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some games are about hardship and adversity, as if they want you to be weak. There's a real satisfaction in overcoming some difficult obstacle or foe. In some games, though, they just want you to feel like an unstoppable badass. Hi folks, it's Falcon, and today's game ranks 10 of the most badass article games abilities.

Blackout - watchdogs series

Starting off at number 10, Blackout from the Watchdog series. In a huge radius around you, it was mainly useful for escaping pursuit by police or dealing with armed guards if you're surrounded, but the effect of a rolling blackout around you is so cool that sometimes it's just kind of fun to use it to see what happens.

I mean, it's pretty much an instant chaos. The button power has been in this franchise since the beginning, and it was even featured in the very first trailer of the original game. The developers clearly knew that this was a cool as hell concept. Actually, using it in the first game was kind of a pain because you actually had to craft it using parts; it wasn't just something you could use.

The sequel did make it easier, though, even if it was kind of a high-level power that you had to actually unlock. In Watchdog's and Legion, you actually don't get it and it's sorely missed because evading pursuers in this game can be a huge pain. They did bring it back with the Bloodlines DLC, where you can play as Aiden from the first game, but it's not as useful here as it used to be. Blackout is kind of the signature ability for Watch Dogs, though, and regardless of how you feel about the actual games, it is a pretty damn cool power.

Time stop and time blast - quantum break

Time stop and time blast - quantum break

At number 9 is time stop and time blast from quantum Break Remedy. They are kind of the masters of cool powers and games. I mean, they basically invented bullet time in article games with Max Payne.

Recall the cool slowdown and time reload from Max Payne 2? That was pretty badass and maybe even should have been on the list, but probably the game with the coolest powers, in our opinion, at least, is the underrated quantum break. The one with time powers. They came up with this game back in 2016, and the time powers were kind of old hat by then, but they really took it to the next level.

The coolest abilities are the time stop and the time blast. With time stob, you can create a bubble where time is completely stopped. It's great for stopping enemies completely, but even cooler is the ability to stack bullets. When you fire at enemies trapped in the time stop, the bullets freeze in place and are immediately released all at once when the power wears off, blasting the enemy with all the bullets you fired at them all at once.

It's a cool as hell effect that can absolutely destroy enemies that are hit by it, and it's just really satisfying. The time blast, on the other hand, is about as straightforward as it gets. You just charge up a huge explosion and take out every enemy caught in the blast. What makes it so badass are the effects. It's one of the absolute coolest and it's just incredibly satisfying to use every single time.

Metal gear rising: revengeance - blade mode

Metal gear rising: revengeance - blade mode

Number eight is Metal Gear Solid Rising, is blade mode. It's sort of Platinum's specialty, making games that are as badass as possible, and this game might be their crowning achievement in that category.

Combat is intense, but once you get the hang of it, you basically feel invincible, and a big part of that involves the signature feature of the game, Blade Mode. The funny thing is that platinum didn't actually come up with blade mode. It's a holdover from the original version of Metal Gear Rising that got tanned, but clearly they knew that there was a good thing there because they made full use of it.

Do you know exactly what we're talking about here? With the press of a button, you get direct control over the sword, and you can use it to slash enemies into as many pieces as possible. It only works when they're vulnerable, so it's kind of an elaborate finishing move, but it is so satisfying to get to the end of a tough fight and just slash away at an enemy that was giving you trouble mechanically.

The main reason for using it is to steal enemy electrolytes, which gives you a health and energy boost. But it's almost its own reward because of how satisfying it is to use, so the game giving you a big incentive to use it all the time is kind of icing on the cake. Some of the best moments The entire game incorporates blade mode, and it's never not fun to use, sometimes.

When the game requires more precise cutting, it's a little bothersome. But in general, it's just all-around fun as hell to use and incredibly badass as well.

Shapeshifting - prototype

Shapeshifting - prototype

Well, at number seven is shape-shifting. From the prototype Most of the games listed so far want you to really feel like a hero, but this game is all about making you the ultimate monster. There are a lot of badass powers in this prototype, a game where you can basically play as the thing if you combine it with Dante from Devil May Cry, but probably the most overall, at least in our opinion, badass ability is the shape-shifting.

Yeah, it's fun as hell to elbow drop a tank from a thousand feet, not gonna lie, but the parts of the game where you really feel like a monster, the sections that require you to be a little stealthy. The ability to absorb enemies and take their form is cool enough, but the fact that you can do stuff like accuse other soldiers of being infected or even call in air strikes is just badass.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - best game superpowers

In an evil way, for a game that manages to make you feel unstoppable. In both stealth and combat, the game manages to make it so you can actually die really quickly if you're not careful, and that is fairly impressive.

Domino - dishonored 2

And number six is Domino from Dishonored 2. The Dishonored series is all about being a badass supernatural assassin.

And there are some pretty awesome powers you can use in these games. Most of Corvo's abilities from the first game, while awesome, don't completely break out of the bioshock model of abilities. They're really good and they can be badass as hell when used properly, but for us, the most badass ability in the series is in Dishonored 2.

It's called Domino. It's about as simple as it gets compared to some of the more outrageous stuff we've highlighted so far, but it's really fun and it's really satisfying. Like, it even gets better when you combine it with other powers like shadow kill, which makes enemies disappear instantly when killed.

In all honesty, all of Emily's abilities in Dishonored 2 are cool as hell. They're a little weirder than Corvo's (more traditional) arsenal, but if you use her abilities correctly, they are bad as hell.

Some video game abilities are top tier and incredibly memorable. Here are our favorite badass examples.
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