Minecraft - 1. 18 - New Best Way To Find Diamonds

Minecraft - 1.18

Please make a article on which level we should search for diamonds. Sure, let's do it in Minecraft 1.18. A lot of things change underground, including where the ore is located. The diamond or texture has changed, and this is how the new oars look. There is the regular diamond door and the deep slate version.

You will be mostly finding the deep-state one since diamonds are now found lower in the ground now that you know what to look for. Where are these new wars? Previously, the best level to find diamonds was at level 12. Per in 1.18. The diamonds are spawning from y level 14 to y level 63. And also, there should be a lot more diamond doors spawning than before, but there's a catch.

Diamonds are now mixed in with deep slate, and mining deep state blocks takes a lot more time compared to mining stone. So I did some big brain calculations, and the optimal height for diamonds is y level minus 58. So when standing in a cave, just make sure your y-coordinate says minus 58, or minus 59 when looking down at the block to test out how many diamonds we can mine in one hour.

Minecraft - 3 ways

We are going to use the most efficient method, as always, which is the strip mining method. We are going to measure the amounts we get in one hour and compare them to the test in the previous update. Let's start the time-lapse and see what the 1.18 Minecraft gives us. And here we are back with a strong result of 160 diamonds, and I managed to get it in just an hour, getting some new armor for sure compared to 1.17.

I was only able to get about 102 diamonds in one hour, an increase of 58 diamonds per hour, but this is all based on your luck. Before I show you two additional ways to find timeouts without strip mining. I'll show you how to strip mine even more efficiently, and that involves just finding their sides by going straight and then mining 5 blocks to your left and to your right.

That means you will be able to discover a lot more areas, and that means there is a better chance to find even more diamonds, so you will most likely get more than 160 per hour. But if you are tired of strip mining, I have two solutions. First, you could fly around in the end and raid cities, as there is a loot chest in three types of buildings, and this is what the three buildings look like.

Minecraft - best way to find diamonds

They only use their most valuable ones and come out as a winner. Doing it for an hour, you could get up to a stack of timelines. Not as much as strip mining, but still. We also had the swamp method that we did a article on. Let's see if that still works as it used to. So we found a clay badge and counted the blocks, then dug straight down.

Now that I have tested it out a couple of times, I have to sadly say that the swamp method is no longer working, at least for me, but I guess it was still worth the shot. Another way to earn diamonds is by walking. Yeah, walking around in the new caves since they are so huge and just looking out for any exposed diamond doors that you can see.

Although diamond doors have a lower chance of spawning when exposed to air, there is still a lot visible, like on this huge scale. And of all the different metals I tried out, the most efficient way is still old-fashioned strip mining. But that's it fellas.

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