Minecraft - How To Turn Your Mcpe Into Java Edition (updated)



So one year ago, I brought you this article on how to turn Minecraft Pocket Edition, the Bedrock Version, into Minecraft Java Edition. Well, today in this article I bring you an updated tutorial. So welcome back, everyone.

Supported versions

Like I said in this article , I'm going to be showing you how to turn Minecraft Pocket Edition, the Bedrock Version, into Minecraft Java Edition.

This is supported on iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Xbox, and if there is any way to get it on the Switch and PlayStation versions as well, this is supported in version 1.17.10. It does not work for baiters. In this article, I'm going to show you the whole process, from downloading it and installing it.

It is incredibly simple, so why do you want to do this? And why is that article incredibly popular every time I do it once a year? Well, it's pretty easy. The whole entire UI for Minecraft Bedrock is still a massive work in progress and, of course, the Minecraft Java Edition UI is so much cleaner, it's so much easier to understand and, of course, it's just so much better.



Before we do download this though, I'm just going to go through a couple of different screens on Minecraft Bedrock, so you can kind of memorize these so we can do the comparison. So, of course, you've seen the play screen like a million times, the friends the servers. You've seen the settings tab a million times.

To me, I feel like the settings tab is something that needs to be worked on a lot more. It's very chaotic and like what's going on with the audio you see, I mean, I don't know, I feel like this just needs to be improved. As well, let's go to profile because this is also going to be fully customized, as well as down to editing your character and things like that.

Minecraft - addons

As well, one more thing I do want to show you is in-game, so alongside the creator changing the whole entire UI overlay layout, he's also managed to change specific UIs for specific blocks and items. Even your hotbar will be changed as well, so I just want to quickly go through these and show you what they look like as a quick reminder before we do a comparison.

Because things like your beacon have changed, the brewing stand some are going to be incredibly simple compared to others, and some you'll probably notice a huge difference, like for example, on the bedrock version, this is your creative inventory. There's also another one that you can check out as well, which is like this one, which is huge.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it, but I think the Java one is just so much cleaner and so much easier to use as well. We have changes, like I said, to the crafting table, to the enchantment table, to the grindstone changes, to even horses and their UI as well. Like down to your saddle and your armor.

With the loon changes to redstone, I couldn't notice too many differences with this, but I'm hoping we can see a difference when we change the pack changes with stone cutter. What is this one? This smithing smithering table changes even the villager trading UI, I think to command blocks, and I know there have also been changes to structure blocks as well.

All right, let me show you how to install this and let's see the differences.

Installation guide

Installation guide

It's going to take you to this page. It's on {580}. Before we get into this, I want to give credit to Chris X Alt. He created this. He took the time to make this possible, and honestly, this is one of the best. I'm going to call it a pack, but it's not even a pack. It's more advanced than just a pack.

He did a phenomenal job. There will be a link to where you can find him. This pack, over the years of me checking it out, has had well over a million downloads, and you can see some of the basics here. So what you want to do on this website is scroll all the way down, to the bottom. Now before you go ahead and click on anything, I want to just explain a couple of different things here.

Minecraft - how to

Of course, feel free to read the credits in terms of use and stuff like that. There are one, two, three, four, and five different downloads. Let me explain these. Towards the top of the page you will find this, which explains each version in great detail. The one I'm using in today's article is the Java UI, which is fully customizable.

You then also have the mixed UI, which is the lite version, which is a mix of both Minecraft Java and the Bedrock version as well, so if there are specific things you like on Bedrock, for example, the recipe book, you can keep that in the mixed UI light, or you like the creative inventory, you can keep that cartography table.

You've also got the pvp UI, so for example, it says, "Java edition 1.8 style for brewing stand." it says java edition 1.8 style for creative, so feel free to download the one that you want to check out, and if your team dark mode like mine, there's also a dark mode version. The first thing you need to do is click on your download of choice.

We are just going to start off with this one at the top. This is going to open the Link Verse website, which luckily is a pain to deal with, but it's easy to get around. Don't click on anything other than what I tell you doesn't need premium. Click on free access with ads. Then you're going to click on "discover interesting articles." Then you're going to hit this x and you're going to have to wait 10 seconds, so wait 10 seconds once you've waited your 10 seconds.

Hit the x what this is going to do is open a continue, so click on continue. This is then going to open the mediafire website. With the download, you are going to simply download it, and for me, it's been downloaded. My download is here. It's as simple as double tapping on it and it will boot up.

It's going to tell me that it's a duplicated import. As you can see, it's that simple to do.

Mcpe to java

Mcpe to java

Once you've done that, you are good to go, so the next step that you need to do is go to settings. You want to scroll down to global resources, and then you want to click on my packs, Vdx Java UI version 1.0.2 is a project by Chris X Alt. He is a phenomenal creator.

A UI pack has been made since Q4 of 2016. You don't, there's nothing else there. You tap on it, you click activate, and you back out. You are going to watch this process happen itself, and just like that, you've turned Minecraft Pocket Edition into Minecraft Java Edition. Unfortunately, you're not able to click the copyright mojang a b do not distribute.

So if you click on play now, this is what it looks like. This is what your game looks like. We have servers, and you've got featured servers, and this is literally how Minecraft Java looks now. It might seem like it's just Minecraft Java, but a lot of people who play Pocket Edition have never experienced this before, so I really like that.

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