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Minecraft - impossible prison article

So there's this minecraft youtuber who goes by the name Seabot Gaming, and among other unimportant things, he makes these articles where he escapes minecraft presents, except they're not really prisons, they're escape rooms, and really terrible ones at that, and despite them being horribly made, he somehow manages to earn more views than Mithra Deck.

Now there are three of these prison escapes on Mr. Gaming's channel, and he claims that these prisons are They were built by his friends and he has to escape them alive. First try on camera, which I don't believe at all for many obvious reasons, so I'm making this article to prove two things. First being that these escape rooms are absolutely terrible; no one playtested them, they're lazily built, and they only exist so Siwot can showcase some fun minecraft mechanics he found on the internet that day; and two, these escape articles are completely faked.

If that wasn't already obvious, I don't have anything against Siwot. I'm sure he's a lovely individual, but I just can't let these abominations of escape go without a wonderful and hilarious debunking article, so let's begin. We named the prison Frost Giant, and it's really fitting because this prison is extremely massive.

Minecraft - inescapable prison

So this first prison is called the Frost Giant. Now remember that name because it's important. I'm just kidding. He never mentions it again. So I decided to go for the easiest way to escape. I jumped off the tower to kill myself. Basically, if they had forgotten to set my spawn point in the tower, this would have sent me back to my bed and I'd have escaped the prison.

Now you might be wondering why he is not breaking any of the ice blocks. Well actually, if you break ice, it doesn't turn into water unless there's a block below it, which is something Seawatch Games knows since he mentions it in a later escape. After this, I realized there was a chest floating behind me on the wall.

The problem was, I couldn't access it from the ice platform. That's until I realized if I shifted all the way over the edge, jumped, and got the angle just right, I could get into it. Now I had an oak log, a daylight sensor, and a furnace, and this is where the first real puzzle of the prism began.

Minecraft - seawattgaming

Cool some blocks, let's take advantage of the first mechanic that you showed us at the beginning. The first thing I thought of, and probably a lot of you did too, was to turn the log into four planks, but before I did this. I tried to think about what I would use them for, and the only thing I could think of would be to build myself out, but there wouldn't be enough blocks.

You actually don't have enough blocks to build all the way out of this room. I tested it, but you know what you do have enough blocks for? For some reason, once the water hits the bottom, I jump down to investigate the next area. The first thing I notice about the next room is that it's really dark because there are no light sources inside of it, so I kid you not, this room is designed to be darkly lit to make it harder to see a hidden pressure plate.

Yet for some reason, out of all of Siwot's escapes, this is the only one that he turns off his fulbright. It was almost as if he knew a dark puzzle was coming. I continued to the room with the lava that was flowing to a room below, but the fall was too high to survive. I can break any block I want.

Minecraft - seawattgaming prison

Originally, I ignored this piston. So what we've seen so far is that these escape rooms are definitely not critically playtested, so there's a super low chance that someone playing for the first time is going to find every single intended solution. I punched it, and I could tell from the particles coming off of it that it was bedrock.

I broke the snow to see what was below me. I could see a few spiders, and I felt like I would survive the fall, but I didn't really see a way for me to get back up if I went down there, so I didn't. But I also encountered the biggest problem yet. At the end of the hallway was a guard staring through a glass window at the exit of the prison, and though I could easily run past him, don't forget the rule they gave me at the start: if the guard sees me leaving the prison.

Minecraft - seawattgaming prison escape

I lose. The whole room was surrounded by bedrock, and there were a few spiders I had to kill, but when I did, I realized there was a hole spider spawner. This meant I had infinite access to spider-eyes and string. You say, infinite access to strings. Why because it's clever. You know, I really hope you understand this.

There's a difference between being clever and being intelligent. My friends built me another prison and challenged me to break out of it. The problem was, this one seemed impossible, but then I had a very good idea. I used F5. See, using f5 gave me a whole new perspective and I was able to see a chest I couldn't have seen before.

Pretty cool using F5, Good job, I guess. I moved on to the next room. The next room was just a big pit of lava with a ledge on the other side. I thought this was supposed to resemble a cave, seeing how it's all jaggedy and stuff, but the other half of the room is completely flat, so i, wha but i quickly came up with one way to get across.

I was pretty sure I could use the crafting table and the chest to parkour along the right side to the ledge, but there was also a second, much stupider way to get across, and that's what I went with here once again. Instead of using the practical solution, Sijuan is going to go with the more entertaining one.

The only other thing I noticed in the room was the ice and snow blocks on the floor. I broke one of the pieces of ice trying to get water, but I quickly realized all the ice was packed ice, so I wasn't going to get any water from it. I wasn't finding anything until I destroyed this one in the back and found this massive drop off that I assume led to the next area.

I was still really confused about how to get down there, though, until I realized one of the snowblocks was not like the rest of them. I started using the powdered stone to build myself down the pit. The powdered snow canceled fall damage, so as long as I was careful, I could use it to build my way to the bottom of the pit safely.

I managed to pull it off. There was a three-block jump that wouldn't be too hard to hit, but I didn't want to make the jump more times than I had to here. But look see, I totally understand your fear of this three-block jump, but if it's really the parkour that scares you, I have a solution that might help.

I went back to the hole and pulled out my parkour skills and managed to jump to the other side. At this point, I was pretty confused about what to do with this random assortment of items. I basically had two main problems. I had no idea where to go next, and I also had no idea what to do with all my things.

Seawattgaming is a very successful Escape RoomPrison creator. While his escapes are very entertaining, they're pretty obviously staged and the maps don't make a whole lot of sense.
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