Minecraft - How To Download & Install Java 17 For

Minecraft - do you need java 17 for

And welcome back to the breakdown. We'll go over exactly how to download and install Java 17, as well as give you the correct direct download link to start downloading it, and that's all going to be covered in this article. We're going to go in depth on how to do that. First of all, we do have a smart sponsor, which is Apex Minecraft Hosting.

Xyc, slash Java to start your very own 24-hour DDOS protected Minecraft server with Apex One of the great things about Apex is that you don't even have to worry about Java. It is their responsibility, because they are the people who are responsible for the hardware, to install Java and make sure Java 17 is working and all of that stuff, so you can check it out.

XYZ slash apex to get that minecraft server the quickest and easiest way possible. Nevertheless, let's go ahead and get Java again. Java will take you here. Once you're here, you'll want to scroll down and click on this yellow download button here. Click on that yellow download button and it takes you here.

Minecraft - download java

Where you want to make sure you click on Windows. That's one thing we've been seeing some people struggle with by default. It is not on Windows. You need to make sure you click this little windows button right there. Then you want to go under x64, Installer here. So windows and then click x64, Installer, scroll over and click on this right here.

Now it's important that you go with the x64 installer, not the msi. The x64 installer for me is in the middle right here. It should be an exe file. If it's not, that's okay, just discard it and then click on the exe right here. Once it is kept on Google Chrome in the bottom left or saved in the middle of your screen on Mozilla Firefox, we can go ahead and minimize our browser and get this going, so we need to find the installer we downloaded for me.

It's going to be found in my downloads folder and probably is for you as well. Click the little windows icon in the top left of my screen, probably in the bottom left of your screen, then type in downloads. You have this download file folder here and then in here you will find the java 17, jdk, jdk-17, java development kit 17.

Minecraft - download java for

Drag this to your desktop if you want, for ease of use. It's just easier for me to have it on my desktop. Now we can just go ahead and double click on this and it's going to install like any other program, so it's going to open up this wizard here, Click on Next. Assuming you agree, you know, like ulas and all that stuff, click on Next again and then it's going to go ahead and install Java 17.

Then go ahead and click "close," and now it's installed. Java 17 is installed and you're good to go. You can delete the file you downloaded. It's ready to go to test this. We want to go ahead and again Open up the little windows icon on the top left of my screen, probably the bottom left of your screen.

Let's type apps for like apps and features here, and then in apps and features we can scroll down to where we have Java, and we should have Java Script Development Kit 17. Right now, whatever's after 17 doesn't matter. So what matters is that the first number should be 17, and it is, so that means we have Java 17.

Minecraft - how to download install java 17 for

Now at this point, you may have issues with different things in Minecraft still not working. You still may not be able to open up your Minecraft server. You still may not be able to open up a forge or a fabric, you know, a mod installer or something like that, or you may not be able to install Optifine.

If that's the case, you need to run the jar fix. For example, if you have winrar, or 7-zip, or something like that, and that is taking your java files, your jar files. This will allow you to fix that. This is going to make those jar files work within my opinion of how they should work with Java, and it's going to link those back together right, so it's a quick and easy three-step tutorial.

You can just basically download the jar fix and run it, but that is how you can get Java 17 for Minecraft, mods, and servers. If you did enjoy it, give it a thumbs up. This has been the breakdown and I am

This video will show you how to download and install Java 17 for Minecraft. Java 17 is the latest version of Java that is compatible with Minecraft, and it is required in order to play most Minecraft mods as well as run Minecraft servers. From Forge to Optifine to vanilla and modded Minecraft servers, if you want to do anything with Minecraft, you will need Java 17. So, here is how to get Java 17 for Minecraft.
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