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At least 33 ways to hide your stuff in Minecraft I hope it's day three because I'm not that good at counting. Today's article is all about protecting your hard-earned Minecraft items from people who potentially want to steal them. Unfortunately. So let's get things started with seven really obvious ones.

Don't play on a Minecraft server.

Dont play on a server

Nobody can steal your stuff if you're playing single player, unless somebody steals your computer. Start logging into your Minecraft world and start using your items. That's quite extreme, though, but outside of that incredibly unlikely scenario, this really is the most secure thing that you could do.

You know, we've peaked early. It's all downhill from here.

Bury your valuables

Bury your [ valuables. There is absolutely no redstone required with this one. Just find a good plot. Make sure that you take note of the coordinates. Before you do this, dig a hole, and then there you go, your items are stored safely underground, and then when you want to cover them back up.

Store them in an ender chest

Just cover them back up and store them in an ender chest. Yeah, I mean, this one kind of goes without saying, doesn't it put all of your available items inside of an ender chest? You can have up to 27 shulker boxes here. This really is more than you'd ever need. It is a tiny bit boring, though, isn't it?

Nobody can steal your valuable items if you don't have any valuable items to steal. This is a faultless strategy. The old store.

The old trick

The old trick

The painting trick has been a staple of hidden item articles since around 2011. You just place a painting on some signs and then you have access to the chest behind them. It is a very good technique, but just know that the entire Minecraft community knows about it, so if you have a painting like this, people who sit in your base are going to look behind it.

Dont store them anywhere

Don't store them anywhere. Someone like me couldn't possibly do this because I'm utterly useless at Minecraft and would die immediately and lose all of my stuff. But some people are incredibly talented at the game, so if you're fairly certain that you're not going to die, you might as well just keep your items on you.

If somebody wants to steal your valuables, they'll have to pry them from your cold dead hands and attach them to a donkey, because let's be honest.

Attach them to a donkey

You know, I think even the donkey's surprised at this one, so there we go. That is our incredibly obvious starting seven. If you want the absolute simplest way to hide your items, then these right here will serve you well, so if that's all you came for, then congratulations.

You can stop watching the article now. Right now, that all the boring people have left, let's crack on with the fun stuff.

Spruce and barrels

Spruce So here we have a bit of a mock-up of the front of a house, and I think we can all agree that it looks rather lovely. I like the block pallets. And if we just take a look down at the bottom here, you might be able to spot it if you're really sharp-eyed.

You know who you are. You are James Bond, the Sherlock Holmes of Minecraft. You might be able to spot that these are in fact barrels, so we can store all of our valuable items right at the front of our house, hiding away in plain sight.

The impenetrable fortress

The impenetrable fortress

At sight, the impenetrable fortress Now this will work very well if your base is underground and you have various different caverns, as long as you have a decent supply of chorus fruit, because this does take quite a few attempts, but we just went straight in.

I'm surprised because I'm now inside of this thing that there is absolutely no entrance to. We've got access to all of the valuable items and things.

Decorative buttons

I understand that people occasionally place buttons. Without needing the button, I know I still think that's weird, so in this situation. I've taken the decorative button and I've made it a normal, functioning button, so you can see when we press this (there's a decorative button right here), we get access to two barrels, which allows us to store a bunch of valuable items, and obviously the redstone for this is just ridiculously simple because we're connecting up a button to a piston.

I mean, it doesn't get much easier than that.

Warm hand

The warm hand hidden chest You're definitely going to need your thermal gloves for this one because our chest is hidden back behind this rather lovely looking fireplace right here. You know, on the previous one where I said it doesn't get much simpler than that.

Yeah, I think this is quite a lot simpler than that. There's absolutely no redstone involved. The chest is just It's just down at the bottom there.

Torch holder twister

Torch holder twister

Torch holder twister I've always absolutely loved the way that this little building trick looks. We've got a torch that is placed on this block here, and then we've got an item frame with an anvil on the inside of it, and it actually looks like the anvil is holding the torch in place. It's really cool, but you see, this torch holder has got a bit of a secret.

If we just twist it, you can see that this block drops back, and we get access to a handful of barrels, so we've got some secret storage up at the top there. All we're doing is taking a signal out of the back of the block, where the item frame is placed, on and as we rotate. The signal strength gets stronger in this item frame, powering this block right here, which will then cause our piston to retract.

Extra chests

Sneaky extra chests You see, the people who are trying to steal your stuff are going to be so preoccupied. If they're looking through all of your actual storage, they're not going to notice what's behind it. If you're paying a lot of attention, and you would have to be paying a lot of attention here, you might notice a slight difference in tone between the wooden blocks here and the blocks that are behind the chest, and that is because these are actually shulker boxes.

They're dark brown shulker boxes that I've placed behind our storage system. Now if you're wondering why I've left a line of wooden planks, it's because those are the ones that are in line with our eye line, so I felt like if you were going to notice anything weird, it would probably be the ones that are directly in front of you.

So as long as they look normal, then these will kind of look normal as well. Of course, there are a ton of different ways to do this, a bunch of different block palettes, and I'm sure some of you have got some really good ideas.

Secret barrel

Secret barrel

The not so obvious button is that if you place a stone button on top of stone, then it can be really difficult to spot it. Mine is hidden away inside here, and it reveals a secret barrel that stores all of my items.

In this Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo shows 33 ways to Hide your items in Minecraft. These 33 things you can build in minecraft are secure, hidden and secret. Secret Storage in Minecraft is useful as it provides protection from Griefers in Minecraft. These techniques can also be used for How to Hide your base in minecraft, providing you many ways to hide a base in Minecraft.
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