Minecraft - Building The Statue Of Liberty In Survival (50. Hours)

Minecraft - 1.17

This is the study of liberty in New York, and today we are going to recreate this whole thing in survival minecraft by using the new copper blocks and then letting this thing oxidize so it's fully green and looks like the real thing. Welcome back to the survival series. Today we are going to try to recreate something from real life, and that is going to be the state of liberty.

And if you're asking why, then there is one simple reason. We want to make ourselves a copper farm but then also use the copper block somewhere, and the statue of liberty is made out of copper, so it fits perfectly. So first the gopper farm. We don't want to spend tens of hours just mining for gold, so we are making a farm for it.

I mean, we are sharkercraft. Still, let's get straight to building, and I'll explain along the way how this farm works and what exactly this is. So it's going to be built up in the sky like most farms, and then it will have a small and skinny spawning platform going to two sides. Over there, zombies will spawn, and in the middle area, the zombies will be converted to drown.

As you might know, the drowned can drop copper ingots. This farm is designed by Crimulus, and we actually even did a building tutorial for this farm before, so it's nice to follow our own tutorial to build a bigger version of this farm. Also, a shout out to Crimulus for making sites with great design.

Minecraft - 50 hours

One and a half hours of building later, this is what we have: a ready and fully working farm, as you can see. Yeah, we needed to put the zombie in to make it actually work, and now we need to wait a bit until the farm gets to its full efficiency, and there is not a better thing to do in your free time than play Monster Legends.

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Minecraft - building

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Okay, I think I was playing for too long, and as you can see, we have a ton of zombies spawning and turning into dead. Then we can just kill them with a loot of 3 swords and they will drop us the copper ingots. Let's afk here and see how much we can get in an hour. An hour has passed and we have got about 1600 ingots.

Minecraft - built

If our calculations are correct, then for the study of liberty we will need about 2100 copper blocks, so that makes it 18900 ingots. That means we need to afk here for about 12 hours. We can't go anywhere and need to just stand here for 12 hours. Can you please get 10 likes? After this quick crafting session, we are left with 2120 copper blocks.

This should be enough to build the statue. The next thing we are going to collect is a lot of stone bricks to make the bottom part. This will require about 13 000 stone bricks, so we will just need to make 4 shulker boxes full of them and it should be enough. Now we basically have all the items needed to build the statue, and we happen to be on an island that fits us perfectly.

Actually, it took a lot of time to find one that looked similar to the real one. But let's first flatten the area. To know what area we needed to flatten, we started by marking out the border of the status platform. Now we know how much of the mountains we will need to remove, and we are not just removing them but also making the landscape around us look good.

Minecraft - copper

We replaced all the stones with dirt, and this cleanup took us 2 hours to do. How do you think it looks? I think we nailed it. It looks like there have never been some bigger mountains here before, and you know what time it is. Time to get right into building the statue now, or at least the base below the copper statue, actually.

The base is a huge part of the overall build. As you can see from the rear stator, almost half of the height is due to the big base that's under it. Also, I have to mention that we didn't actually design this thing. The model was made by a Planet Minecraft user called creeper2357. One thing I have to say is that this version that we are building is so detailed that it looks just like a real thing.

Even all the smaller details are there, and that's what makes it so cool. Building this is definitely not hard; it's just a lot of stone bricks and slab placing. After we build the huge star, we can continue on with the next layer of this build. And we have pretty much finished the status placeholder now.

Minecraft - copper blocks

Taking us about three and a half hours, this already looks dope, but let's get to the main part now, grabbing our copper blocks and getting to work building the statue itself. By the way, did you know that the original status copper layer is only about 2.4 millimeters thick and that we are putting huge blocks of copper to make this title?

What a waste. This whole thing is built up in this style, layer by layer. This is probably the easiest way you can do it without messing up the placement. You might also notice that the copper blocks we are using are not oxidized. That is so we can make a really cool time lapse of this whole thing oxidizing just like the real thing did.

After about an hour and 15 minutes, the statue was built and ready. Now comes the oxidizing part. This will probably take a lot of time. It looks really cool to see this thing transform from the exposed copper, then the weathered copper, and finally the fully oxidized copper. The original copper color was cool also, but we want to make this look like the real thing and, honestly.

Minecraft - copper statue

I can't decide which copper looks better now, the original one or the oxidized version, but after 147 Minecraft days, or literally 49 hours in real life, this thing is fully oxidized into the nice green color. I really want to go and compare this thing in real life.

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