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Minecraft - bedrock edition

The Null was first sighted in August 2014 in Minecraft Version 1.2.5. He is reported to be the true enemy of Minecraft, not Herobrine, and has been framing him as the villain to lead people away from him and his real intentions. However, unlike Herobrine, the null has been caught on camera much more recently, with the latest official signing reported in Minecraft Version 1.15.2, uploaded to YouTube on February 23rd, 2020.

As you can see here, the player tries to attack the null before his game crashes, totally freezes, and then he is blown up by a null entity. As the first sighting of the null was in 1.2.5, you can see in the bottom left corner that it's the exact version I'm currently running. We're going to create a new world in survival mode as I feel as though the null would be smart enough to avoid us if we were in creative.

Now why bother making a world in this version if the latest time that null was seen was in 1.15.2 and 1.15? Well, here's how I see it. If the novel's in this version, that means that somewhere in his assets, his resources, whatever makes him tick, the code behind this entity must still be in this version.

Minecraft - creepypasta

That could increase our chances, which is exactly what we want. We finally made it to version 1.15.2. Let's see if this world still works. Wait, is this a warning message? This world was last played in version 1.14.4 and in the European version 1.15.2. Please make a backup in case you experience world corruption.

Do we ignore the error message? I think we're going to have to. I mean, we're basically looking for a world corruption known as the nullpoint. The world seems pretty intact. I'm not seeing any world corruption. The Jungle Bible is still there. We actually have a skin now, which is great. We still have about four seeds.

And there are no signs of any kind of weird thing that could suggest the null is in this world. Speaking of signs, what exactly are we looking for? Well, first off, as we know, the null skin is entirely black. That's literally what null means. It means nothing. Hence the black skin. Now, what powers does he have?

Minecraft - eyestream

It can go invisible, which means it can totally disappear, but we do know if you get too close to the null, your game will start glitching, or even crash, as we saw in the most recent sighting for 1.15.2. The game froze for a second, but then he was blown up by a null entity. Now we've got some wood here guys, I'm going to chuck down a crafting table and we're going to make ourselves some basic tools.

I reckon the first thing we need is a wooden pickaxe, so we can grab some stone and upgrade that to a stone pickaxe. Get our hands on a stone sword as quickly as possible. Now where should we start looking? I reckon we've got to hit the cave straight away because of the null supposedly. It lives underground and is rarely seen on the surface.

Who saw the null first? Well, it's a player who goes by the name Josh. He describes the null as we know him today as completely black. He never actually went up to this null. Apparently, he went back to his original world and he found a sign in his house that just had the word null written on it.

Hence the name of the entity. It's a pretty strange story because we don't really get a whole lot of information here about the null, but it was the first time it was seen, so let's just head down one of these caves and see whether we can see anything. I don't know how long I'm supposed to be going for.

Minecraft - eystream

Dead end Well, this clearly isn't the direction we should be going, but let's head down into this cave and see whether we can spot anything else. This could be a very, very boring article. Alright, let's head down. I literally almost died of that. It did so much damage. I'm literally on all fours.

Let's start handing. Okay, we've got a pretty big ravine just about there. Wait, do you guys see that light? Lava doesn't spawn this close to the surface, and that's a redstone torch. What, excuse me? Guys, that's one of the signs of no. Watch until the end of the article to find out what happens next.

I thought that was scary. Our next entity is the stuff of nightmares. The white enderman was first sighted six years ago in Minecraft 1.6.4, in a stronghold near the end portal compared to many other entities. A lot of people believe that the white enderman is real because of two very recent sightings.

Minecraft - eystreem

The first one by Love a fella here in this article, and the second seen by the man himself, Pewdiepie, which we caught here in slow motion. He turns around, and just for a split second in the bushes, you can see a white entity that looks just like the White Enderman. Both of these sightings have been seen in recent versions of Minecraft.

This means it shouldn't matter what version we test this on, the white enderman should still be possible. I finally made it to 1.17. From the looks of it, the world seems pretty okay. I'm not seeing any world degeneration or corruption, which hopefully means we'll be able to find a stronghold that is still intact.

We could use a bunch of iron enders, but I'm too lazy for that, so I turn on commands, and we're going to type slash locate stronghold, which will give us the exact coordinates, and then we're going to teleport it to that location. All right, here we are, guys. We've got ourselves a room portal, a spruce biome, and a river down here.

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Let's go ahead and head down underneath. The ground all right here is our stronghold. We're looking for some endermen near the amp portal. That's the M portal. But I'm not seeing any Enderman whatsoever, let alone any white Enderman. We have a zombie just over here. Down here guys, seriously, are there any endermen here whatsoever?

At least there's an end to it, but he's just a standard black guy, and another one is just there, but there's no white enderman at all. I don't know, maybe if we give ourselves night vision we'll be able to see better or truer on the end and back. We've got full vision of the stronghold here, guys, plenty of mobs.

There's another random end, but once again it's a standard black one. To be fair, none of these endermen are anywhere near the end portal, which is all the way up here, which is apparently where the white endermen can and will be found. Maybe we can increase the chance of these endermen spawning by increasing the difficulty.

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Nope, we're already on the hardest difficulty. That is a possibility. I reckon I'll give that a go. Let's close the game and I'll see if I can make it work by editing the code of Minecraft. You can already see we've got two over here. There goes another one right next to the importer, which is exactly where we want to be seeing them.

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