Minecraft Bedrock - Top 20 Best New Seeds For Minecraft 1. 19. Edition Seeds

Minecraft Bedrock - 1.19

Imagine if your Minecraft world had a huge desert mansion, a bamboo mountain valley, or the best new spawn ever. Here are the top 20 seeds for Minecraft 1.19. This week's Minecraft seeds are sponsored by World of Warships. The world of warships combines epic naval warfare with breathtaking, living landscapes to create the best free-to-play battleship gaming experience you'll ever have.

It's crazy how a free game can look this good. There's just been an update to the game with the long-awaited addition of British battleships that I'll definitely be using to represent the royal navy and conquer the seas in its incredibly fun online team-based strategy game. Although I'm going to need your help, please choose from one of the 400 historical ships.

Join my team and give me some much-needed help. These ships were actually designed using historical documents and blueprints. The attention to detail is insane. The best time to try this game is right now. C20 has one of the tallest desert temples I've ever seen, on the edge of an incredible windswept savannah.

Minecraft Bedrock - 1.19 best seeds

There's building potential both around and within. This towering structure would make a perfect desert skyscraper. It's very rare that you're able to find the temple treasure above the surface, like this. Close by, you can find a mangrove forest as well as a coastal ruined portal village. This seed also has a fantastic opportunity for a mob farm with this double skeleton spawner.

Seed 19 spawns you in the ocean next to an immense mushroom island biome that stretches over 3,700 blocks in length. If anyone fancies the mushroom survival experience, this is the seed for you. You can really appreciate how huge this island is once you try it for yourself. The coastline is so long that there are 32 ocean monuments separating this mushroom continent from the mainland.

I hope you're a fan of mushroom stew and mushroom milk. Seed 18 has a flower forest village near spawn with a secret house hidden away deep in the caves. You can find it by heading down this gap next to the cow pen. I've never seen a house generated in a cave like this before. Any theories why the villagers decided to live down here, away from the rest of the village?

Minecraft Bedrock - 1.19 seeds

Head further down under this village. You can also find an ancient city with access to an exposed stronghold. Seed 17 spawns you next to a colorful crater comprised of bamboo jungle and wooded badlands. I love craters like this. This is the first one I've seen full of bamboo. I'm sure this location could become the home to a very unique building.

Jump on down into this water hole and you'll find that this crater also has a secret entrance to a magical and spacious, lush cave system. There are plenty of building opportunities above and below in this location. A lot of you have been wishing for a nice flat area to build on. If that's what you're after, this seat is perfect for you.

These flat planes stretch all the way past the horizon, making you feel like you're back in 1.17. With just a couple of structures, a few lakes, and a beautiful flower forest. At its finest. Seed 15 spawns Right in front of this crazy carved out woodland mansion, there's a strange floating chunk of terrain on top with a waterfall that flows down to a wide open basement that's ready for you to move right into.

Minecraft Bedrock - bedrock

It's a great place to hide at the start of the game while you plan your mansion raid. Opposite the mansion, you'll find a great combination of beaches, mangrove swamps, bamboo jungle, and even a jungle temple. Seed 14 has the most surprising igloo basement I've seen in a while. Imagine climbing down the ladders and this is what you find: an igloo basement inside of a stronghold and a mine shaft at the same time.

What makes the siglu even more special is the fact that it's also inside of a village. Do you think this is the luckiest igloo placement ever? Seat 13 spawns you in a meadow's outpost and a delayed valley with access to a monstrous, exposed cave. The size of this cave alone would be a good enough reason to check out this seed, but luckily, it's packed full of great features too.

Minecraft Bedrock - bedrock edition

Right at the bottom, there's an exposed ancient city with a mine shaft on top, and there are plenty of open dungeons too. There's another exposed cave in this seed too, which is so big that it contains four abandoned. Try to connect them all and create one big mega mine shaft. C12 has one of the greatest spawn views ever.

Just over the river, you can see a woodland mansion situated perfectly at the end of a mountain valley. It's like this terrain was custom made to direct you to the mansion. Travel through the valley and you'll find the mansion surrounded by more valleys and even more lush caves. This area is full of stunning mountainous areas.

Here's a sunflower village on the scope of a maxi-height mountain, which is opposite some truly serene frozen peaks. seed 11 spawns You are in a frog-filled mangrove swamp on the edge of a sparse jungle. Head through the jungle and you'll find a host of great features, including a village, a desert temple, a ruined portal, and a badlands biome.

Minecraft Bedrock - bedrock seeds

Head down into the treasure room and you'll find something extraordinary. This is such a great seed if you're a fan of warm biomes. C10 is another amazing temple seed, this time with some really unique terrain. This desert temple is partially buried at the base of a windswept mangrove, which is also home to a village and loads of interesting caverns to explore.

I love the views of the surrounding desert from this sheltered part of the village. Nearby, there are even more mangrove villages and windswept terrain to explore. Seed Nine spawns You are close to a meadow mountain village with a fantastic blend of features above the surface. You have a blacksmith, beehives, jagged peaks, and some perfect plains for building or farming.

The features continue directly underneath the village, where you can find both an ancient city and a stronghold inside of the same cave system. I love seeds that combine so many features with eye-pleasing terrain all in the same place. If seadate spawns you on a jungle temple, not near a jungle temple, not right next to a jungle temple, literally, on top of a jungle temple.

Minecraft Bedrock - best

I challenge someone to try and survive in this seat for as long as they can without leaving the temple. I'm not sure that's even possible, but I would love to watch someone try. If you do decide to leave and do some exploring, you may come across this stronghold outpost village opposite the eroded badlands.

Seed seven has my favorite structure combination in Minecraft, a shipwreck village. This shipwreck is right on your doorstep, both figuratively and literally. These two houses have been completely destroyed, but it looks like this villager is making the most of it. Have you seen the worst parking job in Minecraft?

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