Minecraft - Getting The Allay To Sort My Items

Minecraft - 1.19

I am very excited and also very late. The allies were introduced into the game about six weeks ago, and this is my first time playing with them. We have to understand, for those of you who don't know, recently, I took a month off from youtube and just kind of went slightly off the grid, and when I came back, nobody told me that we had allies.

So I was just watching a snapshot article the other day and suddenly I just saw allies there. Nobody's mentioning it. I don't know why they're here. How did I not know about this? So I've just watched Mango's article on the non-stackable item sorting of the alleys and that has me incredibly excited and I've started playing around with these things.

Minecraft - 1.19 allays

And I think I've come up with a bit of an idea. You see this alley right here? It hasn't heard a note block. Okay, you can see from the data that there is no note block action going on with this alley, and if I play this note block, it's actually being blocked by the wall, so the alley. I still haven't heard the note block, like it still hasn't picked it up, but when I play this one you can now see that minecraft like note block cooldown ticks thing is now showing a value, which means it's heard this note block but it hasn't heard this note block right here, and this means that we can actually use this to make a relatively simple non-stackable item filter.

I think now I just spent five minutes being really boring explaining all of the reasons why it will work and well, it was really boring, so I've deleted that and I'm just going to start working on it. The first thing I've done is to make a system that makes it easy for me to get myself an alley, assign it an item, and then put it into a minecart.

That has worked absolutely perfectly. I need to put in a bunch of trapdoors, so this is where all of our alleys are going to be going. They're going to be going in a line like this, and for this system, I think I'm going to have 15 different non-stackable items. I mean, there are two things I want to say before I go on.

I'm using a lot of the things that he learned in that article, probably over hours of testing, to make my system potentially possible. I mean, I haven't built it yet, but I'm hoping this should work quite nicely. The next thing is, I'm recording this a few weeks in advance because I'm going on another off-grid trip.

Minecraft - 2021 mob vote

How much time off can this guy take? So things might be a little outdated, or completely broken. You know, they might have changed things in the updates. I don't know what's going on because at the time of release, I'll be in a Southeast Asian jungle somewhere. Can you stop waffling and get the building right?

I dispense my alley, give it another right pickaxe, and then, minecart, alley in place, then I need to redirect my minecart line and continue the process, but then I realized I'm a complete idiot and these things need to be on hoppers. Obviously, where else are they going to put the items? So now we start again.

pickaxe in place, redirect minecart line, alley axe minecart. Okay, I'm finding the rhythm. We are almost at completion now, so just some diamond boots and minecarts. And this guy is going to go all the way along and then finally get a diamond sword, and off it pops. So we should now have an array of alley item sorters.

Minecraft - allay

This is all the netherright tools. This is all the netherright armor, and then also a bow, and then this is all of the diamond armor and a diamond sword as well. Let's put in the water stream, which is going to be transporting all of our non-stackable items, and it's going to have some interesting features in it that I actually picked up from Ill Mango's article.

He made some really interesting points there and that is the fact that the alley has a certain speed at which they can pick up items. For example, we throw an item into the system and this guy right here, which I believe, why did I pick the one that I can't actually see the item that it's holding?

I don't know, I'm so stupid. We have two netherright helmets back to back. So that means we need to make sure that our items only come in at a rate of one item every five seconds. Otherwise, this system right here could overflow and we'll get items being missed and traveling off the end and landing down there and being gobbled up by this guy, which would be the worst thing ever.

Minecraft - allay item sorter

Imagine accidentally giving your nether right helmet to a wandering trader. You know that's a fake worse than death. This little redstone clock should prevent that from happening. This is a 100 game tick redstone. The redstone clock replacement is the wrong way. That's embarrassing it's easily done.

It's easily done. I bet Mango doesn't do that sort of thing. That's not good regardless. The clock is now built, and the timings should be correct, and we also have this little item in the item buffer. This is not good. The redstone clock is in the item buffer. It's now got an extended pulse, and now we're getting one item every five seconds exactly.

Here comes the moment of truth. If this doesn't work, all of this time has been wasted. So when I play this note block right here, we should see the particles go to these five alleys, but not to these ones. If it goes to those ones, the whole thing's broken. yes, so what that means is that it means that each one of these modules right here has got the note block close enough, to the alley.

Minecraft - getting allays to sort my items

Yes, it's working. It's difficult to explain why I'm excited. Okay, but I'll try my best. Allies will only drop items into their hoppers within like a two or three block radius of the note block, so if they're further away from the note block, then they're not actually going to drop their items even though they've been assigned to that note block.

This is because alleys aren't normally inside of minecarts. They're normally able to fly around, so when they hear the note block, obviously they'll just travel back to the noteblock, but they can't do that in this situation because I've locked them all up. This is a bit of a problem because if this wall wasn't here, these alleys would be able to hear.

Minecraft - latest snapshot

This note block you saw, they got assigned that note block right there, so when they pick up items, they're not gonna let go of them because they've been assigned this note block, and even if I power all of these at the exact same time, the update order in Minecraft means that one of the note blocks is going to play first, and all the alleys in the line are going to be assigned that note block and only like four of them are actually going to be able to drop their items which means you've got a sorting system that doesn't sort your items, it just steals them, and that's not called a sorting system, that's called being robbed.

In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo takes a look in the latest Minecraft snapshot at the new Minecraft 1. 19 Allays. The Minecraft Allay won the Minecraft 2021 Mob vote, and now I am using it to make a Minecraft Allay Item Sorter. This is an Allay non-stackable item sorter in Minecraft.
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