Minecraft - Creeper Farm Tutorial. Easy Automatic Gunpowder, 1. 19

Minecraft - 1.18 creeper farm

automatically and efficiently. Well, I've got you hooked up in this tutorial. I'll be showing you how to build my creeper farm that is designed for Minecraft 1.18 with the new mob spawning mechanics in mind. This farm is for Minecraft Java Edition. If you enjoyed the tutorial, if it helped you out, then leave a like and consider subscribing. I post articles all the time , placement.



If you can get the location just right, the rates are going to be even better. As you know by now, 1.18. This completely reshaped the underground with tons of new caves, and these caves are big. These caves are also spawnable spaces, which means if you want to build this farm near the surface, you're going to have to light up a lot of caves, which is going to be a lot of work.

Instead of lighting up a bunch of caves, you could save yourself a lot of time by considering building this thing really high up in the air to cut out the number of caves in an area. Consider building this thing over an ocean. You don't have to, but if you build it over an ocean, the ocean is already deep, so it cuts out where caves can be, and usually the caves underneath the ocean are flooded, but really the biome doesn't matter as long as you build this thing up in the air, like above y200.

Bonus points If you go even higher, you're going to be good that way. light up like a million capes.


Minecraft - creeper farm

Let's take a look at the materials that you're going to need to build this creeper farm, shall we? Building blocks, yeah, you're going to need a lot of building blocks for this build. Building blocks are going to be your best friend.

I don't have an exact amount for you, but building blocks. Get a lot of them and make sure they're spawnable building blocks too. Something like oak planks would definitely work. Speaking of wood, trap doors You're also going to need a lot of trap doors for the five layers of this farm. If my measurements are correct, you will need five stacks of trap doors and sixty more.

The type of trap door doesn't matter, so that's nice, but a lot of trapdoors. To flush the mobs out of this farm, we're going to need a redstone clock. There are so many different ways you can set up a redstone clock, so if you have a good idea to do that, I highly recommend an ethonian hopper clock, though.

They're really easy to build, and you can toggle how fast or slow they are. You'll need these materials and this row right here for the hopper clock, plus some items inside of the clock to control the timing. For five layers of this farm, you will also need five water buckets. 20 fence gates for any type of work.

For five dispensers and four observers at the bottom of the farm, to take the creepers out, we'll be using magma blocks. You'll need 64 and 41 more to pick up the items. One hopper Two chests A hopper mine One powered rail and a power source, that's it .

Creeper disposal

Creeper disposal

The farm kind of looks like a lot, but honestly it's super easy to build once you get the hang of it, so imagine me building this farm up at like Y 215 That would be pretty good. Now we're going to pick a center.

The center really doesn't matter. This is going to be the center block right here. The one right there From the center, we're going to want to build nine blocks out in every direction, so one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Then we're going to go over here and do the exact same thing.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine. same thing over here at nine and then the same thing over there at none. I'm going to go ahead and do that really quickly. Today we'll be building this farm from the bottom up. This is the bottom layer. The bottom layer definitely, absolutely has to be built out of magma blocks.

Minecraft - creeper farm 1.19

If you build this thing out of anything else, the creepers actually won't get taken out, which isn't good. After you've built nine blocks in every direction, you're going to want to go ahead and add an extra layer of blocks to either side of that. We're looking for an area that is three blocks wide and nine blocks long coming out of the center.

The build is going to be basically perfectly symmetrical, which means if you figure out one side, all you need to do is like copy it again and again and again. Now it will be perfectly symmetrical. Each layer will be exactly the same, which makes things even easier. If you wanted to, you could build something like two layers of this farm.

I don't recommend doing that, but you could. Or if you want to, you can go crazy and build like 10 layers of the farm. That's up to you. This is the base of our apartment. Also, these are all of the magma blocks that we'll need. Technically, you could save one magma block by taking that one out if you wanted to, and in the middle, build up three blocks.

Minecraft - creeper farm easy

This is going to mark where our next floor is going to go. Before we build our next floor, we'll start putting walls on this thing now the walls on this thing unfortunately, because of 1.18's, mob spawning mechanics are going to need to go all the way up, like the entire length of the farm. There's going to be a lot of building blocks for sure.

The walls that we're setting up need to be completely solid, so unfortunately, no cutting things down with slabs or something like that, and they need to let no light in at all, which means normal glass is out of the picture. You can use tinted glass though, which is what I'm going to use. Once we have the first layer of walls and around this lower platform, we can actually get our water sources in down here water source right there.

Water source right there it'll fill it in the middle and it'll go to the center. Do it on every single side. Once you've done that, you should have water that goes to the center that kind of looks like this. With that out of the way, we can go back to building our walls, so right now I'm going to add two more layers to the wall. That's not gonna be all that we're gonna do to the wall, but two is fine for now, so There we go.

The first floors

The first floors

This is what the farm looks like right now. It's time for the first layer of the farm. For the first layer, we're going to go up here on this third block. That's going to be the center. From the center, we're going to go seven blocks out, so one two three four five six seven.

When we get this in, we should have two extra blocks of space right there. We're going to place a temporary block right there, a fence gate right there and then open it. Then we're going to get rid of the temporary block and we're going to finish filling in the floor in this section. So with one side done, we do it again.

This is a tutorial that will show you how to build my Minecraft 1. 19 Creeper farm that will get you gunpowder automatically! This farm is for Minecraft Java Edition. The build is pretty easy to set up as long as you have extra building blocks too.
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