Minecraft - 30 Updates That Might Be 1. 20

Minecraft - 1.20

Not to flex too much here, but the memes that I could go with for this intro, man, I could go with the future meme. I agree with the spongebob meme. Just like in the future, the possibilities here are endless. Unlike the future 1.9 team, it has an end with 1.19 approaching closer and closer and closer.

Of course, I'm excited, but what's next? Well, today for fun, we're going to take a look at what might be next. Here are 30 updates that could be in Minecraft 1.20. That sounds weird right now. Anything's on the table. What would you like to see in 1.20? The first update on our big list today is a big one.

The wild update is a biome update, a biome update that we didn't vote for, or at least the community didn't vote for. The Badlands update has to make it into the game. Inside of the Badlands update, the vulture will be added to the game.



This would be the first big event in Minecraft. When we first got the chance to vote on the vulture, it was stated that this thing would fly around in the air and look for items, and then eventually the vulture would go over to that item, pick up the item, and then go back to the sky.

Unfortunately, enough for you. I'm pretty sure you're not a bird, so good luck getting that item back, but that's not all inside of a badlands revamp. We also get a brand new type of cactus, the prickly pear cactus.

Prickly pearcactus

Possibility number one, the less exciting one, is that the new type of cactus is simply a new type of dime, being a prickly pear cactus with flowers on it.

Maybe it's a new pink or magenta diet. The exciting one is food. I feel like Minecraft seriously needs a brand new type of food that is a plant that is really, really good to eat. Maybe the prickly pear is the perfect chance. Tumbleweed was also added to the game.


Tumbleweed the concept of it is really confusing.

In real life, it's like this plant that blows around inside of a desert, a plant that moves through your world on its own, kind of like a mob, well unprecedented. But I'm not sure how the developers would make that work. How this mod does it is that tumbleweed is like a throwable item. You can throw tumbleweed around.

But it hurts me every time, so I don't know. Speaking of updates, it would be amazing to see archaeology included. Archaeology was originally announced to be part of the 1.17, Caves and glyphs updated inside of this archaeology update Brushes will be added to the game; originally two were shown off.

Archaeology brushes

Archaeology brushes

It's not clear what the difference is. In addition to dig sites, a brand new structure would be added to the game.

You would basically take these brushes and head over to the dig sites and start digging. You'd erase these layers of blocks in search of treasure. Sometimes you'd find something good, sometimes you wouldn't. There was this whole ceramic shard and pot making mechanic where you could basically take these pieces of a pot and combine them onto a solid pot to make a story.

It was really, really cool. We would have been able to use fire to smelt up these large pots that sometimes tell stories. In hindsight, cool decorations in our world. In hindsight, it kind of does make sense that this stuff was removed from caves and cliffs because it seems massive. It seems like there's so much potential for archaeology.

The long awaited bundle inventory, revamp.


A bundle Aesthetically, I feel like the bundle would fit perfectly with archaeology. Functionally, I feel like it would fit perfectly with archaeology too. A bundle inside of the archaeology update inside of 1.20. It's a dream of infinite realities.

Forget about it, this next one has two possible outcomes. Outcome number one: This next feature is in 1.20. Outcome number two: it's a 1.19-point something else. Either way, it's after 1.19. As you probably know, especially if you play Better Architection spectator mode, it's in the works.

Spectator mode

Spectator mode

It's coming soon, but it won't be in 1.19. There is a 126 percent chance the spectator mode will be making its way over to the bedrock edition after 1.19, and the spectator mode schmeck dater who cares well should.

The possibilities of spectator mode are pretty sweet. Of course you can spectate the world, like fly through it and check things out, find a cave or a geode really quickly, or maybe your obnoxious friend keeps being obnoxious in your world, well, spectator, you could use this mode to watch them, but truly the biggest reason the spectator mode is such a big deal will not be mentioned right now.

We'll come back around to it. Keep it in mind. Maybe this is me clinging to the past, but it's becoming summer, and when it becomes summer outside, there are the fireflies, and you know, poor firefly, how could they have done that to you poor firefly?


I mean, imagine this: after 1.19 instead of 1.20 comes 1.19.1, or maybe even 1.9.2, it's a small update, and inside of that small update is a brand new small, tiny particle effect.

I mean, sure, I guess technically it is not 1.20 at that point, but like please, like firefly, I will do anything to have you. I mean, look at this thing, the atmosphere. How amazing would this be? I mean, this has been done before after 1.16, when the piglet brute was out of the game, so maybe after 1.19.

The firefly is added to the developer's said "swamp update." I thought that they would update the existing swamp, not add a brand new type of swamp to the game. When the developer said "desert update," I thought that they would either update the existing desert or add a new one. The guess is up to you either way.

Please don't do the azalea thing. Please no, the palm tree will be a brand new tropical, hot, warm type of tree.

Palm trees

Palm trees

You'll find this thing generating in the desert or, in the new desert biome, we'd also be looking at a desert oasis.


Oasis, desert the oasis that you'd be able to find inside of the desert will basically be a pocket of life instead of a dead, dry wasteland.

I mean. I'm not sure, but I would guess this pocket of life will probably become its own bio, and maybe that pocket of life biome is where you actually end up finding the palm tree instead of inside of a dry wasteland. I mean, palm trees. I'm pretty sure they're not in the desert after all. This mod also adds some random loot containers that you can find in the interior of the desert.

Who left them there? Maybe an explorer that went away or something bad like that. So something like that could be pretty cool to see. Something pretty adorable to see is the meerkat. Look at this meerkat right here. What does the meerkat actually do well? Unlike the vulture, we don't really know what this thing does.

THE FUTURE! with the minecraft wild update releasing in a week i can't stop thinking about whats next. in this video we take a look at 30 updates that we could end up seeing in minecraft 1.
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