Minecraft - 20 Important Things To Know If You Just Returned To



A lot of things have changed in Minecraft with recent updates, and so in this article I'll show you 20 important things to know if you just returned to playing Minecraft .

How to duplicate allays

For instance, you've probably heard about the la and its interesting item-picking abilities. However, in the most recent update, you can now duplicate the la.

This is the only mob in the entire game that you can get more of this way. If you right click on one of them, music is playing and they're dancing to it, so for instance, that one wasn't dancing, but this one will instantly duplicate into two. This is the only mob in the entire game that you only need one of two to split in two, and I'm hoping that in the future we'll get more mobs like this.

Minecraft - 1.19 facts

So now there is a cool down timer for this, so we can't just spam click on a lace to get hundreds of them, but before these were added, a laser was a really limited resource, and so it's nice to get these in an infinite way with such easy things as a jukebox playing and some amethyst shards .

Always find buried treasure

Ocean runes and shipwrecks can contain clues to the buried treasure map.

There is a way to predict where the buried treasure will be generated every single time. The first step is to make sure that your arrow is fully centered on that red x. Then what you want to do is press f3 plus g on your keyboard. That will show you the chunk borders, and go to the northwest corner of the chunk.

This trick does work on Bedrock Edition 2. The problem is that you can't have chunk borders on that version. The only difference between the bedrock and Java versions is that it is nine blocks from the edge, so if this was bedrock, we'd go to this northwest corner and we'd go nine blocks this way and then, counting the block we're on, we'd go nine blocks the other way.

Minecraft - 20 1.19 tips and tricks you should know

There are some ways of finding out where chunk borders are on bedrock edition, and just like never missing buried treasure. By using this trick, you can also make sure to never miss my Minecraft guides, tutorials, and facts by making sure to subscribe with notifications.

Get 4x more copper blocks

As very few people who watch my articles are subscribed, it would mean a lot to me. Copper is fairly common in the Minecraft world, but something you can do to use it much more efficiently as well as other materials is the stone cutter. If we make some copper blocks here on the crafting table and then we use them here again, we're turning four blocks of copper into four blocks of cut copper, so one block of copper into one block of cut copper, which does make sense.

However, if we go over here to the stone cutter and put in our three blocks of copper, you can see one of these will turn into four cut copper, or four cut copper stairs, or eight cut copper slabs, which means you can get four times the amount of copper if you use the stone cutter versus using the crafting table.

Minecraft - 20 things you need to know in

As well as that, you can also use the stone cutter to make much more efficient stairs. The recipe here is one to one, but the traditional stone recipe takes six blocks and only gives you four back.

How to heal iron golems

Iron golems and minecraft, of course, are incredibly useful. It not only defends the village, but is also great for defending your own base from mobs and fighting during raids.

Something you may have noticed is that the iron golem will crack when it gets more hurt, and a really great feature that was added to the game is the fact that you can heal iron golems. An iron golem usually takes 36 pieces of iron to build, unless they're summoned in by villagers. But it's very cheap to fully heal an iron golem, so simply right click on them with an iron ingot and you will see it slowly fill up its health, also becoming less cracked, and now this golem has the health of a standard fully replenished golem.

Just be aware that if you did not create the golem yourself and you healed it, killing it will not stop it from becoming hostile towards you if you anger it or if villagers make it angry towards you. But it's still a really great tip, as it's about eight times cheaper to heal an iron golem than it is to just summon in a new one.

Netherite mining tricks

Netherite mining tricks

Now, Minecraft does have a new best material netherrate and you probably know that, but there are a couple tricks to use to make mining it even faster. The first one is to dig a staircase down until you're at Y14.

Now on my f3 screen it says I'm at Y14. Technically, the most netherrate is generated around y1415, so we cover both of those, with this being y14, and this being y15. And it's actually somewhat efficient to just mine through here with the pickaxe. If you have an insta mining pickaxe, that's technically faster than the bed mining method, and it's good to know if you want to use that bed mining method to dig forward as far as you can, place the bed far away as you can, explode that bed, and look around it for ancient debris.

You can see we just found a piece of this rare ore, which you will need four of to make one of your tools or pieces of armor into a netherright tool or piece of armor.

Waterless crop farm

Now you have You've just finished creating a standard food firm, and you're pretty happy with it, but there's something you may not know that you can do to make this a much better design.

It's simply to simply grab a slab, place it in the middle right here, and you don't have to worry about bumping over your water source and, by accident, breaking crops. I found often times, if I have a very large amount of wheat or some other crop and I'm walking towards it, what can happen is I'll dip down into the water, and I'll find sometimes when I'm trying to jump out of the water.

I'll break a crop by accident. So just placing a slab here will make that much better. It will make your farm look a lot more seamless, and you can use any slab you want as this is waterlogged. It's being counted as a full water source to make all these crops hydrated.

Raiding piglin bastions

Raiding piglin bastions

Now because piglems love gold so much, they'll, of course, not attack you if you're wearing a gold piece of armor. However, if you try to open up a chest of theirs, they will become hostile towards you. So how can you make this very dangerous behavior stop? Well, there are a couple of tricks to stop this.

The first one is to place a hopper underneath the chest that you're trying to get the items out of and then simply remove the items from that hopper instead of removing them directly from the chest or breaking that chest. The second thing you can do, which is rather interesting, is to take off that gold helmet.

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