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in article games, you're often presented with choices you can make that are evil or just plain wrong, and they can give you bad endings. Hi folks, it's Falcon, and today on GameRanks we're going to talk about 10 totally insane bad endings to article games. Some of these are traditionally bad in ways you'd expect, but they all come from player choice, and they're all uniquely crazy.

I don't think I need to say this, but I am going to say it anyway. This is a list of article game endings, so be warned.

Detroit: become human

Spoilers Starting off at number 10, it's Detroit Becomes Human by Quantic Dream, the developers of games like Heavy Rain, Indigo, Prophecy, and the game we're talking about here.

Detroit loves, Downer endings A big selling point of their games is how reactive they are and how the choices you make impact the narrative. They are never quite able to achieve their lofty narrative ambitions and, a lot of the time, are laughable. But, there's also a lot of stuff to like here, like the fact that everyone can die and you can get unique bad endings.

In fact, they put so much effort into their bad endings that they're sometimes special, secret bad endings that aren't just normally bad but are especially bad and require you to make some specific choices during the game to actually see. All three main characters have to completely fail at achieving their goals.

You have to get Kara killed before she gets to the amusement park. Marcus has to die or get kicked out of Jericho, and Conor has to completely screw up his mission and get decommissioned. Remember, not even death is enough for Conor to fail in this game. You have to totally screw up to get him taken out of the story.

This is also why you're hearing news about all this when you see Conor's partner Hank playing Russian roulette, considering that all three protagonists in the game are androids, and Hank is a fan favorite character that's pretty dark. It's not insane in how outrageous it is, it's just really grim .

Far cry 3

Far cry 3

At number nine is Far Cry 3 Switching. From a game with lots of choices that affect the ending to a game where one choice affects the ending. It's a straightforward premise, but they do throw a lot of curveballs. It's like this whole thing where these tribal warriors called The Rock Yacht give you special powers with their tattoos, or something.

I don't really know how to describe it. Anyway, it's a weird game in the final mission called "Hard Choices." You enter this temple to find the Rock Yacht has kidnapped your friends again, and you're given the choice to rescue them or join up with Sintra, the leader of the Rock. Joining up with Sintra means you kill your friends.

By the way, those people you spent the entire game trying to rescue, they're kind of douchey. I guess, but it seems a little extreme and it is dark. You slit your girlfriend's throat, and then somehow things get stranger. There's an intimate scene with Citra, who stabs you in the chest and says you win.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3

It's a wild ending that is both nuts and very dark , and number eight is Fallout 3, which is a little less crazy regarding the contents of the ending and more crazy regarding what you actually do. It is absolutely cartoonish. In an act of evil that is hilarious in how dark it is. We're talking about the final decision in Fallout 3's campaign.

Not the decision in Project Purity, which before getting patched was insane in its own way, but the decision on where to target the orbital strike at the end of Broken Steel. In the final mission, who dares wins, you attack the enclave's final base, this giant mobile platform in Adams, Air Force Base, and you're supposed to destroy it with an orbital strike.

When you access the computer at the end, you get a bunch of options, but only two actually work the atoms. You know, the Citadel is where the Brotherhood of Steelers is headquartered. After you do, what makes us so insane is that throughout the entire game, the Enclave has been non-stop hostile to your player character, and the Brotherhood is basically all good.

In many missions, they directly assist you in fighting the Enclave. The Enclave are the bad guys, full stop, so the only reason you'd ever choose to side with them would just be, basically, for fun. It's a hell of a reversal of fortune .

Star wars: the force unleashed 2

Star wars: the force unleashed 2

Number seven is the Force Unleashed Two's Dark Side ending. It's kind of a toss-up which game in the Force Unleashed Series has the most ridiculous ending, but the original game's Dark Side ending is actually kind of cool, while the sequel one is just totally bizarre, so for this list, at least, that's what we're going with.

It's safe to say that Force Unleashed 2 isn't quite as good as the original. The plot's a little thinner, it feels a little half-baked, and that feeling applies to the ending as well. In the final mission, you battle Darth Vader at Kamino, which is kind of a step down compared to the first game, where you also fight Darth Vader, but after wailing on him for a while, you get the option of either capturing him for the Rebellion or killing him to get your revenge or whatever.

Obviously, the bad ending is killing him, but it happens with quite the twist. Just as Starkiller is about to deliver the final blow, he is suddenly stabbed through the chest by another Starkiller, who mops up your Rebellion allies. Then Darth Vader reveals that surprise, even though I said the cloning process was flawed before.

If it's not, then he commands the clone to kill off their rebellion while he dies and sees that his girlfriend is dead as well. Yeah, you're a clone in this game, or maybe you're not. I don't know if they're never going to make a sequel because LucasArts is six feet under now. The whole thing's so sudden and dark that it's almost more funny than shocking .

Mass effect 2

Mass effect 2

And number six in Mass Effect 2, when everyone just dies. That's what the whole game is about collecting. It can be done. It's not exactly easy. You basically have to plan for it because it's actually kind of difficult to accomplish, but it can be done.

You can go into the final mission so unprepared that you get everyone on your team killed, including yourself. To get this ending, you have to avoid doing as much as possible during the game. That means no loyalty missions and don't upgrade your ship. When you're in the mission proper, you have to select the worst possible people for each of the jobs.

Like, when you go through a section with the biotic barrier, use a character like Grunt instead of Miranda stuff like that also, bring Unloyal. Bring people with you for the final push and leave your squishiest party members to defend you. They'll pretty much all end up dead, along with Shepard, who will die at the last moment.

Some video game endings just feel EXTREMELY bad. Here are some of our favorite evil crazy examples.
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