Minecraft - Testing Scary Seeds That Are Actually Real

Minecraft - 666 seed

Every minecraft world ever created is a combination of numbers and letters that are used to generate every minecraft world ever created. However, this process is not perfect as it is completely uncontrollable and random. Sometimes the seed breaks. No one knows exactly how or why, but the results can be terrifying.

So today I'm testing Minecraft's scariest seeds, so you don't have to watch until the end because you won't believe what I saw. Our first seed is 2898-49025. In the first scene where entity 303 is seen, we're going to turn off multiplayer so no one can join the world. There are no resource packs and no behavior packs.

This is completely normal. Many call this entity 303, the New Herobrine, and it was first spotted in this seed on Minecraft Xbox Edition on December 10, 2013. From the get-go, I'm not seeing anything strange or unusual. That could suggest to me that entity 303 was corrupting this world. Maybe there's something else hiding below the ocean surface.

Minecraft - bedrock edition

So let's give ourselves night vision and see whether we can see anything. Okay, guys, we're going to go into night vision and let's have a look under the ocean. Look at that coral. Does that look familiar to you? It kind of looks like it's repeating itself. Look at this guy. We've got this red and yellow coral structure and then again here and again here and again and again and again and again and again.

This seed is constantly repeating, and it's only like this area here, but then the surface of the world is totally unaffected. My guys, look at how the duplicate continues to get bigger and bigger, consuming more and more of the world. I'll read you parts of it. I'm a huge fan of Minecraft, and I've been playing for about two years now.

One day, we were all in a group Skype chat, and we were working on a huge survival city, which we were in the process of building for at least eight months. For some reason, John's player just stood still. I assume it's just lag, but he's not even speaking on the Skype call. I checked Skype to see if he was still online.

Minecraft - creepypasta

No answer he's not even speaking. That's just part of the email. There, guys there's still more, but as you can see, the repetition seems to have stopped. No, it hasn't. Look at that, guys; the trees are still repeating here. It's weird it's picking and choosing. We are heading to the end, bam boom bada bam, and through we go.

Now I'm going to continue the story here. Let me go ahead and clear our night vision so we can explore the end without any distractions. All right so coming into the end dimension guys, I'm not seeing any repetition here on the main end island, so let's go ahead and kill the ender dragon. As I'm doing this, let's continue the story or the email that was written to Mojang.

It's not normal for Minecraft to bug out like that. It looked like it was corrupted or something. And if that's not bad enough, the chat starts spamming objects summoned successfully. By player dot number 303. He looks at the skype chat and realizes that someone has joined the call. It shuts off Wait, what, guys?

Minecraft - eyestream

I was reading the story there and I just noticed. It's duplicating just like the surface. Look at this. We have duplicates and islands all the way through Jupiter Chor Food Plants. We have ourselves a ncd here. My goodness, this is a gigantic end city. 303 was created by a Mojang employee, supposedly, who was fired by Notch, the original creator of Minecraft, back when the game was first starting.

So apparently now, entity 303 wants revenge on Mojang and all the Minecraft players alike for forgetting him. Some even say that entity 303 looks like another end city. What if these were repeated? Some even say that herobrine came to warn us about this entity, as signs have been seen in hacked worlds saying "help in Swedish," the language of Notch, the original creator of Minecraft.

The seed is really messed up, but I reckon that there's one way for certain to see whether entity three or three is in this world. Apparently, if he's in your world, hero Brian will leave signs saying "help" in Swedish, which is, you know, not his original language. I don't know if we can somehow, you know, convince Herobrine to leave a sign to prove to us that this world is infected by entity 303, but we're going to leave this here that just says hi.

Minecraft - eystream

Entity 303, all right, we're just going to leave this here, and we're going to see whether or not this changes to help in Swedish. Watch until the end of the article to find out what happens. Is that not scary enough for you? I'm sure this will be Our next seed is six, six. We're going to turn off multiplayer so no one else can be in the world with no resource packs and no behavior packs.

For those of you who don't already know, 666 is called the number of the beast, the devil's number, or the number of Satan. I suppose the first place we should visit would be this village here to see if we notice anything out of the ordinary. Villages seem intact. All right, we've got a desert temple.

Minecraft - eystreem

You know, maybe there's something up with these desert temples. They have been known to have some very cursed things inside of them. I mean, green Steve's supposedly been spotted in. Did you hear that, guys? Did the sky just go dark? This happens normally if it starts raining, the sky goes dark, or if it just started raining.

Why am I freaking out? Okay, so this is that's rubbish. Let's have a look Nothing seems out of the ordinary here at this desert temple. Let's have a look down here. YEP seems pretty standard. We got ourselves some chests. They're all nice and filled with feathers. We got some diamonds. I mean, that's some pretty good luchia.

Was there sand on top of that desert tip? Okay, I don't know, I must have broken some sand here guys, and that fell down okay. I mean, that's pretty standard. Okay, yes it is raining. I'm not completely crazy, guys. The sky's only gone dark because it's raining. I mean, I'm pretty happy with this.

Minecraft - family friendly

Okay, that light was awfully close. I mean, it is raining and lightning does happen when it is raining. That it happens during thunderstorms That light was really close to me. I'm actually letting this get to me. My goodness, lightning is a normal thing in Minecraft. I think I'm going to say that even though people are experiencing weird things in this, I don't think we've experienced anything that's super strange.

That sound was weird. Okay, what is it with the creepy sounds? I don't like them. Wait, what where are the chests? What did you guys see? Okay, I'm losing it. Okay, chess maybe. The game just had an issue when it was rendering when we first loaded into the scene. I think my screen shook, but that's probably just lag.

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