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Thanks to Marvel and 2K for partnering on this series. Time to get serious. How about the berserker, or maybe you know him by the truly terrifying moniker, the Canadian Can Opener? I just made that one up to keep you on your toes and make sure you know that I share my nationality with today's superhero, a man with one of the darker backstories of those we've covered so far.

That man is none other than James Logan Howlett, or as you probably know him, Wolverine. You got one thing right today, Sabretooth. The ants are definitely about to roll. You may have some assumptions about Wolverine's playing style, and you might be right about some of them, but to clarify. He is focused on using his adamantium claws to chain damage between multiple targets.

He'll taunt enemies and, most importantly, he's got a nice little self-healing mechanic, but there's a twist in there. More on that later. Like other superheroes with chaney, he makes for a fantastic recipient of combat items and other buffs that he can use during his chains for max efficiency. And squads with Wolverine are really going to benefit from somebody who deals high single target damage, but Wolverine does have a few cards with a mechanic we haven't covered yet called full combo, so let's get into that first.

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The first attack we're going to explore is one of Logan's chain attacks, called lethal pounce. Now, obviously, hitting multiple targets with one card is great, but you know what's really great, options What if, instead of using your chain to hit multiple enemies, you really just want to punish one of them?

Lethal Pounce has got your back if you choose to use all of lethal pounce's attacks on a single target. Then you're going to gain strength, which boosts your damage by 50 percent. Pretty solid opener. If you ask me, if he decides to take out multiple minions, that's also a job well done in my book.

All in all, this card's a solid staple for a Wolverine deck, and the upgrades will grant even more damage. If you see on screen here, one of the late game mods can add weakness to your enemies. It just depends on the scenario. Again, options are nice. In the intro, I mentioned that Wolverine can self-heal with a twist.

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Well, if you spend enough time with him in the abbey, you'll be able to unlock and upgrade his passive called "healing factor." Just be careful when you're hugging them or actually just be careful around them at all times. The claws aren't toys. I'm serious at level one. At level two, it's going to grant him even more health, which keeps him alive significantly longer and starts to feel truly unkillable.

Speaking of that, The twist In the midnight sun, you get one or two revives every fight, depending on different factors like combat items, etc. Well, Wolverine doesn't go down easily, and if he does, he's not staying down for long. If Wolverine does go down, you'll immediately draw the rapid regeneration card, which allows you to revive him, but hopefully you've been planning ahead because you're going to need two heroism for it, and although the car doesn't use up a card play, you're only going to get this card once per combat, so don't get too comfortable out there, in the dark phoenix saga.

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Okay, suckers, take your best shot. Now it's my turn. I feel like this perfectly sums up Wolverine's whole vibe. He's an angry tank but without blocks instead. Enter rapid healing. It's not just a heel, it's got another twist. Of course, playing rapid healing will restore 50 health to Logan, but it will also cure him of any other negative status effects.

Well, what's the twist here? Remember, Wolverine doesn't go down easily, so even when he's incapacitated or unable to act, he can still play this card, which normally would not be the case. That's insane we're not done. It can also be upgraded to replenish 75 percent of his health, and it can gain plus one redraw as a potential late-game mod, and it generates heroism.

Yeah, it's pretty good. Speaking of heroism, notice how most of his abilities have really low heroism costs. Wait a second, do you guys smell that? No, it smells like one of my favorite skills in all of Marvel's Midnight Suns. That's right, the stink of fear is here. Besides having quite literally the best animation in the game, the actual gameplay implications smell beautiful too.

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The smell of fear will taunt every enemy in an area and grant wolverine counters. You get a claw. You get a claw. Everybody gets a claw. On upgrade, you'll be applying weakness to every enemy you target, and one of the potential late game mods could grant your squad an extra move on the turn. I just want to play the animation for you one more time.

Okay, I'm done. Okay, for real, while we talked earlier about Wolverine not using a lot of heroism, and while that mostly holds up, Logan's midnight sun's heroic ability is the exception to that. It scales with how much heroism you have when you play it, and all that heroism is going to be consumed, and you'll see Wolverine damage random enemies.

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How many times enemies are damaged is determined by the amount of heroism that you spend, and as he continues attacking, he continuously does higher amounts of damage. The upgrade for this is great too, because you'll be able to refund heroism for each knockout, and one of the late game mods can even add weak There are a lot of great situational uses for this, but pick your timing wisely.

Because this card will be exhausted when played, as we've seen with other extremely powerful cards. That's our Canadian on the squad, and I'm proud to say he's representing us really well. Keep it up, Logan. The Wolverine will make for a great addition to many squads. I think he's going to be a fan favorite, to be honest.

You don't want Logan to be angry, do you? I've got a lot more content to show you between now and the release of Marvel's Midnight Suns. It's been an absolute pleasure to showcase Wolverine today.

Snikt! When the claws are out, his enemies better watch out! Discover Wolverines unique abilities and tactics through our gameplay showcase, featuring 2K NextMaker and strategy gamer extraordinaire, Christopher Odd.
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