Minecraft - Testing The New 1. 19 Mobs Early

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I'm testing all three of the new 1.19 mobs early and will show you how to spawn them in your world today. Watch until the end to find out which mob is the best. No, this is not a dream. Here are all three of the new mobs announced at the minecraft. So here is our brand new ally. Look at his little eyes.

Look at his little wigs. He's going on a little trip. My god guys. I was kind of like, "team ally all the way." Now these have a ton of awesome features, but the main thing is that they're brand new friends and you can train them using cookies, so check this out. Come here, Mr. There we go, and look at how cute that is.

When he hasn't been tamed, that's how you know that this man is a friend. All right, so now we've tamed the new alley. What exactly can this guy do? When they're tamed, they're just going to kind of follow you around. They're pretty cute if they haven't been tasked with anything, but that's the thing.

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You can actually give them jobs. So let's say I want them to pick up cookies. All I have to do is come up to our la here, and give him a little cookie. Here we go. There we go. Get ready three, two, one bang. And check that out, guys. He's holding a cookie. It just looks so cute. I want to wrap him up in a ball and give him a hug, but he is actually very functional.

I'm going to chuck all of these cookies down on the ground here, and look. It's going to pick every single one up and bring it right back to me and drop it back in my hands. It doesn't matter if I don't drop them all in one go. I can drop one over here. We'll just put cookies all over the place and look at him.

Okay, that guy, he's just slowly going away. There are some more cookies. He's going to drop the aka he's dropping them off first, and they're going to go pick up some more. He's not exactly the most efficient. He goes and picks up the item and comes back to you. Now let's say you don't want the lh to keep bringing you random items.

Minecraft - copper golem

This would be great for things like collecting seeds and other stuff when you're going exploring. But if you want to build a machine, sorting system, or any kind of redstone contraption, bringing the items to isn't going to be a whole ton of help, which is where the note block comes into play. Now, what we can go ahead and do is take away our cookies from our alley here, allies, love music.

Three, two, one, two, three. And now he is attached to that note block, so what exactly does that mean? Okay, he's vibing on the jukebox right now. Okay, come on, cookies. Mr alley, there are some cookies here. All right, he has noticed the cookies. He's going to come pick them up and he's going to bring them back to me this time, but instead he's going to take them right back to that note block and drop them on the top, which is kind of really cute, but let's say you want it to be connected up to a redstone system.

You want those cookies or whatever item you're using to go into a chest like this. Well, you guys can do that. All you've got to do is set up a hopper going into a chest, put the note block beside it, and we're good to take that cookie back to the note box. We're going to go one, two, three. He should do a little dance.

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Give him the cookie back, and we'll chuck our cookies onto the ground here. Come here, best ally, and instead of putting the cookies on top of the noteblog, he's going to prioritize the hopper and put them in there instead. Check it out. There he goes, he's putting them into the hopper. Now if we have a look at our chest, boom, the cookies have been moved here.

For obvious reasons, this is not so useful for cookies, but for things like automatic farms and stuff, the possibilities are endless. The possibilities are endless and I am just so excited about this new mob, not to mention they are adorable. I just had an absolutely evil idea. What if we grab another note block and another ally, and we tame this guy over here?

It's my cookies. My friend, all right, he's got his little halo up and then we attach this alley to this noteblock here right one, two, three boom, there's this cute little dance and now if I put a cookie on this jukebox here, like so, right, he's gonna come grab it, my goodness, and he's gonna bring it over to this noteblock.

Minecraft - eystream

Are you going to do anything about it? i got two fighting allies that is brilliant they're just gonna do this all day, my what have I done? I have started the next minecraft, war. The alley is awesome, but I think you might be more impressed by our other two mobs, the copper golem and the glare.

Now, unlike our other two mobs, the copper golem doesn't spawn naturally; you're going to have to spawn them in yourself the same way you would with an iron golem or a snow golem, so how do you do that? Well, grab yourself a block of copper, duh, and then we're going to place a lightning rod on top, and on the front of that cute little nose, place an oak button, but as you can see, that's not doing anything.

It kind of just looks like a copper pineapple or something. So what you need to do is click the button in three, two, one bang and check this adorable little guy out. He's got a cute little copperhead. It spins around and loves him. He's like your own little minion. I mean, no, he's not a minion, he's a pet, but he kind of is a minion.

Minecraft - eystreem

He will do random tasks, and by random, I mean he randomly just pushes buttons. That's literally all he does. Let's actually see him in action. I'll boop and click and check it out. He'll come over and press the button. He goes, he's just so cute. He comes over to this one and says, Turns it on over time, this boy is going to oxidize just like copper blocks.

First he's going to turn into slightly weathered copper, then weathered copper, and finally fully oxidized copper. As he does, he's going to get slower and slower and push buttons less often until eventually he becomes fully oxidized and he freezes and is completely unable to move. Now, obviously, that takes time and this guy is chilling at the moment, but if you want to just spawn in one of those oxidized forms, all you've got to do is use the right block, so let's use a slightly oxidized copper golem.

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We put our lightning rod on top of the button at the front and boom! This one is a slightly oxidized copper golem. We can go with our weathered one just here like so and you can see it! and this guy moves really slowly. Look at him getting ready. Okay, there we go. Look at him. He is as slow as a golem, even though he is literally the size of a smurf.

And then finally, guys, you can see if I make one out of oxidized copper, he literally can't move. This man is stuck. I honestly feel bad for him, but there is a way you can fix any of your oxidized golems by using an axe just like you would use it normally. So if I use an axe here, as you can see, it repairs our copper, and we can do the same thing with our golems.

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