Minecraft - Morphing Into Black Panther

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Before I head back to the surface, let's try to find a few more diamonds. I feel like I've done pretty well for myself. We have diamonds. Well, these diamonds look a little bit weird. Let's mine them anyway. Okay, we've got one. It didn't turn into a diamond. It's called vibranium. Wait, it's actually vibranium.

What today I found vibranium and used it to create the black panther suit. Will I be able to pounce my way to victory and slice the end dragon? Watch until the end to find out. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Today's challenge is going to be to create the black panther suit of armor. It's going to be quite difficult.

So it is basically one of the most versatile, indestructible, things in the entire world. So today I'm going to have to find that and also somehow find the purple, heart-shaped herb. But before that, I have to thank the sponsor of today's article: Filmora10. If you guys have ever wanted to become a youtuber, you'll probably need to learn how to edit in Filmora 10.

Minecraft - black panther

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The free version does have a watermark when you render your articles, but they're running a sweet deal. It's basically this purple flower that spawns on top of vibranium, and if I can find it, I can drink it in order to gain Black Panther's powers. I think there's a small chance that I could die once I take it, but it's worth the risk.

Minecraft - black panther 2

We have a villager. This is perfect, so there are a couple of different ways to find vibranium. So it spawns deep in caves or you can find it in crashed Cree ships. That's kind of a tongue twister. This villager looks really scientific. He's got giant eyebrows. No, those aren't those eyebrows.

No, that's just glasses. What's this man doing? He's a spider scientist. I forgot, so inside of the Black Panther mod, there's actually a bunch of other superheroes that I could become, so if you guys do enjoy and do want to see part two, be sure to smash like with your kneecap. I actually think I may have found the spider laboratory.

Luckily, there are no spiders here that can turn me into Spider-Man. We also have an extractor, which I believe I can use to extract certain items to turn into certain superheroes. We have this construction table. I actually think we might need to use this later. While we're here, we might as well stock up on all of our carbs.

Minecraft - black panther mod

We'll grab all the bread that I can find. I guess carrots work too. I refuse to eat any potatoes, though potatoes, are no potatoes are only good in the form of french fries or tater tots. I also don't really see why I would need beets. I'm not Dwight. Give me all the carbs, wait a second. What's this do you know what this is?

Wait a second. There are blue people. Are they friendly? This guy's looking at me like he's not friendly. He just stabbed the villagers with his axe. Not friendly okay, so I believe those are the Cree. They're from the Captain Marvel movie, from what I remember, and they are not friendly. They are also not from Avatar, but that does mean that it's a crash cruise ship and there's a chance that I can find the vibranium.

I'm going to need to get ready for combat. Let's go ahead and get ourselves the crafting bench. Clap that out. Get ourselves a couple more sticks. Plop the sticks in. I guess we can get some stone tools to start finding some stone. What I was not expecting was that although we did find iron too.

Minecraft - black panther movie

I believe in order to get the black panther suit we're going to need to combine vibranium with the black tri polymer, and in order to create that, we're going to need tons and tons of iron before we do that. Let's bop boop our way over to the crafting table. We could plop in the stocks, and we could pop the cobblestone up top in order to upgrade to stone tools, and then we could use this in order to get the stone sword.

We might as well also craft our carbs while we're here. There are so many carbs, but it's actually only four carbs. Does anybody see the blue people? Hey, where'd the blue people go? I see the blue people. Hello sir, wait a second, they are terrorizing this entire village. They also have tons of health okay all right Did they just drop their flesh?

It's literally just their skin. I have skinned these people. Stay back, stay back, stay back, stay back. That's right, scrub. Well, in a future article, I can actually extract this and use it to create a cree hybrid, superpower, That sounds disgusting. I don't want to become blue, but since we cleared out the Cree ship, we should be able to mine down, and somewhere here there should be chests with loot.

Minecraft - black panther roleplay

There's a small chance that our vibranium could be down here as well, and if it is, we can use it in order to create the vibranium alloys, and we can also get the heart-shaped herb in order to drink the herb soup. You guys will see what I'm talking about very shortly. I don't see anything. Let's try to mine out a little bit more.

I see a chest. Wait there's more no way so we have four chests in total. We have dwarf star meteors. We also have a crude battle axe that does seven attacks of damage. Okay, we also found some iron inside. We have more iron. We have poop gold. Then we have a kryptonian fossil, which we could use to become Superman.

Today is not about Superman, though. It is about Black Panther and Wakandan. Let's go inside the final chest. We had all the vibranium. We also have tons of iron. There's a blueprint for Captain Marvel's suit of armor. I guess I'll take that, but look at that. We found the vibranium, which I believe we can smelt down into vibranium ingots, but okay, before we do that, we are going to need to place it underneath.

Minecraft - gold panther

You guys will see why in just a second. Also, while we're here, let's see if I can bring one of these construction tables with me. But here we have some grass, so what we're going to need to do is dig underneath it. We'll go there, we'll go there, and we'll go there. We'll go there. I have seven in total.

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