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Minecraft - 2021

Hello, minecrafters of the world. I'm Vu Bui, and I'm back yet again to help guide you through this year's incredibly important and potentially life-altering vote. Remember the Phantom for an amazing mob that will be added to Minecraft. For those of you who haven't been a part of Minecraft Live before, here's how it works.

Like you, little baby, I'll never forget you. Moving on, the actual winner of last year's intense mob vote was none other than the glow squid. If you haven't run into these majestic creatures, swimming around under the stars on a clear night, you are really missing out. But that was last year and this is now, so here's what you need to do.

There are three mobs for you to choose from, and there will be two rounds of voting. The first round, of course, will include all three mobs, but one will get voted out. In the second round, there will only be the two remaining mobs and then just one winner in the end. As in previous years, the vote will happen on Twitter, so if you don't already have an account, you'll need to quickly make one, and if you do have an account, make sure you're logged in.

Minecraft - live

When I tell you it's time to vote, go to the minecraft twitter account and check out the live voting poll with all three mob options. Choose the one you want to see added to Minecraft, and click to cast your vote. That's it it's like, super easy. Well, the clicking part is easy, but the choosing part is considerably more difficult.

Now that you know what to do, let's go over your options, and who better to talk about our three potential new mobs than someone who is tiny in size but never in heart, the one with the only tiny yens. Hey, tiny ends So can you help by telling Art, what, I can't hear you? Hold on, I'll come up to the surface.

Okay, well we'll just wait for Tiny to end. I made it. Can you tell our viewers all about this year's mobs? I'm actually very busy. I lost Tiny Agneis again. I retraced my steps and now I have to go all the way back down there. I'm sorry about that, but don't worry, don't worry. I know someone who can fill in for me.

Minecraft - minecraft

Okay, bye, tiny ends. Jens You're here. Hi Volk Hello, welcome. Thank you i guess Tiny Yen sent you. While he looks for Tiny Agnes once again, exactly, it's a tough, tough job. It really is. So, as you already mentioned, the team came up with three lovely creatures that we believe that players will enjoy interacting with, and they are the glare, the lie, and the copper golem.

Those all sound really cool, and to begin with, we have the glare, which is a creature that flies around and doesn't really like dark areas because it knows that in dark areas there might be monster sports, so naturally it goes to those areas and gets really grumpy about it, and that is to bring a player's attention so that the problem can be fixed okay, and we are thinking about ideas that in certain circumstances, the glare may even help you light up these areas to solve your monster spawning problems.

The glare sounds amazing. I'm ready to vote for Claire now. But then we have the la, which is also a flying lovely creature that loves music, and who doesn't like nice sounds? If you give it an item, it will start looking for similar items lying around and bring them to you. If you also play on a note block, it will drop the items on the application instead.

Minecraft - the

That's useful, yes, and we imagine that. Players can maybe use this to make the la help you with, I don't know, sorting items or clearing up areas. I think there are many possibilities. Okay, so vote allay. I get it. Yes, but then we have the copper golem. As the name implies, it's a column made out of copper, so it's an excellent use for copper.

It will also interact with you. Don't worry, since it's made out of copper, it will over time oxidize and maybe even turn into a statue, but don't worry, you can de-oxidize it using an axe. It actually carries around a lightning rod on its head, so a lightning strike can also deoxidize it. In addition, it loves pressing buttons a little bit randomly, specifically copper buttons, but it randomly presses yes, so that can also be used in some interesting contraptions.

We believe that's amazing. So the copper golem lay glaring. It all sounds good. How do people choose? I think it's going to be quite difficult, but you've given them a lot to think about, so I think people will figure out what they like the most. I have a creator question for you. Sometimes it just spontaneously appears when you're walking around in the park or often like you play other games, watching movies, or playing Minecraft, and the community is also a great help.

They have so many ideas and they do so many fun things, so we have a lot of ideas to work with and we need to figure out which ones we do want to do next, and a good way of doing that is actually playing in the game and seeing which areas that can be improved, so I lost my training. I mean, there are so many different ways that these ideas come, and that's really exciting to hear.

Well, when the community votes on a mob today, that mob is going to move forward towards being in Minecraft. Is it already finished or is there a lot of work to be done? Well, of course, we have the big concept that we wanted to do, but once we have the mob in the game and see how it interacts with the areas and other mobs and items, that's when you kind of find the last magic little details to make it really great.

I like hearing about the last magic details. Here we go. It's almost time to vote. Before we do that, though, let's take a quick look at your choices once more. We have the glare. A mob that lets players know when they're in an area that's dark enough for monsters. You can take it with you and it will fly to dark areas.

When it gets grumpy, you'll know that it's dark enough for monsters to spawn. Then there's the alley. If you give it an item, it will collect matching ones for you. It also loves music, so if there's a note block nearby, we'll drop these items for you. And finally, the copper golem. A little golem that you yourself can make out of copper.

They oxidize over time and will eventually freeze into statues. They love randomly pressing copper buttons, which would also be added to the game if the copper golem wins the vote. So those are your choices, and they are all so amazing. How will you choose, jens gave us a lot to think about, and now you need to decide which mob you think you'd enjoy the most during your time playing minecraft.

Any of them would be useful, but choose your favorite and go vote for it now. Yes, that's right, the poll is now open to cast your vote. Make sure you're logged into your Twitter account. Go to the Minecraft Twitter account and find the freshly launched poll with all three choices. Don't forget to click on the mob you most want to play Minecraft with.

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