Minecraft - 5 Ways To Get Unlimited Quartz

Minecraft - 1.18

Well, I will test out all of the methods and give you the answer. Let's start with the first and most common method, which is just going to mine in the nether. This requires you to travel a lot of distance to find a new guard source, so using an elytra to move quicker is definitely needed. I will go mine now for 30 minutes with the Fortune 3 pickaxe to see how much I can find.

After 30 minutes, I found a total of 282 nether quartz. Not bad, but right now it's pretty hard to find any more exposed quartz in this biome. To do this again, I will need to find a completely new nether waste biome, so you will be traveling further and further away to do this method. At some point, it will take you 10 minutes to just find the place where you haven't mined all the quartz away, but to avoid running out of places to mine, we have method number two, strip mining for guards underground.

A quartz shard can be found in the nether between y levels 10 and 117. In theory, it should be better to mine in the lower y levels, so like y level 13. This way, we can be under the huge lava lakes. Let's do a 30 minute strip mining test. The results are not that good. A total of 656 header guards were collected, and six pieces of ancient debris were randomly found.

Minecraft - 1.19

While doing this, I ran into a lot of lava spots, which was annoying. A fire resistant potion is definitely needed for this method, and the cool thing is you won't be running out of the area to mine. A similar method to strip mining is layer mining for quartz. This will be our method number three for this.

In this case, I chose a three-by-three chunk of zero to start off with. After 30 minutes, the results are here after 30 minutes. 450 net nethergardes and thin ancient debris, but destroying the whole layer is kind of pointless and I would much rather just go strip mining, which even gets you a better result.

Unless you want the dawn of nederlac, then this method would be the best. What if you don't want the mine for guards? We've got you covered. The next method involves piglens and partnering with them. This is the easiest way you can get cards, but it requires you to have a good supply of gold. If you build the easiest gold form and craft gold nuggets in the gold ingots, you should get around 680 gold ingots per hour.

Minecraft - bedrock

This can be turned into 213 netherwards with the pigeon bartening. Why so little? Because peeling off bartending also gives you a boatload of other stuff. The final method most people don't know about is trading with villagers. When using the stone gutter, you can make a machine village that then needs to be traded to the master level to unlock quartz pillars and quartz blocks.

The default price for this is one emerald, which is great, and if you build a stacking raid farm, you could get literally infinite emeralds from that. This one, designed by eonixor4, will produce over 50 000 per hour. The limitation will be how many machine villagers you have, since they can only trade with 36 quartz pillars and 36 square blocks per day.

Minecraft - best method

We have personally used this method with over 10 villagers and it works great. Never graft your quartz into gorge blocks if you have the option to get the block straight from the gorge blocks. Quartz is a necessary item for many different items like comparators, observers, and daylight sensors. To sum it up, if you haven't explored the nether-based biome before, go mine from there.

After that, go strip mining forward. This seems to be the best way, or as we recently found out, if you mine for netherrite with DNT, you can also find a lot of quartz. Definitely don't go layer mining. If you also need other items, then beginning bargaining seems to be a good option, but the final tip is to not waste your quarts on quartz blocks since those can be betrayed by the villagers.

See ya.

Showing How To Farm And Collect Unlimited Quartz Ore and Quartz Blocks in Minecraft Survival. Here are 5 different ways you can get quartz, including manual mining method, automatic methods and even with villager trading.
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