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Minecraft - 1.18

Vanilla Minecraft without any optimization mods gives you horrible frames per second and could even be labeled as unplayable, so today I'm going to show you some of the best mods and tricks you can use to increase your frame rate. Before showing you any mods, the easiest way to make your game run better is to allocate more RAM to it when using a regular Minecraft launcher.

Just open it up and click on the installation. Choose your version and click on it under more options. You can see the JVM arguments, and the number right here shows you how much RAM you have allocated to this version at the moment. As you can see, it's 2, so you can set it a bit higher, like 4 or 6, for example.

Make sure not to use up all of your computer's RAM though, since other applications need it as well. Let's hop into the game without any mods first and see what our FPS is. Let's choose a nice spot right here. These are the settings I'm going to use. These are my PC specs if you're interested in those, and this is the FPS I'm able to get at the moment.

As you can see, it's around 60 to 65, which is pretty low in my opinion. I can definitely notice the lag when it drops under 60. So let's fix that, and to do that we have to install some game optimization mods that improve your overall frame rate. There are two of the most famous ones: Optifine and sodium.

Minecraft - add more ram

First, let's talk about Optifine. Optifine is an optimization mode that allows Minecraft to run faster, look better, and offers you many configuration options, as you can see from here. The reason why so many people use Optifine is exactly for those same configuration options. For example, you can disable different particles separately and the dynamic light option, so when the light source is not placed down, it can still emit light for the area around it.

They also add the texture zoom and the ability to disable fork, which makes playing in another actually an enjoyable experience. So I have Optifine installed. Let's hop into the game and check our fps. same spot and settings as before, and the average frame rate is around 300, which is 5 times higher than the frame rate without any mods.

Minecraft - easy

Of course, it will drop a bit if you are running around or doing something more intense, but it stays over 200 about 90 percent of the time, so that's a huge win for Optifine, but now let's talk about the other elephant in the room. No, wait, I mean sodium. Sodium is another Minecraft optimization mod that replaces the game's rendering engine to improve frame rates and stuttering.

But now let's install sodium and hop into the game. As expected, the frame rate is around 300, or often even 350. It's much better than the vanilla one, and the thing I noticed with sodium is that it also keeps your fps more stable than optifine. But it lacks a lot of the customization options that Optifine has and sodium is actually meant to be used with other mods from the same family for the best result.

Optifine and sodium are the two most popular performance-improving mods for Minecraft, so I would recommend using one of those and combining them with the mods I'm going to talk about now. The first one is Starlight. This is a mod for rewriting the light engine to fix lighting performance and lighting errors in the game.

Minecraft - easy performance

If you want to have farms in a world that uses light suppression, this mod will break them since it makes the light updates a lot faster. This mod doesn't increase FPS in regular scenarios, but it helps a lot when generating new chunks and editing blocks in the high altitude levels and also with overall block light updates.

Here's also a graph comparing the starlight to another similar mode, the phosphor, And the vanilla light engine is so much faster, as you can see. Next up, we have lithium. Lithium is an overall optimization mode for Minecraft. It works to improve stuff like game physics, mob ai, block ticking, and more.

Minecraft - fix

It is mainly meant for Minecraft servers but also works on the game clients since, even in single player, your game runs on an integrated server, as you can see from right over here, and this mod helps to optimize the server side of the game. It doesn't increase your fps that much or not even at all, but what it does is give some milliseconds, predict nice and low, but what even is this well A millisecond per tick is the time it takes for your server to load all the minecraft moving parts and put them together for you to see.

Minecraft updates 20 times per second, or that means it runs at 20 ticks per second, and since 1 second divided by 20 is 50 milliseconds, the maximum delay you can have in milliseconds per tick is 50. If it goes any higher than that, your minecraft farms or huge redstone creations will start lagging and probably even break.

Lithium keeps your milliseconds predictably much slower than vanilla Minecraft, which is perfect for huge farms that have mini mobs and moving parts, Then we have the period core. If you are playing Minecraft with huge modpacks, you need to try this out. This mod reduces the memory usage of Minecraft in a few different ways, but it works the best for mod packs.

Minecraft - fixing

So if you like playing fully modded out Minecraft, then try out Ferrite Core and something to speed up your Minecraft boot time. This mod is called "Lazy DFU" and it will do just that. It stops Minecraft from loading unnecessary things when booting up the game, making it a lot faster, especially on older and slower CPUs.

So let's test it out. Here's a side-by-side comparison, and as you can see, it is quite a lot faster than the vanilla version. So if the vanilla boot time bothers you, you need to check out lazy dfu mode. But now the distant horizons This mod doesn't give you any fps boost, but it does something else amazing.

This mod generates fake chunks passed to the real render distance, making you able to see really, really far away. My real render distance is set at 16 at the moment, but I can see as far as 64 chunks with this mod. This mod has lots of settings to modify, and I think it's pretty awesome that you can play with huge render distances without blowing up your PC.

The next mode is clumps. This one is pretty straightforward. We all have experienced the lag of having lots of xp and cores, and this mod fixes it by combining all of your xp orbs into bigger clumps so they can be absorbed better and won't lag your game that badly. It's pretty useful for fast XP farms.

Minecraft - glitches

But now let's check out the mode called "fps reducer." Well, this might seem a bit odd because why would you want to reduce your fps? But hear me out. This mod reduces your frame rate only when the game is in the background or when you are afk. This way, you can have Minecraft running in the background without taking up too much of your CPU power.

Vanilla Minecraft FPS is just horrible, so here are all Tips and Mods you can use to increase the performance of Minecraft! From 60 FPS to over 300 FPS by just using some Mods and Tricks! Including Optifine, Sodium and much more. Mods showcased.
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