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I like to hide bases. That's no secret. I've made multiple articles on it. However, in today's episode I've got a few more that I've not shown you before, and maybe you'll know these, maybe you won't. Ignore that for now. We'll get back to that later, though. There are multiple ways right, so I've got about four or five ways to get into this secret base, and maybe some of them will be useful to you if you want to have a secret base entrance right.

Let's begin the first one uses elytra and, of all things, an ender pearl. Now this trick isn't easy to pull off, basically.

Entrance method 1

A while ago, I discovered that you can essentially phase through a single slab by using a well-timed, ender pearl. Now I'm a pretty confident flyer and this doesn't always work for me, so I imagine that some people may struggle with this, but essentially what you do is fly and as you hit this, you fire an ender pearl.

The trick is to make sure you have momentum. So let's give this a go and see if I can pull it off. So you gotta fly it relatively quickly, and just as you touch it, you can fly through it, so it's a very well timed ender pearl along with a very fast rocket, so what I've done is essentially used this trick, using a well-disguised, naturally generated Cliffhanger I have got myself some slabs right there, so let's see if I can do it again.

You absolutely, absolutely nailed it. So here we are in my secret base.

Ender pearl

Ender pearl

Moving on to the next entrance method Some of you may have heard of this before, but we essentially are going to be using the ender pearl again now to get into my base. I have to remember the secret block, which I must admit I don't think I can remember. Is it this one? You know, these articles would work a lot better if I there we go if I could remember the secret block.

So, how did that work? Well, some of you may know this. I, in fact, learned this trick from Etho. Basically, what we have is a bubble elevator column. You place your ender pearl inside it, and it floats there pretty much forever, unless something goes wrong when you activate this trapdoor. You activate the pearl, and you teleport in.

So essentially, the entrance is a magnificent teleporter. All I've done is linked up that trapdoor to an observer on the outside, meaning whenever it is activated, you can use any input you want, you teleport into your base. Now the only thing you need to make sure of when you make these ender pearl stasis chambers is that you've got enough water.

I believe it is one, two, three, four, five, or six blocks. Otherwise, the end pearl will hit the bottom and you will teleport. So there we go, just make sure it's deep enough and it will sit there until activated. In our case, it's a spruce trap door, okay.

Random hut

Random hut

so that's two done. Now we've got our flying one, we've got our teleporting one, so what else have we got? This is where our random hut comes in. Now this is a sort of decoy house on the inside. You'll see that there's a shulker box and a block above it now. I use this in my hermitcraft series, so this may be familiar, but essentially, if you put yourself between a shulker box and a block and there's nothing underneath you, you will fall straight through it, meaning if you cleverly disguise it, this could be a secret entrance into your base.

Now our next one only really works in this particular sort of biome because it makes use of powdered snow now. It's not exactly like normal snow, but it's pretty similar and unless you're looking very, very closely, you may just miss it. You can use this, obviously, just to fall straight through or If you want to be a little bit more sneaky about it, you can create small walkways that allow you to get into your secret base now.

I knew that it was there, but you would normally walk straight past something like that. If you're worried about people falling in by accident, you can always activate the trash can for anyone that falls down. That definitely shouldn't be. You can also do clever things using leather boots that are only accessible if you've got the right shoes on.

I think there are more tricks with powdered snow; I just haven't found them yet.

Ender chests

Ender chests

You need lots of Ender Pearls available readily. You need a Mumbo painting. All of these things require you to have gotten quite far in the game, and this is no different. What you do need is a couple of ender chests. This is very important because you basically need to be able to dispose of them, so a stack wouldn't go amiss.

All you do is set your spawn at your bed, and off we venture into the world. Let's say we're done with our adventuring and we want to get back to the base. As long as you're not super precious about your levels, you basically just place down your end chest and pop all the things that you want to keep in there.

It's a wide assortment of very valuable items, as you can see. Take the time to remove them with a throwaway pickaxe or punch them. Wait, can you even punch the end of a chest? They might be indestructible. You know, it's not going to happen. I'm going to see this through. That was entirely pointless and probably hurt some people's feelings, so all of my items are safely in the Ender void, and then all we have to do is die and we respawn back in the safety of our secret base.

Now obviously, the benefit of this is that you can do this anywhere in the world, even if you're a million miles away. But obviously, there are some downsides to this as well. You will lose your levels and you will lose an end chest. It's actually pretty cool and, I think, a technique that's often underutilized. There's one last thing that I want to show you, but it's how do I put it: frustrating.

Chorus fruit

Chorus fruit

This last one is a little bit frustrating, but it actually works best. If you have a cave-based deep underground, because using the chorus fruit will select a random area around you to teleport into, you can obviously use this to teleport into your secret base.

However, there are lots more options than just my secret base. What I've got just to demonstrate this and maybe, with a bit of luck, we'll get in is to imagine this is your mine shaft and then you just eat the chorus fruit and. If you are underground and there were only those blocks available, you would teleport straight into your base, as those are the only blocks there, so let's see if we can get in with a little bit of luck.

So this one is a little bit on the frustrating side. Let's see how many chorus fruits it's going to take. Hey, okay, there we go. There are some interesting ways to get inside a secret base, a secret room, whatever you like. I hope you enjoyed it, and good bye.

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Interesting Ways to Hide your Base in Minecraft grian is here to show you a few more hidden base techniques in minecraft and how to make a hidden base where you keep all your important minecraft things. All of these 100 work on Java edition of Minecraft, I can not confirm if they also work on Bedrock Edition.
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