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Minecraft - hypixel skyblock

Today we're continuing our journey to hearthstone level five for Yog armor, but you see, I have an idea. As a lot of you know, I've been playing Iron Man for the longest time, and the most important thing I've learned is how to be efficient while playing. Today we're going to pull out every trick in the book to completely skip the early game and get straight into the good stuff.

However, this is not going to be easy. I have a few ideas on how to get ridiculous amounts of cash, so he completely skips several armor stats and a ton of progression in this game. By doing multiple money-making methods at the same time, we can stack up a profit and potentially open ourselves up to some really crazy things.

Anyways, let's pick up where we left off, by getting Hearthstone. 5 and there we go, hard stone level five. That took a couple of days. I'll be honest, I could have done that in three hours if I had figured something out earlier. Basically. I've just been sludge mining in the jungle area with the pickaxe for, you know, a long time, and I realized that I could just buy an epic snail pet for the hard stone fortune buff, and then just use the highest speed setup I could get.

Minecraft - hypixel skyblock best armor

You can see I've got potion on. I'm using that right now, and I just, you know, mined hearthstone. It kind of scared the mind at the same time, just getting sludge hard stone, scaling the kills, you know, another few hours and we finally have yog unlocked, so we can finally go ahead and craft yoga.

I'll probably just buy yog to be honest, but then we'll have actual pristine and be able to, you know, make some serious progression towards getting a good mining setup, so I guess we're done here. Let's go get a yogurt set and see where we're at now. So you can see I have the snail menu pulled up and, you know, I was using snail to mine all the hearthstone earlier.

Well, a level 1 snail will cost you about 3 million coins. A level 90 snail will cost you about 10 million coins. It took maybe It takes two hours to level a snail from level 1 to 90, so if you just level a snail up to, you know, you know, even if you want to try and make a real profit, it might take a while to sell.

Minecraft - hypixel skyblock best minions for money

You could level a snail to something like 70 and charge it. 8 ishmael for it and, you know, flip a snail by yourself. You buy a level once, level it up, and sell it for a lot more. You make some good money. Something that's really important on new profiles is being efficient with your time, and as I'm about to show you when I open this bank, you're going to be pretty blown away by what I've been able to do in the last few days.

Yeah, we're at 31 million. I am attempting to do a rather large skip, and that is to go from glacier armor to sorrow armor for mining. I would go for Devon, but I'm not hardly at mountain six yet, so I can't actually use that. But basically, what I've been doing is trying to find every single way I can possibly make money at the same time.

My main thing has been mining in the crystal hollows, so whether that's mining hearthstone sludge or taking out scathes because I'm mining in a straight line, I get fine gems. I sell those for money, I sell the sludge for money, I sell the hearthstone for money, and I also level mine pets at the same time.

Minecraft - hypixel skyblock best way to make money

You can see that I was able to successfully buy a snail, and then I upgraded it, leveled it up a little bit myself, and then resold it for a ton of money, and I've just been doing things like that for this profile, and it's been working out absolutely amazing. Now specifically, the snail might no longer work after I upload this article, but I encourage you to take a look through other pets in the game that you may see because there are a lot of pets in Skyblock.

Pick one yourself. Maybe it's even buying a level 1b from b and leveling it up yourself and selling it for a little bit more of a profit if you're just doing some easy combat type stuff. I don't know if that specific one is going to be good. That was just an example throughout, but you know, snails apparently are really good because there's a really high demand for them.

Minecraft - hypixel skyblock guide

I know a lot of people like to mine red stand for money, so a lot of people are purchasing snails for, you know, a higher price than they should actually have. Someone, this is the person who bought my level 85 snail for sale for 9.2 mil. They bought it, and now they're relisting it for 9.5. Because, you know, they can, and that's my fault for, you know, putting the snail up a little bit lower than I should have, but hey, shout out to this guy for making a good flip on that, but yeah.

I just bought another level one snail, so I'm going to take this into crystal hollows for the next, you know, you know, day or so, and then sell it for another free six or seven mil. This is just, you know. I just got the most insane flip ever. I'm actually probably going to keep this one. Look at this.

Look at this. Someone clearly messed up putting this on. I'm pretty sure a jaded sorrow chest plate with all the slots unlocked is 13.9 mil. This is insane. There's no way this is exactly what I needed. This is exactly what I needed for this to be possible. That is not normal. That is not normal.

Minecraft - hypixel skyblock how to make money

Look, wait, there are actually over 14 million people as well. What is this? They're tanking right now. This is insane. This is insane. So, like, look at this one. This one doesn't have the last slot, this one does, so I think this guy put his up incorrectly, because he should have done like 16 mil or something, like yeah, look at the next one is like 15 mil.

Okay, maybe it's not as unreasonable as I thought, but that is still an absolutely awesome find for like one or two mil cheaper than it should have been, so I guess we'll take this piece, why not? That gives us two out of the four jaded sorrow pieces, and I can easily afford one more right now, that probably being the helmet.

Or the leggings. I don't know if I'll be able to pull off getting a crazy good leg. This one's 15 mil, which is kind of expensive, so I don't think I'll do that, but we need to. I guess, find a way to get another 11 to 12 mil coins before Derby starts, so this may be a little bit of a grind, but I'm going to really try and pull this off.

Minecraft - hypixel skyblock how to make money fast

I think for now, we're going to go ahead and buy our third piece of sorrow. I wasn't going to yet, but I think I want to now just so I have 1500 mining speed because I have the good potion right now. So we look at jaded sorrow real quick. We need the helmet and the chest piece. Let's take a look at what is going to be cheap.

I don't want to pay more than 14.3 million. Yep, this is the one I've been seeing all day. It hasn't sold yet. It hasn't been undercut. For one mil more, we could get the legs, which might be a better deal. Are there ones with hot potato books or ones I already have in them? Okay, probably this one.

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