Minecraft - 11 Levels Of Door: From Noob To Pro

Minecraft - 10x10 piston door

I like Minecraft piston doors. I also really like pumpkin carving, at least apparently, according to the YouTube algorithm, because this article kept getting suggested to me and, after resisting the urge to click on it for a very long time. I finally did and I heavily enjoyed it. We are going to go from Level 1, which is going to be nice and easy, all the way up to Level 11, which is going to be a professional piston door.

From Level 1, we truly are starting from the bottom on this one. You know, there's not really much to it. There are no buttons. There's not really a door. There are two doors, but there's no actual door here, and the way that we open up, it's a level one door. We just do a bit of that and then to close it, it's quite simple.

It's a bit of that. It's nice and easy to build, you know, one block wide. I mean, look at how most of the other doors on this list are one block wide. It could be completely hidden, you know, and it could be massive. You can make a 100-by-100-inch door using this technique. It just might take a while to open.

Please keep watching the article. It does get better from here. We actually included a door. We've upgraded to a door, and we even have a redstone component. If I stand on this redstone component, you can see that our door actually opens and stays open until we get to the other side. Look, the beauty of this door is that we can go through it like this.

Minecraft - 11 levels

It does get better. I promise to the four people still watching level three, hold on to your shorts because we now have not one, but two doors in the mix, and we've got multiple Redstone components. I mean, look at this. Look at this. That is fancy stuff. I can even stand on one of the pressure plates.

I don't have to stand on both of them if I stand on any of the pressure plates. Those doors are opening in sync. Not that I need to tell you to do that; you're already doing it. It's Level Four, and now we are finally starting to work on pistons. This is probably the most common piston door design, and for good reason; it works really quickly, it's incredibly compact, it's just a really nice little design now.

Minecraft - 11 levels of door

My patented donut design is, of course, optional. You can have a completely solid door, but I personally really like this, especially because if you're flying with an ultra, you can actually fly straight through it, which kind of renders the whole thing pointless, doesn't it? I'm in a door that you can get through without having to open the door.

That basically makes it not a door. Hey, it looks pretty, and that's all that counts. Level number five: If level four wasn't secure enough for you, then level five should hopefully do the trick because this is a two-by-two flash piston door. We've got ourselves a completely flat wall. You wouldn't be able to tell a door was there, and unless, of course, you wanted to actually hide this thing, you wouldn't have the lever.

Perfect for those of you who have got sneaky neighbors who like to steal your stuff or if your server is particularly laggy, level number six. This is a personal favorite of mine, especially With a design like this, we've all seen the sand piston doors, and they always look a little bit naff, but if you can work in a nice block palette, then they can actually end up looking really cool, and the beauty of a gravity-based door like this is that there really isn't any redstone above the ground.

Minecraft - 13 levels of pumpkin carving

All of the redstone is down underneath, which makes things look quite elegant when they're up on the surface. We've got ourselves a nice looking archer. I mean, this is a cool looking art tray. And I really like the building that I've done here. I don't know if you've noticed, but I've tried my best to make all of the doors look unique and interesting, and I'm really happy with some of the designs that are coming up, but this right here definitely is a personal favorite of mine.

I mean, I like the way that it looks when it's open and then when it's closed as well. Of course, I'm a big fan of level seven. Of course, this would not be a article on the various levels of piston doors without including some form of conventional 3x3 piston door, so here you go. We have it. You can see we've got that familiar opening and closing sequence now.

Minecraft - 3x3 piston door

I've tried my best to add a slight spiral animation that I think looks pretty cool. It kind of spirals out in chunks. I like it a lot, and also one tiny modification that I've made from traditional 3x3 piston door designs is that I've made the top part one block wide. I'm well aware of them, and I do like them because they're incredibly compact when it comes to the three by three door that I actually want to build in my base.

It's always going to be one with a nice opening sequence, so the main bulk of this thing is down underneath the ground. Which means it can integrate really nicely inside your base because there's nothing worse than having to create a gigantic and deep hallway to cover up all of the redstone from your piston door.

It completely defeats the object of building something that looks this cool, and I have to say, with the little building elements I've added in, I really do think this thing does look cool. Level eight is the castle gate, and in true poetic fashion, level eight is the castle. Now, these are nowhere near as common as they used to be.

Minecraft - 4x4 piston door

They were incredibly popular back in 2013, and again in 2014, when The larger piston doors were slightly more difficult to construct, but I personally have always been a massive fan of them, and I really like the way that this design looks, and there's just something so incredibly satisfying about watching these things open and just walking through you.

I know I feel like the king of my own kingdom. I'm actually recording this article in chainmail. You know, ever since I built it, I just bought a horse on eBay. I lied it was actually a pair of coconuts, but the thought still stands. Okay, get me in a kingly mood, because everyone deserves to be in a kingly mood every now and then.

I'm not sure that "kingly" is actually a word, but I feel like if I keep saying it, it will become one. Level 8 piston door aside, despite the fact that this is a level 8 piston door, it's actually really quite simple. We've got a double extender down the bottom and a double piston extender up at the top, and they kind of pass the castle gate back and forth, and with a little bit of redstone magic.

Minecraft - 6x6 piston door

I've managed to keep this thing incredibly compact. I mean, look how little redstone there is on level nine. Just like the 3X3 piston door, this thing had to have features. I can't possibly do a article reference of doors without referencing my 4x4 volt door. I know it sounds dark because there are bigger and more impressive piston doors out there, but this truly is my favorite redstone door in Minecraft.

In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft redstone video, we look at Minecraft doors, and how you can go from Noob to Pro at Minecraft redstone doors. Going from Simple Minecraft doors, through to easy Minecraft piston doors, into Large Minecraft piston doors, and finally into giant Minecraft Piston doors involving Slimeblock Flying machines. This video has all sizes of Piston door - 2x2 Piston Door, 3x3 Piston Door, 4x4 Piston Door, 6x6 Piston Door, 7x7 Piston Door, 8x8 Piston Door, 9x9 Piston Door, 10x10 Piston Door! Inspired by WIRED Easy to Complex.
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