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Amazing intro

Amazing intro

Welcome back to another brand new article. Spider-Man remastered is pretty new on the market right now, but we have been waiting for it for a long time now since the game is new and it's a remastered version. I'm going to be replying to each one of you with the best settings possible, and with all this said, let's roll the intro.

Create a restore point

So, once you are on your desktop, the really first thing that you should do is create a restore point. This is highly, highly suggested. Once you search for create restore point, simply look up for your local disk c or any drive that says system, then simply click on configure and make sure the system protection is enabled.

Click on OK and then click on Create. Name it Spiderman, and simply click on Create. We do this simple step to protect our system. If anything goes wrong, you can always restore it back to where nothing has happened, so this is just an image point. Once it is done, you will see a pop-up just like this.

Simply click on close to close the system properties. Now let's move to our step number two.

Essential windows settings

Essential windows settings

That is, search for background apps. Now this is one of the very major steps, so you just have to look for background apps and then simply turn this thing off. Once you have done that, simply search for game mode over here and then go to game mode settings and make sure that game mode is enabled in the same setting.

You will find your related settings where you have graphic settings. Click on the graphic settings and make sure that hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is turned on. Now here comes a super important step. Just right click on your Spiderman remastered logo or your icon or your desktop shortcut.

Simply open up file location and look up for the installation directory of spiderman, if you have downloaded from Steam, you can simply right click on your stream and go to browse local files. Once you have copied, simply go to browse and paste this location over here and then add the spiderman, exe, application.

Once you have added that, simply go to options and then click on high performance and then click on save. Once you're done with the settings part, simply close your settings and then download.

Download spiderman remastered fps pack

Download spiderman remastered fps pack

Once you've downloaded it, simply open it up and you'll find three folders and a single file.

Quick cpu (very useful)

The first folder is the programs folder, and in here you'll find quick cpu. Simply download and install Quick CPU and open it up.

Once quick cpu opens up, you will see an interface similar to this for your system power plan. I highly recommend you go with high performance or ultimate performance. If you see, once you're done with that, simply look up for core parking and slide all of these things to 100. Once you're done with that, simply click on "apply," click on "OK," and minimize it, letting it run in the background.

You can even feel free to close it as well.

Ram optimization

Ram optimization

Next up is to go to folder number two, which is ram optimization, and in here you will find all the presets of memory from 4 GB to 64 GB. You can select your own preset from here. If you don't know which system memory you're using, simply press your Windows key and then search for system information.

Once you are here, look up how to install physical memory on your device. For me, it's 16 GB, so I'm going to be using the 16 GB RAM registry. Simply right click and click on merge, or simply double click and run it. If you have any doubts regarding this registry, you can simply right click, click on edit, and look at the settings that it's changing.

Windows optimization registries

Once you're done with the RAM optimization, simply go to the third folder, which is the registries, and in here you will find four simple registries. The first one disables power throttling, which allows you to get much better power performance. Then we have executed full screen and I'm going to be explaining it in a while.

The third one is a fix for mouse delay. Sometimes in cinematic games like Spider-Man, mouse delay is really important for many things, so simply run this registry as well. The last one is the thread priority, which will allow your CPU to once again unlock its maximum potential.

Clean temporary files

Clean temporary files

Once you are done applying all of these registries, the final thing that you have to do is clean up the temporary files. Simply double click and open this thing up. Press any key to continue, and this will delete all of the temporary files on your PC.

Do not worry, these files are not required and it's completely safe to do that. Once you're done with that, simply close the FPS pack and finally go ahead and run this Python remastered.

Spider-man launcher settings

Alright, so once you open up the launcher, you will see a screen just like this. Do not click on "play." Just do the following things.

First click on settings, and then a dialog like this will appear right in front of you. First things first for window mode Select Executive Full Screen from this drop down list and here is why we have run that executive. Full-screen registry optimization, which will optimize your executive full screen.

For maximum performance, then select your monitor. If you have two monitors or a single monitor, you can choose which one to play on. For me. I'm going to be using this 240 hertz monitor, and for the resolution, the maximum supported resolution on my monitor is 1440p, but I recommend playing on 1080p because the higher the resolution, the lower the frame rate, so if you want to play on a higher resolution, then you have to compromise on your frame rate once again.

1080p is not a bad resolution for the upscale method. If that doesn't work in the game, we will do it in the game settings ahead for dynamic resolution scaling. Refresh it select the highest shown on your PC. Vsync is turned off. All the rest of the settings we will be changing, so let's click on "ok" and then click on "play." Alright friends, Once you're in the game, you can see my face on the top left section of the screen.

Spider-man in-game settings

Spider-man in-game settings

As you guys can see, I'm currently getting around 140 fps. So, if you want to go higher in fps, simply click on the escape button, and then go to settings.

Now over here, just follow my settings. For display and graphics, just make sure that you are playing on your primary monitor for the windowed mode. I highly recommend you go with the executive full screen. There is nothing else to change over here, Vsync. Try using dlss or amd fsr, whichever works best for you.

Marvels Spider-Man Remastered BEST SETTINGS for MAX FPS! Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered FPS Pack.
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