Minecraft - 20 Ways To Break

Minecraft - 20 ways to break

And really quickly, I just want to add that if you are already subscribed, then thank you so much. At the time you're watching this, I probably had a million subscribers just a few weeks ago, which is absolutely insane. I really do appreciate everyone that has subscribed, and if you haven't yet, then please consider doing so.

I promise you won't regret it. But that said, thank you once again. Let's get right into it, and I hope you enjoy it. Ever wanted to have infinite items in Minecraft? So we can create something called "shadow items." It's pretty much two groups of items that are linked together, so when I throw an item from my inventory, an item gets thrown out of this hopper, and even cooler, it works the other way around.

If you hook it up to a storage system, you'll have infinitely refilling stacks of items, so you'll never run out of the resources you need and vice versa. You can set up your items into a hopper that'll automatically drain your goods into a storage system, allowing you to mine for years without your inventory ever filling up.

Minecraft - break

You can even use item shadowing as a form of remote control; when you drop a certain item, the corresponding Stacking back at home base can trigger an ender pearl stasis chamber and teleport you back from anywhere in the world. It's a really neat trick, and if you want to learn how to do it. Luck, I mean, no matter how good you are at the game, luck, and rng, is something that you can't really harness.

You can't, per say, force an enchanting table to give you certain enchantments or place lava to summon lightning in survival, or can you? Yes, you can, and it's just as cool as it sounds. It was developed by Earth Computer and showcased by Rey's Works as a way to crack an enchanting table or give you the perfect enchantment.

Every single time, and you can control it in survival. The way this works, the randomness of an enchanting table is determined by two numbers. The x prng and the player rng both have their own respective seeds or starting numbers, and if we know these seeds, we can figure out what enchantments we're going to get and how to get them.

Minecraft - breaking

The problem is that there are over 4.3 billion possible seeds and there are plenty of things that are constantly changing them. sprinting, eating, using mending, logging out, changing dimensions, dropping items The list is endless, but we can use this to our advantage by taking a look at the number of levels required for an enchanting table and plugging them into this really helpful tool on the earth computer.

It is possible to find the xp and player seeds with that information. All you need to do is to drop some items out of your inventory, and boom, the perfect enchantments for your tools. Just tell the program what you want, and it will give you detailed instructions on exactly what you need to do to get those enchantments, how much lapis you need, how many levels, and how many bookshelves.

It's super user-friendly and takes like three minutes to do. Isn't that just incredible? You can do the same thing with lightning. By loading certain chunks at just the right time, members of the prototype server were able to create a working lightning farm and, by association, a skeleton horseman farm.

Minecraft - completely break

From there, they were able to gather some of the most broken items in the game, like a protection eight helmet. But I digress, they were able to control the weather by placing lava and loading chunks in a way that would periodically update the world's random seed. They were responsible for the weather, and they did so in a way that made the game think it should summon a lightning bolt at a precise location, over and over again.

Granted, now we have lighting rods, but let's be honest, this is way cooler. By using specially made tools, you can also predict and control droppers. They are pretty much the most common randomizers in Minecraft. They all revolve around a dropper spitting out a random item, and if you use this tool designed by Matthew Ballin, you can actually crack that randomness and guess with a hundred percent accuracy what the dropper will spit out next.

Minecraft - completely breaking

It's a really awesome party trick that still works to this day. Another really interesting way to destroy Minecraft is to raise certain numbers well past their limits. Most things in Minecraft have a pre-coded limit, but using very basic techniques, you can actually go way beyond this. For example, using certain tools, you can teleport over 2 billion blocks out, in which case world generation.

Completely. Dies out and minecraft just doesn't know what to do anymore if you take this to smaller lengths, things like entities and shadows start distorting. And stretching out, but instead of distance, you can also edit your options file to stretch out your field of view by stretching your fov to numbers nearing 180 degrees, the entire world completely.

The game zooms out and makes the game nearly unplayable. Similarly, you can do the same thing but with the lighting engine by setting the gamma value past the 32-bit integer limit. All sorts of shadows and lighting effects completely break down, giving you pitch black worlds, glow-in-the-dark, and black lava.

Minecraft - dream

I'm willing to bet you probably never thought you'd see some things. Now, because this article is essentially 20 things Leafy finds interesting and wants you to know about, it definitely wouldn't be right to leave out some of the most game-breaking seeds, and by game-breaking. I, of course, mean bedrock-breaking.

For instance, in this bedrock edition world showcased by Ibx, there is an igloo that outright builds you a ladder down to the void. There's also this ruined portal seat that breaks bedrock 23, times 24, counting the version, and you thought the nether roof was safe. And just like the overworld used to be able to find fossils penetrating the bedrock roof into the nether, just like this seed on Java gives you a nice easy way up, but this isn't the only way that seeds have been broken before.

In fact, there are tons of other messed up seeds that seem to break all Minecraft logic. You might have heard of these ones, but they're still so awesome. Those are repeating cave seeds. There are certain seeds that repeat the same cave pattern over and over again all the way to the border, and this one over here, well, it repeats mine shafts.

Minecraft - exploit

And wait, you thought your Minecraft world was unique. Well, there's a 1 in 23 billion chance that it isn't. Sister seeds are two worlds that have different seeds but the exact same structure and cave generation, and in cases where the biomes overlap, their features are freakishly similar. Out of the 48 possible seats, there are 65, 536 total sister seats.

With all the glitches, exploits and random features Minecraft has to offer there are tons of ways to absoultely break it. From infinte fov, to infinite items, to straight up immortality. This is how to completely break Minecraft. A showcase of 20ish ways to break the game.
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