Minecraft - Testing Scary Rituals That Actually Work

Minecraft - bedrock edition

They've used seeds, outdated Minecraft versions of rituals and even sacrifices, to try and bring myths like Entity 303, Green Steve, Giant Alex, and werewolves to life. So today we're going to be testing them to see if they're real or just fake clickbait. Our first piece of article evidence is, in my opinion, the most interesting because, unlike other evidence that was uploaded three or more years ago, this was uploaded just last year.

We can see this player searching around a savannah village, particularly for this savannah villager here. He looks just like a standard green villager, but his arms aren't connected and his eyes have a slight tinge of red, but as day slowly turns into night, particles appear as this villager transforms into what can only be described as But what's even more terrifying is that when this werewolf is released, it starts attacking villages of its own kind, murdering them with stone, cold, and then, sometimes rarely, it will even turn them into zombie villages.

Why and what for, I don't know. It is unclear if these werewolf Savannah villagers are found in all Savannah villages or just in this world, so to test it properly. I had my team do some research, and finally, after a couple of days, we found the exact seed used in the article. One two zero four seven three nine eight zero.

Minecraft - creepypasta

I'm going to turn off multiplayer so no one can join the world, and you can see I've got no resource packs and no behavior packs, so let's jump in and confirm whether this theory is fact, or cap. All right, here we go, guys, straight off the bat. We've got ourselves in the Savannah biome and the Savannah village that was shown in the article.

It's literally right there and I kind of don't want to go anywhere near it, but it doesn't matter what I want, what matters is that we find out the truth. So we're looking for a green villager that just looks like any normal one, but its arms aren't connected, and its eyes are like this slightly tinged red color.

All right, we've got a normal blacksmith here at the moment. This village is looking pretty good. normal villager over there not seeing any villain there's a great villager, maybe this one. No, his arms are connected and his eyes are definitely green. There's nothing strange about that. Hold on, I don't think his arms could that might be the one we're looking for.

Minecraft - eyestream

His arms aren't connected, and look at his eyes. They are a slightly darker red. This might be the werewolf villager that we're looking for. We've trapped him away inside the acacia fence, and now what we need to do is wait until night arrives to truly find out if this is a werewolf villager. Watch until the end to learn the dark truth.

If you didn't think that was messed up, this is even more dark and terrifying. This is the most watched article evidence of entity 303, uploaded on January 22nd, 2017. This article, by an anonymous YouTube user, has now gained over 14 million views. People are trying to rip this apart and determine if it is real or just fake clickbait.

We can see the player here building some sort of wacky summoning ritual setup. This thing is not something you want to mess with at all. Finally, he puts down this sign and types in entity 303. He uses sixes to fill up the second line of the sign; the devil's number, the number of the beast. He asked for people and viewers to wait for the sign to burn, which is pretty normal since signs are made of wood and should have burned.

Minecraft - eystream

Then suddenly, entity 303 joins the game. I can't see anything, but just like that, he appears from the sky, blowing up the entire summoning ritual to prove that our article is real. We're going to create a new world in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the same version used in the article, and we're going to turn off multiplayer so no one can join in the game with no resource packs and no behavior packs, adding in a fake entity 303.

All right, so I've taken a screenshot of the exact setup used in that article, and I've got it here on my other screen, and we're going to copy it block for block, not messing up a single bit of it all. Let's start building now that we've got the setup. Now I noticed something very strange when looking at the article for a second time.

Minecraft - eystreem

The number of blocks going sideways is one two three four five six, which is the number of the devil and the number of Satan, but then across the other way it's one two three four-five-six, which is the number of God. This is just a weird coincidence. I personally think, but maybe it's not and maybe it is something more.

Entity 303 was supposedly created by a Mojang employee who was fired by Notch himself, the original creator of Minecraft, when the game was first starting out. Now entity 303 wants revenge on Mojang and all Minecraft players alike for forgetting who he was. I'm going to change the time to midnight, the exact time that entity 303 was summoned in that article.

There we go. So now we just place the sign and write in entity space 303. We're going to fill up this second line here with sixes so it looks exactly as it does in the article. Okay, there's no entity 303 appearing here, guys. We do have a very excited goat. I mean, the sign's not even burning up.

Minecraft - family friendly

We're supposed to wait for the side to burn before entity 303 is summoned in, but it's literally not even clear what to wait for if we burn the sign. They've literally removed the ability to burn signs from Minecraft. Could this be a strategy used by Mojang to try and stop entity 303 from hacking into the game?

Or was this summoning ritual always fake? I don't know, but I'm going to let you guys decide. When you and your friend are sacrificing, it actually works. Is this a meme? The villagers actually disappeared. They're freaked out. Let's create a new world to test this out. At first I thought the article was a meme or a joke or something like that, but then I read the comments and tons of other people were claiming the exact same thing happened to them when they built the villager sacrifice setup.

Is this a real thing, and if we are sacrificing villagers, whom in the world are we sacrificing? I'm not even going to lie. I had to rewatch the article like 20 times to figure out what the setup actually was because it was just such a short article. We'll go one two three four five six seven eight nine and then across here one two three four five six seven eight nine and I'm too lazy to place all those breaks all right, so we've got our little summoning area set up.

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We're going to place a campfire in each of the corners here, and finally one in the center. Next, we're going to grab those black candles. We've got one candle here on the outside diagonal from our campfire, then two, three, four, and then going back down again, three, two, and we're going to do the same thing on each of these sides here.

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