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I'm going to build a working car in Minecraft and then use it to prank my YouTube friends at the end of the article. Let's get started. You can technically already make cars in Minecraft if you build a redstone flying machine in the shape of a car like this, but that's boring. I want to make an actual, fully decorated, car that players can move around in any direction at free will, but we can make a car move until we've actually built one, so let's give that a shot.

So I just searched for a minecraft car on Google images and I really like this orange car that pops up first designed by l warrior on reddit. Although I think I actually have a better idea for the tires, let's see how this works out. If I didn't make a mistake, this command should make all the item frames invisible.

Yay! Look at that! Those kind of look like tires. I actually love this. This looks so good. See, we could also change this sign to put a bunch of these little pipes on here and make it look like the grille of a car. Look at that, and of course, let's not forget the license plate on the back. Meanwhile, now that we have our car, let's make it move.

Feel free to call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure I can do this with only one command block. Minecraft has a command called "slash clone" and it lets you clone the blocks from this location to that location. It'll clone the blocks from there to there and paste them somewhere else like here too. To demonstrate, let's clone this block over to this block, and we'll paste it on this block.

Bam! Now we have a second car, although I'm now noticing that one, this block was too low, so we lost the top of the car, and two, slash clone doesn't copy entities, which is what item frames are, so that means sadly we're going to need to use buttons again. I made a tiny button, actually. Could we use iron trapdoors instead of this?

Yeah, that kind of looks weird, so this time it should be right and hopefully it's a little bit better looking. Yeah, I like it, but if we want to make this car move, we don't want to paste it on a specific block but on a specific player just to be safe. So we don't break the command block in the car.

Let's put some redstone there all right. It's kind of working. Okay, that's a little fast. I'm going a little too fast for it to play. I have to go turn it off. It's parking so many cars. So how about instead of placing it at the corner, we place it from the center? Let's see how that works.

Hello, what is happening? I think it is working. I think it's just pasting at a really weird spot. Geez, is there some kind of car over there? I can't actually turn it off. I can't because it places it back immediately. Turn off the lever. We need to use the car to break the car. There we go.

Okay, we're good. Maybe I was one of them. We were kind of on the side. Let's make that three instead of two. And why does this keep happening? Where is all the noise coming from? I don't think this is what we're trying to do all right. Third time's the charm. I may have forgotten to give myself room to stand.

I think what we can do is, if we get rid of the top here, we can stand inside and have it pace where we're standing right here, and then as we walk forward, it'll move the car forward. Although we should probably fix the roof, the string will probably work fine. There we go, good enough. Let's try it one more time.

What is happening? How about we do some practice first on a little donut thing? This should be a lot easier to get to work than the car, so for the first test, I think it kind of works. Yeah, I can move in a direction. I can move backwards. I can move left. I can move right. I can jump. This works i like this.

We'll lower it by one block. We'll jump up a block, and we'll hit the lever. So we're in the car. We're driving the car, so we can move in a straight line, but I want to be able to move forward, backwards, and in any direction. All right, so now the car should only reset itself. I forgot to replace the block.

Hopefully, the car should only replace itself if we're looking in the right direction. That's not happening. Let's stop all right. So now it should only update the car whenever we're looking in a specific direction. Let's see if I actually did that right. Press the lever or I have to look in this direction.

Is it working? I just realized why it's not working: it broke the lever when it spawned. Okay, let's try again. Flick the lever. I'm going to walk backwards, and now we'll turn okay. It's working, and then I turn to the right and other directions. It doesn't work. It only works when we look at this.

This is so good. So it's time for the next step. If I did this correctly, the car always generates whatever direction you're facing, so whatever way you're looking, you can turn the car to go that direction. Although some of the copying got messed up. I had to expand the zone that each car could be within so that whenever it turns it makes sure it gets rid of the old car no matter which direction it faces.

But because of that, it's going to be really difficult to press the button, so I'm going to try using this to just extend it a little bit more. I don't know if that'll actually do anything, but we'll see. There we go. These are all repeats. They need to be chained to command blocks. There we go.

Okay, only the first one was still running, so I was technically right. This one command block does run the entire car, but only when it goes forwards, and then this one is left to right in the other direction. Let's give it a real test this time. Wait a second, is it working okay? Only two directions work.

We can only go in these directions, but they're working. I think I figured it out. I forgot to set these to always be active. Okay, so let's try one more, hopefully final time. We broke the redstone. Let's hit it right. We have to look in the right direction. Let's turn, turn. We have a car that we can drive in any direction.

This is so cool, and technically, it can still go up or down. We can also back up if I actually let myself do that. I just have to drive back over to the button so I can break it. But I did change the back to be a glass pane, so I think we can step back wide enough for it to go in reverse, but we'll see how it works out.

Let's hit our button, and we've got to look in the right direction. Is it too low? Why wait okay, final test, hopefully, and turn. I'm in the car. I turn the car off. I can go forward. I can go backwards. We have a car, so the only thing left to do is prank some youtubers. You can also make extended cuts of all the collabs in these articles over on my second channel.

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