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I'm stuck in the hardest Minecraft escape room ever. It's the finale and I'm up against a few of the smartest Minecraft YouTubers to see who can beat this escape room the fastest. Let's do it. When I spawned into the first room, I quickly skimmed the book on the lectern in front of me and then opened the chest from the past three escape rooms.

This was definitely the most confusing, the loop pile. I checked under the electron and found yet another nautilus shell. I then gathered the chest and crafting table and took a look at the task at hand. I needed six blocks to pillar out, and I currently had four of them. I went into the crafting table and switched the guy to show craftable to see what I could make it definitely.

There wasn't much I could make with sharp iron nuggets, sugar, or a weighted pressure plate. None of these options were too appealing, and to make matters worse, they were all irreversible, except for the iron nugget. But there was one more part of the room that I hadn't inspected yet. The massive pile of blocks in the corner I began checking and soon discovered they were all droppers, or so I thought at first, because right there, camouflaged in between all the droppers, was a furnace.

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I had to smell something. I marked the furnace with an item frame and continued my search. Just as I was losing hope, I found a piece of raw iron in one of the droppers. Now things were beginning to come together. But just to be sure, I broke one of them to see if there was anything underneath.

I had to smell something, and I had an idea of what that was going to be the only thing I could smell. It was raw iron. But now comes the question of what to use as fuel. I had a bunch of different options, and one wrong move could end the entire run right here. I had to be careful. After a bit of deliberation.

I decided to go with the daylight sensor because, while it's the most outlandish item, it doesn't act as a full block and, surprisingly, enough can actually be used as fuel. This decision opened up a new crafting recipe. A bucket would be great, but an empty bucket on its own doesn't really help that much, so I decided to hold off on crafting it.

Minecraft - escape room

There had to be a better answer. I decided to try crafting iron nuggets to see if it would unlock a crafting recipe that I didn't know about and there it was, chains. Using the other two irons, I crafted two chains and was just barely able to make it out of the first room. In the next room, two things caught my eye: the weird portal frame shape in the corner and the nether portal on the far left.

I decided to check out the end portal frames first and found many little holes in between them. This was a classic item hider, but there was one problem: there were no items. I carefully searched through each hole in the bedrock, and there was nothing. Maybe this was a decoy for something, but I couldn't figure out what, so I decided to move on and go into the nether.

Just as I was entering the nether portal, something caught my eye. An item frame In the cracks of the end portal, there was a small block inside, of a frame. It was hidden in such a way that it was just out of view if you were standing below it. It was a copper block, which raised my total to one.

Minecraft - hardest escape room

Hopefully, the nether is more useful. When I went through the portal, I found myself in a small box with nothing but a hopper inside. It was my third nautilus shell, and I then had the thought to check if there was another hopper behind this one. I threw an item on top to see if it would flow in, but to my surprise it didn't, so armed with this evidence, I broke the hopper and found yet another locked one underneath.

Inside was an iron nugget and a piece of sugarcane. On my way out, I decided to check if I would spawn in a new location if I crouched at the end of the portal. Yes, this actually works. Remember, I need seven blocks and I only have one. That's not nearly enough, so there has to be something more to this room that I'm missing.

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I checked the portal frames again, but there was nothing there. I couldn't just give up on room 2. So I tried to think about it logically. Okay, alright, listen. Here's what I'm thinking. There's another portal here just like the last one. There's another portal here, and I went through it, and yeah, there was a little cool trick with the hop or whatever, but it wouldn't give me a nether portal.

I'd like to be another portal here if the point was just for me to get It seems like it's too easy right now. I need seven blocks, and I have one. There's nothing left here. I already checked. I assume this is just for symmetry to distract me, so I'm not sure about that. But I don't know why there would be another portal here.

I figured if the only point was to just get an item, I then stretched my view to try and see outside the room, and to my surprise, on the last wall, I actually found something. Behind the wall there was a hidden room with either a piston arm or some sort of door. Either way, I had to break through the wall, but it was solid bedrock.

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I tried to see if there was a hopper mine cart that would pick up my items if I threw them against the wall, but that didn't work, but it did give me another idea. What if it's only open when I'm in the nether? Is it right that it ' So, I tossed an item into the portal and, to my amazement, a hole formed in the wall, revealing a door.

This was great, and to make matters even better, I also found a hopper with an iron nugget, another hopper with an iron nugget behind it, and a crafting table behind that one. And on my way out, a torch. Using the crafting table, I made my copper block into three lightning rods, which was a hasty decision but one I felt confident making.

After I exited, the door closed behind me, reminding me to grab my prismarine and get out as fast as possible. Back in the room, I placed my crafting table down to get ready to pillar towards the exit, but I noticed I could also craft a lantern. This made perfect sense given the iron nuggets and torches, so I decided to go for it, and just before I pillared it up.

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I counted to see if I had enough blocks; two from the door, one from the crafting table, three from the lightning rods, and a lantern. I needed seven, but that lantern wouldn't let me make it all the way up. I was half a block short if I placed these lightning rods, and I couldn't find a way to turn that half block into a full block.

I was going to lose this small calculation, which could have cost me the whole run. I broke down my setup and began to think. I was almost positive I had all the items I needed and I just had to figure out how to use them. One of these items in my inventory had to be useful, but I couldn't find a single one.

Minecraft escape room videos are everywhere nowadays. But this one is the hardest one out there. hopefully Introducing the finale, the hardest escape room in minecraft history.
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