Marvel's Midnight Suns - Top 20 New Rpgs Of 2022



2022 looks to be filled with a bunch of rpgs, so it already looks like wherever you play, you'll end up getting something pretty good. We've got 20 upcoming role-playing games to highlight here. Obviously, release dates are subject to change; they very often do, so keep that in mind, but we've got a bunch of good stuff, so Let's get started with number 20.

Little devil inside

The little devil inside just looks awesome. It looks like an incredibly fun adventure set in a unique world with a unique hero and unique monsters, and honestly, that's all we look for in some role-playing games. This one is still a little bit mysterious as well. We've been pushed and pushed and we've only gotten little glimpses of it and so many details, but just the atmosphere, the tone, the sense of adventure, but like in a weird creepy way, some of the action we have seen, some of the exploration we have seen, all of it looks really promising.

There's a really creative angle to this game. You can probably tell just by looking at it. We can't wait to get our hands on this one.


Next, over at number 19, we have the new fable game. This one is a little bit of spit balling because we don't know if this is the year we're finally going to see it, but this Xbox developed game should at least be revealed soon.

All we got was a quick teaser announcement and it's been quiet ever since, but they've been working on this game for a long time. It's from Playground Games, the people behind the Forza Horizon series, so while yes, they usually focus on racing games, they're good at building interesting open worlds, so we're really pumped.

The original Fable is one of my favorite games of all time. As messy as it was, there was something just so cool and charming about it. Will the new game be able to replicate that? Who knows, but for now we're just going to have to wait and see.

Dragon age 4

Dragon age 4

Next, over at number 18, we have Dragon Age 4. Another one that has still been pretty quiet on a lot of fronts, but hopefully this year is the year. It's been in development for a really long time and, reportedly, was originally intended to be a live service game, as in a service type game where it's always updated.

The game wants you to spend more money on endless quests and stuff like that. Apparently, they've gone back to the drawing board and are making this a more traditional rpg like the previous games, and honestly, we'd love to see that. We do know there are some returning characters. We've gotten some cool glimpses with little teasers and lots of cool concept art and stuff like that, but really slight details are pretty much die hard.

Dragon Age fans are still foaming at the mouth for this one regardless, so we're going to go on their goodwill alone, but this could be really cool.


Next, over at number 17, we have another Xbox RPG that we haven't heard too much about recently. It's accepted this is the Obsidian RPG. The teaser suggested some sort of Elder Scrolls style traditional fantasy game, but of course, being developed by Obsidian, makers of some very good RPGs, it just means it could be potentially really cool again.

There's not really too much to go on. We got an initial teaser trailer, so this might be the year we see it. Who knows for sure? We're being optimistic with some of these early games on this list, but as we move forward, more of the games are a little bit more definite.

Hogwarts legacy

Hogwarts legacy

Because Moving on over to number 16, we have the Hogwarts legacy. The Harry Potter RPG: Create your own wizard. Go to Hogwarts and go on adventures. On paper, it sounds really awesome, like what more could you want if you're a Harry Potter fan? This one has been leaked, it's been revealed, it's been delayed and delayed and pushed and we're hoping 2022 is the year because the potential is awesome and there is still so much room to like fill in the blanks in Harry Potter lore and really expand the wizarding world in new and exciting ways, and a article game is really the perfect way to explore it.

Tiny tina's wonderlands

Next, over at number 15, we have Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. It's like a tiny tina tabletop adventure, and it seems really cool. I mean, just look at the weapon types. Look at the enemy types. This has a lot of potential here. Obviously, from the trailers and the gameplay we've seen, it very much has that signature Borderlands humor.

Love it or hate it, this one does look pretty intriguing. I'm not going to lie, I'm looking for kind of a new fresh spin on the borderlands thing and this might be it.

Babylon's fall

Babylon's fall

Next, over at number 14, we have Babylon's Fall. It's got a bunch of different skills, ability types, weapon types, ways to level up and just some of that rpg goodness with hopefully that platinum tried and true combat.

This one does seem like it's being released soon in the spring, but we're hoping to see more beforehand just because we'd like to know a little bit more about what the deal is here. Still, it's something worth keeping an eye on.


Next, over at number 13, we have Pal World, which I'll be honest, is a little bit more of a survival style game with some RPG elements, but we just really wanted to talk about it because.

I mean, look how insane this is. This is essentially like a survival harvest moon; build your own place, survive, craft type of thing with all these quirky creatures that are, you know, kind of Pokemon inspired that you can collect and train and fight with and battle, but you can also engage in third person shooting and build factories and have your little creatures build new assault rifles for you.

This is so weird and quirky, with a wild art style, that it is all over the place. We just managed to stumble across this one a while ago and we've been keeping an eye on it ever since just because it is so weird and it is slated for 2022.

Elex ii

Elex ii

Now next over at number 12, we have lx2. This is a sequel to a game we never thought would really get a sequel. It's kind of like a weird, lower budget action RPG that's set in kind of a sci-fi fantasy hybrid universe.

It was really distinct. It was a very PC-style game, but the people who spent a lot of time with it had a lot of fun playing it. It's kind of like a cult hit for a lot of people. You could grow your character into a really cool looking badass, and now it's getting a sequel. Lx2 is hopefully continuing the same thing, and it's released this year.

Lost soul aside

Next over at number 11, we have Lost Souls, which is kind of an action rpg project that was once very indie and more of a tech demo, but it's now blown into this fast-paced action adventure rpg with insane over-the-top combat and really cool graphics. From what we have seen, the gameplay trailers and stuff like that, all of it is incredibly impressive.

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