Minecraft - S Lost Combat Update - 2 Years Later

Minecraft - 1.20

On one fateful day, two years ago, on August 26, 2020, Minecraft released a combat snapshot. Then things went dark for two years of combat to test snapshot HC. With the two-year anniversary of the final combat snapshot coming up today, let's take a look. I can't believe I got that right on the first try.

Today's adventure into the ancient combat test This snapshot is going to be a pretty casual thing. If you'd like to see it highly informed, and by that, I mean, whatever my articles are, then leave a like. Maybe I'll make more. So I figured there is one way to check out these snapshots, and that is, of course, with a brand new world and a new beginning.

No no, And we're in a blast from the past. What is this, like the 90s or something? This is insane. Look at how different this looks. It's a brand new Minecraft world! I love this feeling. There's so much potential. The air is fresh and completely unpolluted. Wait a second. It's been so long, it's been so long since I smithed.

Minecraft - 1.20 combat update

This is basically a perfect scenario right here with the smithing table tree. It's almost like somebody knew what I was doing today, and we even have a shield with a skull banner on it. That's metal that is metal for sure. We set out on a journey and an adventure to find as many mobs as we could in this humble, simple forest.

When we find the mobs, we easily rediscover the combat mechanics like this. Do you see this? What's happening right now? I'm holding down an attack, and an attack just keeps happening. This feels overpowered. This is just insane. Out of the way, why is there a village over here that would be awesome?

I'll test this out in the village. Don't mind if I do, so we've got two big combat update mechanics that I can easily remember. One of them is held for attack. If we hold off attack, ah yikes. So, you want to show me where all my stuff went? I kind of needed that. There we go. It's all right there.

So anyways, I was saying, if we hold down the attack button, we just keep attacking. This feels crazy, like this is kind of a really cheaty feeling, like it's going to be really easy to take things out, but I can't remember one drawback. I'm pretty sure if we use this hold down to attack method, then basically our attacks aren't as strong as they could be.

Minecraft - combat snapshots

Instead, if we try and time our attacks on the mobs, then the attacks are just a little bit stronger. Also, I swear they changed the attack speed for some of these things. The sword can definitely attack, like way faster than before, and then not again, Buddy. Not again so the shield To check this out, I put it in the off hand, I crouch, and then the shield is deployed.

I'm not even having to like use the shield or anything; I'm just crouching, and it pops out. And again, check out that banner. Yeah, that's like metal. Look, nothing personal to metal fans out there. I'm so sorry to say this, but metal is my least favorite genre of music of all time. Complete side note: this is the true nostalgia right here.

Minecraft - combat update

You move down into the caves and this is what it looks like. This is in a cave. This is like a wormhole. It's insane the old caveman: No, that was bad. I was trying to do something. I just needed a hoe. Come on, let me get a hoe. Okay, so for this next one we're going to need a hoe. Okay, the attack speed, some things are a little bit different, so we've got the sword, we've got the hoof.

Okay, not a good example. I know it's nothing personal, but check this out the way it attacks like that, the sword. Okay, terrible example You can see it here. We hold on to attack the whole absolutely obliterated thing. It's like an attack so quickly. Meanwhile, the sword, you see that it's a little bit slower.

The sword is definitely slower than the whole And that's actually going to be the same for all of the other tools in the game. The shovel attacks slightly differently than the whole, slightly differently than the axe, slightly differently than the sword. Here's a fun fact for you: when the snapshot was released, it was like brand new.

Minecraft - combat update 2

Slowly, it's all coming back to me, but now that we have an ax, let's check this out. The axis reach is actually, I think, a little bit shorter than the short meaning. Excuse me, you ruined it. Yikes, so if there's anything we're learning today, it's the fact that maybe early game Minecraft with me getting distracted is not exactly the best situation, but at least this time I know where all of my things are and I have so much more to show for it, which is pretty cool.

So those reach mechanics I was just talking about, I've got the perfect way to show them off. Check this out. We have an iron golem standing in the air right there. How does it even work in the universe? I may never know. Dried into a sword axe, we move to the golem right here. We can hit the golem with the axe with the sword with the trident.

This is pretty cool. Let's back up a little bit. We can no longer hit the golem with the zax, but check this out: the sword doesn't work with the trident. However, it does work. We're so far away from this golem, but we can actually reach it with a try, like without throwing it. The sword, the axe, Yeah, like I said, it doesn't work the same with these things right here.

Minecraft - combat update v2

Different weapons have different reach values. This is insane, like it blows my mind. If I could have this snapshot right now, for any reason, it would be this reason. I love it. It actually makes sense. I mean, think about it. A trident It's so long. The trident should definitely be able to hit things from farther away.

It gives you a little bit more value to actually get the trident and, you know, actually use it. But speaking of the trident, check this out. A great name for an impaled five. So typically, you know exactly how this would go with impaling five on a trident. You mean to say the devs added impaling into the game and it only works on water mobs?

And remember, we really only have one bad water mob? Well, I'm proud to say that it doesn't work like that anymore. I'm not going to lie. I had to go to the wiki to look this one up, but this is interesting. I remember this one after looking it up. It's so beautiful as long as it's raining. Impaling is going to work how it does on the water mobs on any mob that is in the rain.

Minecraft - combat updates

That includes things like the drought, which usually aren't affected by impaling. That's going to work on skeletons. Of course it's going to work on cows, like literally any mob. As long as it's in the rain, it gets affected by impaling. even when you throw the trident. That is so cool. That is like genius.

Minecraft's Test Combat Update V2 Almost two years ago Minecaft's developers released a series of experimental combat update test snapshots. Then everything went dark. In this video we take a look back at Minecraft's forgotten combat update.
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