by very much.

The reason orange's stats are so good is because of their consistency. The Orange placed in the top six in all but two of the 11 games. They cover each other's bases superbly, making this team very hard to play against even with their superb consistency. But Orange still has the best game. In belief rush, they're the best rocket spliff team in the event, and it's all thanks to one player.

Tubbo has been a great rocket speed player, and Jack has been a solid one himself, but Tubbo has the second highest average in the event, only falling behind Illumina's insane scores. As long as Tubbo continues to dominate in this game, Orange's odds look really good outside of rocket belief. games or pvp, like Sky Battle Meltdown and survival games.

Minecraft - mcc 24

These games are a perfect example of how orange covers each other's weaknesses. H-bomb and Tommy's great meltdown averages make up for H-bomb's worst game. Tommy's lackluster SG average and tuba make up for Tommy's lackluster SG average, and all three do very well in sky battle, where Jack usually struggles.

Orange is more than ten percent above the event average for all these games, and if any of them are played late, orange's chances of dodging will increase. We've talked a lot about Tubbo, Tommy, and H-Bomb, but one player you definitely want to keep your eye on is Jack. Jack is the definition of a wild card.

He's placed as high as the top 15 and as low as 39th, however, in MC21. Jack had great performances, in rockets leaf russian sky battle two games he's historically struggled with but are fantastic for this team. A lot of this team's success is going to come down to Jack and how well he can execute in his worst games, even despite this team's consistency.

Minecraft - mcc 24 dream

Orange does have an apparent weakness. Movement-based games to get to the other side, Hole in the Wall, Ace Race, and Parkour Tag are Orange's four lowest scoring games in that order. If all four games are played, orange's odds of making dodgeballs drop by over 30 percent. Orange should avoid these if possible and practice them there in the rotation, looking at the distribution from our simulation.

Orange stands out as the statistical favorite to make dodgeball. Still, these odds are far from a sure thing, and on a team as chaotic as Orange, anything is possible if Orange gets pvp games late and avoids movement games. Don't be surprised if they are one of the teams facing off to earn a coin from the yellow yaks.

The yellow yaks Welcome back, skeppy. Previously, his only appearance was back in MCCC 14, and as such, his stats are not very indicative of his current skill level. He has a very small sample size, with his only performance being on a 9th place team. It seems safe to assume that skeppy has a lot of potential that isn't shown by his stats, especially considering he has Dream on his team, who has shown he can help guide and train people new to the event.

Minecraft - mcc 24 george

The acts have a very clear and strong area, specifically movement. movement that involves parkour, as opposed to games like Hole in the Wall and Rocket Split Rush, where they're the best teammates to get to the other side, and parkour tag, with them being the third best at ace race. A big reason why is that they are definitely dreaming of playing Skeppy's best games with George and Bad being more well-rounded.

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