Minecraft - Compass: Everything To Know - How To Find Spawn, Deathpoints, More

Intro game

Intro game

Hey, Waddles Jay here, minecraft compass. This week we've got a three in one, the compass. Nowadays, in Minecraft 1.19.2, the game has three total compasses. If we're going to talk about the compass, there is only one place we can begin: with the classic, the original compass. Well, that's wonderful.

The classic compass

But check this out: when the compass was originally added to Minecraft, the game looked a little something like this: The compass was first added to Minecraft in secret update number nine on September 10th, 2010. That's over 35 years ago. Back when this was the new hot version of Minecraft, there was no creative inventory, so if we wanted to get the compass, we're going to have to grind this thing out.

Minecraft - 1.19

Let's go and so, after a long and extensive grinding process down here deep in the minds on a given day, one compass can finally craft one, and here we go. It's pretty much the same. It's the same thing. Over the course of the compasses' now 12-year lifespan, there have been updates and updates.

There are so many changes. Back in that ancient version of Minecraft, the recipe was exactly the same as it is now, with a crafting recipe that hasn't changed at all in over 12 years. This thing's old. It is a relatively common misconception that the compass points you towards zero in your world.

Here I am in my brand new survival world. The very first thing I've done in my world, as you should always do, is get a compass. Let's go check out this compass. Something interesting is going on with the needle on this thing. The compass has 102 different unique frames. The needle is always pointing at the same thing while this thing spins and spins and spins.

If we go ahead and pick this compass up and then just follow the needle, this is basically how you will find world spawn in your world. The compass does not point to zero zero, unless coincidentally, zero is the spawn of your world. From the looks of things in this world, it looks like world one will be this specific block right here.

Minecraft - 1.19 compass

We know we found it once the needle starts flipping back and forth. But keep in mind, as long as you haven't messed with anything in your world, you won't always spawn on that block. Spawn has a spawn radius mechanic. All that this specific black being a world spawn means is that you'll spawn somewhere centered around that black right there, but anyway, a spawn tutorial is kind of a job for another time.

The compass will always lead you to world spawn, unless, however, you're in a dimension where world spawn is not. Exception number one is off to the right. The compass has absolutely no clue what's going on in this dimension because the world spawn isn't in this dimension. I also think I may have gotten like one of the worst nether spawns of all time.

Minecraft - compass

How am I even meant to get out of here? So that's what happens when you take the compass to the nether predictably. If you take the compass with you over to the end, the same exact thing is going to happen. The needle just spins and spins and spins. It should definitely be different here, though.

Maybe this is the perfect opportunity for like a different compass and a locator compass or something. But in my opinion, the compass in the end should always point towards zero, or in other words, the center of this obelisk right here. But we've got a lot to talk about ideas. Ideas are a thing for another time.

The compass will always lead you to the world spawn, even if you move the world spawn using commands. If we were to move world spawn to an alum like over here, the compass would numb it and figure it out instantly. Unfortunately for us, if we want a compass but we don't want to craft it and we definitely don't want to explore, then we'd be out of luck.

Minecraft - compass everything to know

However, if we had a compass and we wanted to get rid of it, there is an option. Hey, you came over here to work here. Check this out. The cartographer villager at the journeyman level, or in other words, the third level, will buy a compass from you for one emerald, but as you can probably see over here, that's not the only place the compass is popping up.

The compass is going to be a payment requirement alongside emeralds for this trade right here and this trade right here. Both of those trades are explorer maps. And speaking of exploring, exploring for the compass is definitely an option. The compass can be found inside of four structure loot tables on both Java and Bedrock editions.

The first place you'll be able to find this thing is sometimes inside of the ruined portal chest, but that's definitely not all. You'll also have the chance to find compasses instead of the stronghold chests, but if the stronghold is just too easy for you and you're looking for more of a challenge, well then maybe consider checking out the ancient city loot chests,too.

You can find it here too, and finally, last but not least, the other place that you'll be able to find the compass generating is inside of the village loot chests. Now speaking of villages again on bedrock edition. If you're trying to unload your compasses on the villagers, you're going to need a cartographer villager to be at an expert level to unlock that compass trade.

Can you enchant the compass? Well, actually, believe it or not, you can. Yes you can in survival minecraft. You can put one enchantment on the compass and it's not even really in a gym and it occurs. The curse of vanishing can be put on the compass. What's pretty cool is you can actually also rename your compass to something cool too if you want to.

The lodestone compass

The lodestone compass

So we've done it. We've reached pretty much the end of the road for our good old classic compass friend. And finally, you could take your compass and survival kit, if you wanted to, and turn it into a map. That is the only crafting recipe that the compass is used in. Let's move on to the lodestone compass.

The lodestone compass was added alongside the lodestone in Minecraft 1.16. A load zone compass is essentially a compass that looks enchanted. The load zone compass can also be enchanted with a curse of vanishing if you want to. A loadstone compass is a compass that is linked to a loadstone. A loadstone is one of these cool looking blocks right here.

Minecraft - compass facts

The load zone is possibly minecraft's most expensive block. You need a piece of netherride to actually be able to craft this thing. When you make a load zone and then you use a compass on the lodestone, the compass becomes linked to that load zone. Well, check out the needle on the compass. It's always going to point to that load zone right there.

You made a load zone compass and you instantly regret it, like you just really didn't mean to do that with your compass. Well, it's pretty simple. All you need to do is break the lodestone. Check out the load zone compass. It's going a little crazy now with the load zone broken. The load zone compass is basically completely useless.

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