Minecraft Bedrock - Easiest 1. 19 Automatic Fish Farm Tutorial (mcpe/xbox/ps4/nintendo Switch/pc)

Minecraft Bedrock - 1.17 automatic fish farm

In this article, I'm going to be teaching you how to make a simple and efficient automatic minecraft bedrock fish farm. This farm works on point 17 and all of the recent versions of Minecraft Bedrock with the pony phone, tablet, Xbox PlayStation, and a switch or PC. By the way, it is easier to make than the previous automatic fish farm.

For this farm, all you'll need is three chests and two water buckets. One lava bucket, one hopper One minecart with a hopper and two rails One glass block, ten slabs. You guys can use any type of slab that you want. There are three ladders. Two signs You guys can use any type of sign that you want, one steer and finally about eight solid blocks.

You guys can use any type of solid block that you want, except for soft blocks that burn. A couple examples of salt blocks that don't burn include cobblestone or stone. The first step is to take some salt blocks. You guys can use any type of salt block that you want. Now place down three one two three.

Then place two over here. Place two over here. After you've created that shape, place his chest at the spot. Now crouch down and place your line over here. That side and chest will cause your fishing rod to drop down whenever something latches onto it. The next step is to crouch down and place water in the chest, then put some water over here as well.

Minecraft Bedrock - afk fish farm

That water will allow you to fish in this area. The next step is to break these four blocks, one two three four, and then break these three as well, one two three. Now they have the other blocks in the outline. After you've completed that step, you should have a hole that is four blocks long and four blocks tall.

Now come over here and place two chests on the spot. One will be the collection stretch of this farm. All the loot that you catch will go here. Now crouch down and place the hopper on the spot. Make sure the hopper is falling towards the chest. To check that the hopper is falling towards the chest, I recommend you guys break the six blocks one two three four five six.

As you guys can see here The nozzle on that hopper should be facing that way so that heart will collect all the loot from the minecart hopper and fall into the collection chest. After you have checked that your hopper is falling in the correct direction, replace these blocks. The next step is to turn in this direction.

Minecraft Bedrock - jc playz

Now place a sign over here. That sign will prevent lava from falling onto the minecart with the hopper. Now crouch down and place two blocks over here, then place two rails on top. Now place a minecart with a hopper over here, then push it over on top of that hopper. The Minecraft hopper should fall into that hole just like that.

It will collect all the loops before it bursts into lava. After your minecart hopper is over there, break these two rails and break these two blocks. Now crash down and place the glass block over here. Now place a saw block at this spot. The next step is to place lava over here. That lava will cause your garage to fully retract whenever it falls down here.

Minecraft Bedrock - jc playz fish farm

It will also prevent your fishing rod from losing durability, as you can see here. The next step is to place a block in this spot. Now place three ladders over here. Now please stare at the spot, then place a slab over here. This spot will be where you stand when you use this farm. Once you have done that, crouch down, place the block over here, then place a slab on the spot.

This slab will help ensure you never accidentally walk into the lava. Once you have completed that step, please block each of these spots, then put the slab on each of these parts as well. The next step is to take a cut or salmon over to that spot. I am now going to show you how you guys can easily do that in survival mode.

To do that, first go over to a river or the ocean, and then hold a water bucket. Now jump in the river or ocean and look for a cocker salmon. Once you have found one of those fish, click it with a bucket of water. As you add some seal, you shouldn't catch it. The next step is to place your cod or salmon on the spot.

Minecraft Bedrock - mcpe 1.17 automatic fish farm

As you guys can see, once you do that, the fish should be swimming in that water. By the way, the fish will never despawn because you picked it up with your water bucket earlier. Any fish over there will increase the rate that you can catch fish and treasure items on this farm. The next step is to break each of these blocks.

Now crouch down and place the slab over here. Then put a slab at each of these other spots as well. Those slabs will prevent walls from being able to go into the water chamber. I am now going to do a quick fly round so you guys can check and make sure it makes farm correctly. Over here, you actually have this fish chamber.

Over there, you guys have that lava. Whenever a fish or other item latches onto the rod, it will automatically drop down because of the simon chest. Whenever that rod hits the lava, it will then get fully retracted. The item that is caught will be collected by the minecraft hopper, funneled into that hopper, and fall into this class and chest.

Minecraft Bedrock - mcpe afk fish farm

After an item has been caught, you guys can cast the rod back out again to catch another item. I am now going to show y'all how to use this farm. To use it, stand over here. Now hold the fishing rod and aim across here at the top middle part of the sign. But if you guys don't have your crosstalk on your screen, you guys can get it by going to your settings and turning on split controls.

Now cast your fishing rod away from the spot. As you guys can see here, the bobber should go somewhere in that area. Whenever a fish or other item latches onto the rod, it will automatically retract. Whenever the rod retracts, you guys will get some xp and the loot will fall down into the clutch chest to catch another item.

All you guys need to do is cast the rod out again. By highway, you will never have to worry about any items getting burned by that lava because they'll always get picked up by the microwave hopper. Once again, the fishing rod will never lose its ability because of the lava. This farm is a great, quick and easy way to get a ton of loot and xp.

Minecraft Bedrock - minecraft console automatic fish farm

It is much easier to do than normal fishing. By the way, this farm still works really well even if you don't use an auto-clicker. I never use an auto clicker and I am still able to quickly and easily get a bunch of loot with his farm. The seal will increase your chances of getting a treasure item and will decrease the time that you need to wait for something to latch onto your fishing rod.

Here is a demonstration of using a fishing rod with those enchantments on this farm. As you guys can see here, I was quickly able to get a bunch of great loot. If this farmer does not work for you, make sure you're aiming at the right spot. You should stand over here and aim across there somewhere at the top middle part of the sign.

EASIEST 1. 19 AUTOMATIC FISH FARM TUTORIAL in Minecraft Bedrock MCPEXboxPS4Nintendo SwitchPC. This Minecraft Bedrock automatic fish farm is simple and efficient. It will allow you to easily get a bunch of loot and xp.
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