Minecraft - 10 Easy Ways To Find Diamonds 1. 19. Java & Bedrock



Finding diamonds isn't as easy as it used to be, but by the end of this article you will be full of diamonds with tons to spare, so you'll be able to flex your friends quite easily. Before we start, I just want to say that only 3.6 percent of my viewers are actually subscribed, so if you're new here, make sure you're subscribed.

It's free, and you can always unsubscribe later. So, without further ado, here are 10 easy ways to find diamonds in Minecraft.

How to find diamonds using deep dark

119 1.19, gave us an amazing diamond finding biome, which is the deep, dark Not only do moms not spawn on this branch, but once you get rid of the skull shriekers, you will find a ton of diamonds.

The substance that is around the edge of the caves is called skulk. What makes this stuff so important is that it tricks the world's generation of diamonds.

Perfect y level to mine on minecraft 1.19

Perfect y level to mine on minecraft 1.19

Diamonds may also spawn beneath you and get eaten up by bedrock, so it's not a great level to mine on. If you do want to mine on the absolute most efficient diamond level, it's wide level negative 57. But you still have to watch out for those lava pools. Nevertheless, you can choose to also strip mine at y level negative 54, which is the same level that lava pools start at, so crossing over them is very easy.

Diamonds are also still common at this level as well, so you should get your fair share as a bonus. You can get all the diamonds in an area if you mine in a row with a 2 block gap in between each row. This makes sure that you get any diamonds heading in between your columns, and you can go ahead and mine up or down to get any of the diamonds in the absolute area.

Finding diamonds using ancient cities

Finding diamonds using ancient cities

While you're on your journey, you may encounter ancient cities, Now these are the perfect one-stop shops for diamonds around the city. They're like random pockets of ore that are pretty easily obtainable. This can be diamond ore, or this could be iron gold, lapis, and redstone as well. But you need to be careful around the skull sensors and shriekers, because if you're not careful, you'll activate the warden, and if that happens, you'll need to be prepared to run, but before leaving, make sure to go ahead and check all the chests.

The chest can be filled with enchanted diamond hose and enchanted diamond leggings, so it may save you a few XP levels and diamonds later on.

How to find diamonds using fossils

The clay method doesn't work anymore, unfortunately, but a brand new method has arisen. If you are mining in either a swamp biome or a desert biome, you may come across fossils, and fossils in these biomes are particularly special because if they're below y = zero in these biomes, they are diamond fossils.

If you now mine out the fossil, you will uncover several diamond pockets laying around, but fighting fossils is hard, so if you want to find these fossils easily, just do sludge seed in your world. Go ahead and copy the text that the world gave you and then head over to the chunk-based seed map website.

Input your seed and select the version that you are in, so that the seed map will be updated below. On that map, you will see a bunch of bones. The bones show you places where there are fossils, and if you hover over those bones, it will tell you the coordinates of those fossils. If according to show that the y level is below zero, then it is a diamond fossil.

Now the only thing that is stopping you from getting those diamonds is you just going over there and mining them down. At this point, I'm going to assume that you were bored with mining. I mean, if mining for hours hasn't gotten you your diamond yield that you think you deserve, is it all that Well, then stop mining.

How to build a tunnel bore 1.19

How to build a tunnel bore 1.19

Stop mining Instead, build this tunnel boar machine by Misty Cat instead. This machine is super simple but does require a few scarce materials. It duplicates the TNT, shooting it in front and blowing up a path moving forward on its own, all with the click of a note block.

So now you won't need to swing your pickaxe ever again until, of course, you discover some of the beautiful blue gems that were hiding behind the stone while using your tunnelboard. You may also come across those pesky lava pools again, but this time you should be excited. If you're on the Java version of the game, go ahead and open up your f3 menu.

F3 menu hacks

Once you've opened that, look on the right hand side and you will see something that says target block and then a block underneath. The block that you are currently looking at is shown right there. Using this, we can peer through lava and have them exposed to us by the game, making them an easy treasure to pocket into your inventory.

Before you leave Liverpool, check to see if you're carrying glass. If you're on the bedrock version of Minecraft and place a piece of glass on the top of the lava pool, you can peer through as if it's not even there. The only thing stopping you from getting them is that you'll want to scurry over there to that vein.

If you are on Java, you can still use blocks like rails, iron bars, and water buckets to check under or near lava for diamonds as well, and this gives you a pretty good advantage since most of your friends won't be exploring lava pools for diamonds, allowing you to easily become the richest of them all.

Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to find diamonds is directly on the surface.

Badlands biome

Badlands biome

If you are wandering around and see a badlands biome, make sure you go out and explore it. As you go through and loot the mine shaft, you can find those baby blue gems stashed away just waiting for you. As an added bonus, you can also find crazy enchanted books in those chests as well. Exploring badlands isn't the only way to get diamonds, though they can be found in shipwrecks, minecart chests, and for desert temples, jungle temples, villages, strongholds and other fortresses, treasure bastions and cities, and finally through buried treasure, which if you find a buried treasure map, just go to the x and play your f3 menu and look at where it says block on the left.

On the right side, there are chords in brackets, and if you go to 99 in these chords and dig down, you will find treasure every single time, plus you'll get some other valuable loot like gold, iron , and the heart of the sea.

How to get diamonds using villagers

Minecraft - best diamond method

As of now, the most efficient way to obtain diamonds in minecraft currently is, and will most likely always be, from villagers' trading, There are two ways to get diamonds from villagers.

The first is to make an axe and head over to a forest to drop down as many trees as you can. Once you get around 10 stacks of logs, make yourself some fletcher tables, a blast furnace, and find yourself a village. Once at a village, craft all your logs into sticks and place your fletcher table down to trade the sticks with the villagers.

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