Minecraft - Testing Viral Tricks That Are 100% Real

Minecraft - bedrock edition

Today I'm testing the most viral Minecraft tricks and secrets that you won't believe are 100. Watch until the end to become a Minecraft pro. I will try to explain how to bridge like this since I got accused of hacking a building. You have to place a block and hold the build button while keeping the cursor on this side of the block, then walk forward.

The last block should be placed in front of the first block, then jump and run. Like slicing blocks through blocks that have to be hacked. The first thing I noticed was that the article was done in Minecraft, Bedrock edition. The next thing was that he already had a platform pre-built and it was about one or two, three, four, five blocks long.

Gonna come back one, two, three, four, five blocks. I think that is how far he was back, and then he held his cursor right on the edge of this block and then just held the build button. That's what he said to do. Those are probably the blocks it was So he said hold the middle button and walk forward, so if we walk forward and all the building buttons, let's try that.

Minecraft - eyestream

Well, that worked, guys. I placed a block through that block, so if I just do that and I keep jumping, okay, this is actually really tricky, so I'm going to come back one, two, three, four, five blocks. I'm here on the fifth block now and then. I put my cursor right there and I got to hold on while walking forward.

Right here we go, yo yo. I'm doing I'm doing it. Okay, no, I was doing it there for just a second and then I stuffed it off because you've got to do it as quickly as you start jumping. gamer concentration right here guys, all right back and forward, boom my, I always muck up about that far. This is a legit thing you can do in Minecraft as long as you practice it because this is really tough.

If you can do this, I have the utmost respect. Wait, is that what I think it is to a heart? That is adorable, but does that actually happen in Minecraft? The seed they gave us was five seven four, two six one, three eight, five six six, five seven one, five four Yeah, that is a beefy ass number all right, so let's go ahead and create this word all right.

Minecraft - eystream

Let's load in. Here is the world. We start off in a swamp. Now the coordinates they gave us, let's go ahead and type and slash TB at p and then negative, one zero eight space, and then the little squiggly line tilde space, three two four seven, hit enter, and boom, all right, we're on a beach here.

Yo, it's legit. Look at that a Minecraft heart, naturally, generating. All right, What are we building here? We've got a piston, a hopper, we've got driftstring blocks on the side. My goodness, this guy's literally building a super-speed. I can't figure out what he's doing. Wait, is that a drip stone?

Yo, it's an automatic drivestone farm. What makes it awesome is the speed at which that guy did the tick tock. I had no idea what was going on, and I finally think I figured out what was going on. So basically, we need to have a piston down near the bottom and then a space and two spaces in front of it.

You have this chest, and then you want to crouch and place your hopper. Now, going into the side of this chest here, that's where the driftwood's going to fall in and then collect inside this chest. What we need to do is to put an observer on top of this chest. The red dot needs to be facing backwards.

Minecraft - eystreem

The face is facing forward, and on top of this, we want to go ahead and place another observer, making sure that the arrow is facing upwards. Now place another piston here and now grab your drip stone block. Actually, I'm pretty certain this can be any block, but we're going to build up the sides here with five blocks, so one, two, three, four, five.

It has to go one block either way. I was like, "I feel like I messed this up all right, so it should go like that." And then you have a pointed drip stone hanging from down there, and then we just need to crouch and place a drip stone growing off this hopper. Yep, that makes sense. When these drip stones grow, they're going to be detected by this observer and these pistons.

Minecraft - family friendly

They'll push and activate those, and then we're going to build up one to two blocks on either side here. I'm going to fill this two-block space up here with water source buckets. I'm pretty sure that it increases the speed at which the drip stones go. Then they broke out this block behind here, and just above the piston they placed a torch, and then on the back side here, behind this piston, we placed a single block and then a piece of redstone dust coming out of the observer here.

I'm pretty sure that's all they did. I think there were a few blocks added at the front here just to stop the drip stones from going around, but now I suppose we just have to wait and see if it works. The drift stone up top has grown three down, and at the bottom, there it is. This drip strategy will grow, and once it reaches that observer, it activates.

That causes the piston to push and break it, and then your pointer drips and will land there. That is great, which means using this machine. You can generate a ton of pointed drip stones for automatic lava farms, automatic water farms, or even automatic potion farms. You know that's impossible, but how?

Minecraft - funny

no no, I thought the mojang hadn't added the ward into the game yet, unless this is like a secret test feature that I didn't know about. We need to find out now. I got my warped hyphae block from the nether. We're chucking a car pumpkin on top. Nope, definitely over 100, clickbait. For those of you who don't know, the warden is a real mob and it is coming to Minecraft, but at the time of this article it hasn't been added yet because it's coming in the 1.18 caves and cliffs update.

That includes the warden, coming in the next update. Then they also use a data pack by typing in slash data pack, data pack enable. I'm going to add the behaviors of a warden so it actually acts like a real person inside of Minecraft, but that's not all. Because we also need to add in some command blocks, we're going to get rid of that pumpkin for the time being, and what we need to do is we're going to chuck over this repeat command block here, and it's testing for these coordinates here, and if those coordinates are a pumpkin, it's going to spawn in the warden.

Minecraft - glitches

But that's not all, because we need to get rid of these blocks here. We'll check it out. Get on top, and boom, and check it out. We got ourselves the brand new warden mob in Minecraft before it was even added. As you can see, it acts just like water. I'll switch it to survival. Excuse me Ah okay, yep, it does work.

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