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Today we're going to be looking at some Minecraft mods that, in my opinion, would make a pretty great addition to the game, and in the past we've seen Minecraft, at the very least, take inspiration from mods. For example, the horses from Mo Creatures were essentially added to Minecraft. And that's what we're going to be taking a look at, and no.

I don't think Minecraft should literally just lift these mods off of curseforge and inject them into the game, but at the very least it could benefit from adding pretty much any of these features.

Double slabs

So anyway, let's get into To start things off, we have the double slabs mod. These three features pretty much should just be in Minecraft.

The first of which allows you to place two different slab types together. The second actually allows you to break half of a slab. This, in particular, in vanilla Minecraft really annoys me. The third allows you to place vertical slabs, which I'm pretty sure the community has been asking for since the dawn of time.

Overall, this mod just enhances slabs considerably, and I think it would be a great addition to the game.


Next, we have the Friends and Foes mod, which just adds a bunch of the creatures or things that were going to be added to the game but were simply outvoted, and this is a pretty easy one because it's literally just stuff Mojang's already made, and I think this one's actually pretty likely to happen in the future, but you know, it's still worth mentioning .

Spiders 2.0

Spiders 2.0

After that, we have Spiders 2.0, and I honestly think this is still one of my favorite Minecraft mods just because it makes spiders so much more interesting and scary. Spiders 2.0 just makes spiders far more unique because they can walk on any surface, instantaneously, making them a far more dangerous enemy.

I think this is just a great way to make spiders more interesting, because in vanilla Minecraft they're just not really a difficult enemy and there's nothing all that special about them, and this particular feature could fix that. Would Mojeng make changes to a creature that's been in the game since pretty much the beginning?

I'm not sure, but hey, I'd be up for it.

Distant horizons

The next feature I think would be pretty cool to see in Minecraft would be something similar to the Faraway Horizons mod. This mod adds lods to the game, which allows you to see it much farther away than your render distance is set to at a fraction of the performance that it would normally take, and most games take advantage of this feature because you can't really see the detail drop unless you really pay attention, and as you can see with this mod, it works quite well in minecraft .

Not enough animations

Next up, we do not have enough animations, and this mod adds a lot of animations to third person because third person in Minecraft is kind of ignored. I mean, you could probably count the number of players that play in third person in Minecraft on your fingers because it just isn't that good. Many of the animations that are normally only visible in first person are now visible in third person and also add some new animations.

And I would love to see Mojing try and make Third Person a little bit better. And Minecraft will probably always be a first-person game. It's just how it is. But right now, pretty much the only reason you're going to go into third person is if you're writing something or to make sure no one's chasing you or something.



The next feature, if you could even call it that, that I'd like to see added to Minecraft is something like sodium, optifine, or just generally something that increases the performance.

The current performance isn't particularly bad, but these mods just prove that it can be a lot better. I mean, for me, sodium literally doubles my fps, which is pretty insane. If a mod can make it happen, there's no reason that it can't happen in the base game.


Next we have the world edit, which significantly improves the buildings in Minecraft.

With the world edit installed, you can make changes in Minecraft that would normally take hours in literally a couple of seconds. It just has so many commands and features that make large-scale building that much easier and more vanilla. At least a few of these commands are now, but nothing nearly as extensive as this, so I do think most builders would definitely appreciate something like this, although generally mods like World Edit do update pretty quickly, so you shouldn't have to spend very much time without it now, The next feature I would love to see added to Minecraft is a little bit more variety when it comes to the randomly generated structures.

Yung's better mineshafts

For this example, we'll use mine shafts. The mod Jungle has better mine shafts overall, significantly. It just improves them while keeping them in a style that could definitely still be in vanilla. There's a lot more variety when it comes to what blocks are used in them, and sometimes they can be a bit bigger.

You'll even notice most of the mine shafts have a surface entrance. It's things like this that just make them a little more interesting to explore rather than just looking the exact same wherever you go. So I think just adding some more variety to the randomly generated structures, like mine chests and strongholds, would generally be very well received.

Spellbound weapons

Spellbound weapons

One of the last features I would absolutely love to see added to Minecraft is unique items for unique locations. For example, you go to a desert temple, and in the chests is something that you'll only find in desert temples, and we do see this in vanilla.

For example, buried treasure, but for the most part, all chests are generally just going to have the same randomly generated loot, and a really cool mod that does this is spellbound weapons, which adds quite a few unique and interesting weapons to the game, and a fair number of them. Again, you can only find them in specific locations, and I think this just really incentivizes, right now, your world, because right now there's really no reason to go hunting down a desert pyramid or a jungle temple.

They're just going to have the same loot that you'll find right beneath you in a mine shaft or something.

Here's some mods that in my opinion would make some pretty awesome additions to Minecraft! Who knows, maybe we see similar features added in the future. Enjoy.
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