Minecraft - I Built A Frog City 1. 19 Hardcore (46)

Minecraft - 1.19

Minecraft frogs are adorable. Too bad they live in some disgusting swamp, but that gave me a cool idea. This is going to be a massive project. I actually got the idea last week when I made this giant alley city, but the difference is a laser is clean and pristine, whereas frogs, not so much. This building's going to take a little bit of creativity.

Let's get to work.

Searching for inspiration!

Searching for inspiration!

So first off, I flew to the nearest mangrove swamp to try and get some inspiration for the build. I really just walked around and let my ideas run wild. I already have so many cool ideas. I am excited. Well guys, guess what? I'm making you a new home. We're going to get you out of this dump.

You just wait. So I flew back home with so much inspiration. Excuse me, jj. I literally made this guy his own little home and he just jumped out of it. You're lucky i love you. But anyway, we now have some cool ideas, so it's time to turn those ideas into a design.

Making a design

I hopped into a separate creative mode world and began laying out all the 1.19 blocks I could build with, and my idea was to build up these gigantic mud walls and build the frog city within the walls, so something kinda like this but a lot bigger basically.

It's like a mountain, but the middle is hollowed out, so the frogs can stay here and they can't jump out, because as we already saw today, that could get annoying, but the issue is that if I want to make a mud mountain. I need a lot of mud. To do that, I probably have to clean up my shovel. What the heck, why is there a tyrant out here?

I have so many questions, but I flew all the way to my enderman, xp, farm. Well, hello Enderman, how are you doing? I then went back home, grabbed my shulker boxes, and flew back out to the mangrove swamp. Hold on a second, is that a jungle temple? Is anybody home? I hate puzzles. I take it the puzzle didn't work right?

Well, forget it. I hate puzzles. They're so stupid. How do we get more diamonds and emeralds? Okay, fantastic i don't know why, but I've always just loved jungle temples. They're just so cool to me. What's that nobody asked? Yeah, my bad carrying on, just the place I'm going to need a lot of this mud.

This is amazing. It goes so deep. I didn't know that I also felt kind of bad tearing apart a brand new biome for the game, but whatever, we did it for the frogs.

Collecting mud

Collecting mud

I am tearing the swamp apart. The only issue is that I don't know where to find packed mud. Let me google it and let me tell you, I was shocked. You need wheat. Am I being pranked? Why do you need wheat to make mud? What is the science behind that? Now this was a problem because I didn't have any wheat back home.

You see, in the early days of this world. I would get all my wheat by stealing hay bales from villages, and here we are 2 000 days later with still no wheat farm, so there's only one logical solution right here; steal more wheat. So a nearby village comes to the rescue, "Hello sir, I'm just going to borrow this." Hey, don't gossip about me.

I'm just trying to save the frogs. So my plan was simple: to travel the world, look for villages, and steal their hay. I feel like a bad person today for destroying swamps and stealing from villages, and after all that, I started crafting as many packed mud blocks as I possibly could. I actually still need more wheat, so for the first time in a long time, I'm actually going to go farm my wheat fields.

These fields were supposed to be more decorative than anything else, but to be honest, right now I need them. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Look at us back on day one of Minecraft, farming by hand. I really have to make an auto wheat farm one day, but not today. We're busy, so back I went to the mud grind.

But then I realized that the swamp is really far away, so I decided to use a nether portal to get there faster.

Making a nether shortcut

Making a nether shortcut

Hopefully I can still do this correctly, and it should be right here. I'm not going to lie, I hate doing these portal link up things because they're so weird to me. I'm bad at math. Let's try it out. We're in a cave. I'm in a cave. Kids stay in school. I guess I'll just dig straight up.

Hello there, diamonds. Wait a second, there is a mangrove swamp here. I was right. I'm a genius. All right, please back up. Please back up. Are there so many of you iron golems? Please help, but if I replace my portal up here, it should actually work, I think. So I went back to work and we went, so I spent the entire rest of my night collecting mud for this build.

Okay, it is a full day later and we are absolutely loaded with sick shulker boxes, all completely filled up. It's time to get to work. The question is, where should my frog city go? I'm probably going to need a lot of space for this, so probably around here is not going to be great.

Picking a location

Let's investigate how back here At the sand castle, there's actually a big open field.

I usually use this area as something like a grass farm, but not anymore. Now it's going to be a frog city. Go away, only frogs are allowed. But okay, let's get to work. It's time to build some mountains.

Building the mountains

Building the mountains

Lo and behold, the muddy mountains I love this thing. I love the color palette. I love how epic and grand it looks. Pillagers Why are you here? Please go away. There is actually one big issue. Though the inside is completely clean, I'm filled up with mobs.

I probably should have lit it up. Shouldn't I and I have 11 torches. It'll have to do for now. Why are there so many mobs here? I didn't sign up for this. I just want to save the frogs. But carrying on, let's start building the frog city. So I hopped back into my creative world and began brainstorming ideas.

Where do I even start now personally when I build?

Old footage

In a big city like this, I like to use wool to plan out where things are going to go, so I did exactly that. Brown means buildings; green means nature; blue means water; and red means a cool secret idea. Okay, I know what you're thinking. It looks like a giant mess of random shapes and colors, but I promise you this thing is going to look absolutely gorgeous.

Build practice

Build practice

I love the idea so far, and after making a few test buildings, I felt very confident with this.

The block palette

Okay, so here are With the two pallets I've been kind of experimenting with, one of them is the lighter kind of mud packed mud and mud bricks, and the other one is the darker mud, the normal mud, and the mangrove rooted mud, so with the planning out of the way, it was time to get back to my hardcore world and go get more mud.

Today I built a giant frog city in Minecraft 1. 19 Hardcore. This required us to collect thousands of mud blocks, build giant mountains, build the city, and capture every type of frog in Minecraft! I also fought the Warden with a huge army of Iron Golems.
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